December 16, 1998

Clinton endangers troops to end-run impeachment
Desperate ploy of president called 'despicable' by Paul

WASHINGTON, DC -- As US troops prepared to once again be used as political pawns by the President, Rep. Ron Paul called on Bill Clinton to resign for the good of the country and the safety of American soldiers.

"Once again President Clinton is using American troops to deflect attention from his record of lies, distortions, obstruction of justice and abuse of power," said Rep. Paul after arriving in Washington on Wednesday afternoon. "Just a couple months ago, the president launched an attack against the nation of Sudan in an attempt to cover over his personal problems; an attack which we know now had no basis whatsoever in protecting US interests."

Paul said the Clinton ruse with Iraq is not only shameful, but recklessly dangerous.

"Even if one can look past the constitutional prohibition against the US policing the world, the timing of this new attack against Iraq screams of hypocrisy by a president who has shown a complete disregard for our military, our Constitution and our national defense," said Rep. Paul, a former Air Force flight surgeon. "Iraq has been 'disobeying' the United Nations for years now, but suddenly, on the verge of his impeachment, this president decides to launch an attack, in essence an unconstitutional declaration of war."

Rep. Paul said that it is "despicable for a man who ran from military service to now use soldiers as a shield from impeachment."

"How many American soldiers and innocent Iraqi children will die so that this president can hide from justice? How many American citizens are now at increased risk from terrorist attack because of this president? How much innocent blood will have to flow to cover this president's sins? This attack has no basis in protecting our national security and only increases the danger to our people."