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We have just watched the first screening of a stunning new film - "JUDGEMENT." It exposes the tricks used to concoct phony Serbian Death Camp images in 1992. These pictures were broadcast worldwide demonizing the Serbs.

Last week British alternative magazine LM was fined over $500,000 US for libel. LM had charged that British news station ITN and reporters Penny Marshall and Ian Williams faked "death camp" pictures from footage shot in Bosnia in 1992.

"JUDGMENT" proves that LM told the truth. Using actual footage shot at the same time, in the same locations, the film documents a monumental abuse of trust.

The ITN crew visited a POW center and a refugee camp. They were accompanied by a crew from Serbian television, RTS. The RTS people filmed the ITN crew at work.

RTS is the TV station NATO bombed in April, 1999, killing 20. The film is dedicated to those dead, whose murders began with the ITN pictures. For the images that Penny Marshall fabricated in 1992 began the process of dehumanizing the Serbian people. They laid the political basis for bombing in 1999.

The film proves:

1) Marshall and the ITN filmers didn’t sneak into some Serb death camp. They filmed in two surprisingly casual and humane locations. They were protected but not controlled by the loyalist authorities whom they later compared to Nazi’s.

2) Marshall KNEW the loyalists were humane. She and the RTS people interviewed POWs’, their wives, non-POW refugees, a doctor, at least one red cross worker, the commander of the POW Center. The film shows these interviews. Marshall simply suppressed this evidence of humane treatment. Instead she used carefully staged pictures. These were then doctored to produce Nazi-like images for mass consumption. The height of cynicism and dishonesty.

3) One refugee is shown arguing with Marshall. She tries to coerce him to say something anti-Yugoslav he refuses. "No, no, he protests vehemently. Not a prison No no. REFUGEE center. They treat us very kind. No no, very kind." Undeterred, Marshall used this very location this location to stage her death camp shots.

4) First, she went out of her way to film from inside an awkward storage area. Why? Because one side had a fence. Mainly chicken wire, some barbed wire. Second, shooting through the barbed wire, Marshall filmed refugees OUTSIDE the fence. Third, she then doctored the pictures to make it seem as if the refugees were the ones behind barbed wire.

5) But the RTS people were filming a few feet away. They caught the same shots from a slightly different angle. And they continuously filmed Marshall and crew. You will see, step by step, just how these pictures were doctored to produce images of what seemed like a Nazi death camp

This film is a must-see. It documents a massive crime against humanity:

demonization for purposes of war. This criminal process was launched worldwide by Penny Marshall, Ian Williams and the ITN.

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