Report From the Kangaroo Court at The Hague
Jared Israel

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you from The Hague.

I am here attending the trial of Slobodan Milosevic. We have been talking to many journalists in an effort to break through the barrier of misinformation about Yugoslavia and President Milosevic.

As we told journalists in interviews which have reached millions of people, the character of the so-called prosecution's case is already exposed, and the trial just two days old.

Instead of making a dignified, factual opening statement, the prosecution spent two days broadcasting a made-for-TV fictional movie, a rehash of all the emotional images they have produced over the past 12 years as evidence that the Serbs are monsters.

The pictures are presented without a shred of actual evidence. All we get are ugly images and the assertions of the prosecutor/narrator. By running this atrocity movie for two days, the ICTY hoped (not without reason) that most reporters would leave The Hague before President Milosevic made his statements.

What is perhaps most shocking, the prosecution has taken evidence exonerating Milosevic and condemning NATO and, through the use of cheap tricks, presented it as if it proved the opposite.


For example, the "prosecutor" showed some footage of Milosevic delivering his famous Kosovo Field speech in 1989. This footage included English subtitles in which Milosevic said:

"Six centuries later, now, we are being again engaged in battles and are facing battles. They are not armed battles, although such things cannot be excluded yet."

This is supposed to prove that Milosevic used the 1989 speech to launch the Yugoslav wars.

It is normal, if a prosecutor wishes to introduce quotes from a speech, to distribute the entire text.

But this the "Tribunal" did not do.

That's because if they had quoted almost any full paragraph from the speech – let alone the whole speech – people would immediately see that the quote above was a warning of the dangers of war. They would see it was part of a call for unity between different national groups in Yugoslavia, and for progress through equality and peaceful cooperation.

Take for instance the following uncut paragraph from the actual text (US government translation) of Milosevic's speech. "For as long as multinational communities have existed, their weak point has always been the relations between different nations. The threat is that the question of one nation being endangered by the others can be posed one day – and this can then start a wave of suspicions, accusations, and intolerance, a wave that invariably grows and is difficult to stop. This threat has been hanging like a sword over our heads all the time. Internal and external enemies of multi-national communities are aware of this and therefore they organize their activity against multinational societies mostly by fomenting national conflicts. At this moment, we in Yugoslavia are behaving as if we have never had such an experience and as if in our recent and distant past we have never experienced the worst tragedy of national conflicts that a society can experience and still survive.


Another example – The prosecutor showed footage of what seem to be men imprisoned behind barbed wire. These pictures have been used before. They were taken by an ITN film crew in 1992. Photographs were compiled from this footage and broadcast around the world, purporting to prove that the Serbs had set up a death camp at Trnopolje in Bosnia.

Amazingly, this footage can be seen in the Emperors' Clothes movie, JUDGMENT. What the Tribunal did not show was the rest of the footage from the movie – where you can witness Penny Marshall and the other members of her ITN film crew setting up their cameras inside a chicken wire and barbed wire enclosure.

Some refugees came over to see what was happening. Penny Marshall talked to them and filmed them through the wire, thus producing footage that made it seem these men were fenced in. The film was then further doctored to create the 'feel' of a Nazi death camp.

In the movie, JUDGMENT, one can hear Penny Marshall pressing the Muslim refugees to say they are being abused. The man she is interviewing resists her pressure. "No no, " he says. "They treat us good. It's a refugee center."

Thus the ICTY takes footage from a movie which proves that the death camp stories were a lie, and uses them once again to broadcast the lie.

We have studied much data - both articles and transcripts from the mass media, and original documents. We have also conducted our own interviews.

We can now prove that NATO's charges against Milosevic are lies.

These lies were originally broadcast to justify the breakup of Yugoslavia, engineered by the U.S., German and British Establishments. Now because Milosevic has refused to crawl, the prosecution is forced to justify their attack on Yugoslavia.

When Milosevic tried to speak today, his microphone was once again turned off by Judge May. This demonstrates the essence of NATO's attempt to deal with Milosevic and others who want to tell the truth about what NATO has done to Yugoslavia. Their method is a) broadcast lies over and over and 2) try to silence Milosevic and everyone else who tells the truth.

But NATO and its 'Tribunal' have a problem. They are boxed in by their previous propaganda. They have to prove the lies they made up over a course of many years are true.

Thus this false trial has reopened the question of what really happened in Yugoslavia. This gives those of us who want to get out the facts a new opportunity.

And we are using it.

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