New Mexico Republican Assembly Opposes War
National Republican Assembly Federation
to Vote June 12


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The New Mexico Republican Assembly, at its annual state convention on Saturday, May 22, condemned the undeclared and unconstitutional war in Yugoslavia.

In an almost unanimous vote, the NMRA has denounced the President and has requested that the New Mexico delegation vote to end the illegal bombing and to withdraw American troops immediately. Furthermore, the proclamation will be presented to the national board at its convention in Kansas City for concurrence.


NMRA Resolution to condemn US participation in the Serbian Intervention

Whereas, the Constitution of the United States is clear that only Congress can declare War, and

Whereas, the War Powers Act of 1973 gives Congress sixty days in which to make such declaration from the time the Commander In Chief enters the United States into armed conflict, and

Whereas the Charter of NATO specifically states that it is a defensiveorganization, operating only when member nations are threatened, and

Whereas we have attacked a sovereign nation in order to dictate their internal policy, and

Whereas, the Yugoslavian government has not threatened the vital nationalinterests nor have they militarily or economically threatened the people of the United States, and

Whereas no NATO member has been threatened or attacked, and

Whereas, these actions have further damaged military readiness and morale and have shown the world how ill equipped and unprepared we are to defend ourselves,

Therefore, Be It Resolved by the New Mexico Republican Assembly that we urge our Delegation in Washington to vote to end this undeclared, unconstitutional war and withdraw our troops.

Be It Further Resolved that this resolution be presented to the Board of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies on June 12, 1999 for its support.

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