A Challenge and an Opportunity

Dear Friend of Antiwar.com,

Last week should have been a celebration at Antiwar. We got over 100,000 visits, a record number, and had more articles picked up by Yahoo! News and WorldNetDaily than ever before.

So how come I didn't enjoy it? When I went to pay the bills on Friday, our bank balance was perilously low.

In desperation, I called some of our friends, and received pledges for $5,000 in matching funds to help us continue operations. We have until July 4 to raise the other half from you, our readers and supporters.

We need your help. We get no foundation money, no corporate grants, and no sponsors like Rupert Murdoch or George Soros. Only people like yourself keep us functioning. Without your incredible loyalty, we could not continue to give the kind of up-to-the-minute coverage you've come to expect.

The next few months are going to be critical. Kosovo continues to smolder, and we are watching the developing crisis along the Serbian border: War could break out at any moment. Developments within Serbia are ominous; mysterious killings, and clear evidence of a renewed effort by the Nato-crats to undermine what remains of the Yugoslav federation.

Antiwar.com has grown in the last year and a half to a point that astonishes and thrills us. Our daily readership has grown, not only in gross numbers, but also in terms of new readers all over the world. Previously, no country outside of the North American continent ever garnered more than one percent of our daily hits. Now the UK is fast approaching two percent, with France, Germany and Australia all moving up to one percent. Countries like Vietnam, Surinam, and a few I haven't even heard of are now turning up regularly on our reports. We are reaching the darkest, most obscure corners of the war-torn world with our message of peace and nonintervention.

The matching funds pledged to us provide an incredible opportunity for you. Every dollar you give between now and July 4 means two dollars for Antiwar. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Remember that your contribution is tax-deductible. Your gift will keep Antiwar.com at the level of quality you have been accustomed to.

But there is some good news. The tide of public opinion seems to be moving in our direction: Polls show that an increasing majority of Americans are turning against the policy of intervention-and Antiwar.com, more than ever, must keep unpolluted information flowing.

Your contribution will make this possible.

Remember you have sustained us in the past, and when I talk about Antiwar.com as "our website", it really is a joint effort.

Just click here to contribute online, using your credit card, or you can mail your contribution to: Antiwar.com 520 S. Murphy Avenue, #202 Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Contributors of $50 or more receive a copy of Ronald Radosh's classic study of the Old Right conservatives, Prophets on the Right: Profiles of Conservative Critics of American Globalism.

~Eric Garris

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