Waco: The Rules
of Engagement


As Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, and various factions of the government are pointing the finger at each other, we are starting to hear some of the truth about the military massacre at Waco.


See the movie that started the march toward the truth.

Waco: The Rules of Engagement was a 1998 Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary.

dd This exposť of the government role in the Waco slaughter covers details leading up to, surrounding and following this event. It uses excerpts from Congressional testimony, expert analysis of infrared film and other footage. One of the best documentaries about the abuse of government power ever made.

To order, call the Center for Libertarian Studies at
(800) 325-7257

Running time: 136 min. Color.


Coming Soon!

Waco: New Revelations

Covering recently uncovered revelations and footage from the Waco massacre.

Available in late September from the Center for Libertarian Studies for $25.

Those who order Waco: The Rules of Engagement will be given priority orders for Waco: New Revelations.


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