Another 'Waterworld'?
More proof that art and propaganda don't mix – take a look at the reviews of 'Pearl Harbor.' The verdict is in and it's practically unanimous: "Bombs away!"

"Like a Giant Cereal Commercial"
Richard Johnson
New York Post

"The Historical Intrigue – Did FDR Know About the Attack Beforehand? – is Pointedly Ignored"
by Donald Munro

Fresno Bee

"Superficial, Melodramatic and Too Long – and That's the Good News"
by Liz Braun

Toronto Sun

"A Film That Will Live in Infamy"
by Todd McCarthy
Daily Variety

"We Don't Like It"
Reuters/Variety Reviews

'Pearl Harbor' Sinks (Nice Lighting, Though)
by Stephen Humphries

Christian Science Monitor

"The Biggest, and Most Expensive, Waste of Time in Several Years"
by Chuck Rudolph

Matinee Magazine

"Never Have So Many Spent So Much On So Little"
by A.O. Scott
New York Times

"An Unremarkable Action Movie ... Stunning Banality ... Directed Without Grace, Wision or Originality"
by Roger Ebert

Chicago Sun-Times

"Lumbering Brontosaurus of a Movie"
by Tom Block

Pearl Vets Give 'Pearl' Thumbs Down
by Neil Graves
New York Post

Script Sinks Flag-Waving 'Pearl Harbor'
by Gary Arnold

Washington Times

"Bloated, Waterlogged Catastrophe That Looks and Feels Phony in Every Detail"
by Jim Lane

Sacramento News & Review

"Trite Encapsulation is Tirelessly Hollywood"

"Too Many Phony, Padded Scenes ... Dusty Dialogue ... Weak Use of Newsreel Material, Dull Attempts at Montage"
by David Elliott

San Diego Union Tribune

"A Dumb, Soulless Behemoth"
by David Germain
Associated Press

"Blockheaded, Hollow-hearted Industrial Enterprise ... Lame Comedy, Dubious History, Fumbling Drama and a Love Story So Inept as to Make a Pacifist Long for War"
by Joe Morgenstern
Wall Street Journal

"The Kind of Crap That Deserves to be Slapped Silly ... The Desperate Pretentiousness is Enough to Make You Sick"
by Mary Ann Johanson
The Flick Filosopher

"Incoherent, Jingoistic, Timid, Naive and Ultimately Inconsequential"
Ray Pride

"Big Budget Roman Candle Bombs"
by Steve Persall
St. Petersburg Times

"Simplistic, Cliché-Ridden ... Bombs Have the Best Part"
by Todd Anthony

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"A Dud ... Like Every Overblown TV Miniseries You've Hated Yourself for Having Been Suckered Into"
by Jay Boyar

Orlando Sentinel

"Soggy, Corny, Predictable and Interminable"
by Lou Lumenick
New York Post

"A Disorienting Collage of Blurred Impressions ... Close-ups That Resemble Invasive Nasal Surgery"
by Duane Dudek

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Mightily Bad ... Syrupy, Nonsensical, Curiously Unmoving ... A Puppet Show With Smoke Bombs"
by Henry Sheehan

Orange County Register

"An Unaffecting, Cliche-riddled Bore"
by Robert Butler

Kansas City Star

Pearl Harbor Sinks Fast
by Darren Waters
BBC News

"A Dud of an Emotional Bomb ... As Thin as Weak Gruel"
by Donald Munro

Fresno Bee

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