The NATO Bombing Must Stop
Dulles (DC) Area National Organization for Women

This dissident chapter of NOW is joining the ranks of all those calling for an immediate end to the bombing of Serbia and Kosovo.

Because several respected members of our group were deeply concerned that speaking out could give the impression we are supporting the Milosevic regime and thereby endorsing the crimes already perpetrated against Bosnia, Dulles NOW opted to remain silent.

However, the revelations recently made public about the Rambouillet accords coupled with the horrendous displacement of almost 2 million Kosovars since the air raids started, the introduction of B-52 airplanes, the increasing use of cluster bombs against defenseless populations, the
systematic destruction of the civilian infrastructure in Serbia, the eradication of targeted historic and cultural sites and the attack upon the Embassy of China have brought these members in agreement with the rest of Dulles NOW activists who were prepared to declare that the US-led assaults had turned into nothing more than random acts of massacre and
vandalism that ought to be vigorously denounced.

The idea advanced by supporters of this debacle whereby the bombings were necessary to prevent a supposed humanitarian disaster in the making while creating one of formidable proportion is too absurd for us to contemplate.

Far from defending human rights and liberties as touted, the record of the Clinton Administration with regards to Belgrade and elsewhere demonstrates how profoundly contemptuous of those rights and of international laws it really is, just as it demonstrated how contemptuous it was of women, their rights and our own laws. The recorded fiasco the bombing operations have become is now threatening world peace. They must stop.

* Dulles NOW supported the drive to impeach Mr. Clinton and called for his resignation last August.

Marie-Jose Ragab
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