Raimondo Receives National Media Attention

February 22, 1996

Justin Raimondo was interviewed today by KRON-TV, NBC, KPIX Radio, and other media outlets following an Associated Press story released this morning. The story detailed Raimondo's support, as a gay man, for Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan. Tomorrow, Raimondo is scheduled to be interviewed on CNN, KPIX-TV, and KFRC Radio. On Monday, February 26, Raimondo will be a guest on KTVU-TV's Morning Show.

Raimondo Challenges Pelosi on Presidio Plan

January 20, 1996

At a public meeting called by Pelosi today, Republican Congressional opponent Justin Raimondo blasted her plan to turn the Presidio into a "corporate giveaway." With demonstrators chanting and holding signs which read "In Pelosi We Trust--NOT!," Raimondo attacked Pelosi's plan to grant a 99-year lease preserving the Presidio for cronies of hers and Bill Clinton's. The event was covered by several news media and was reported on the KGO TV evening news.

Supporters of Raimondo handed out copies of his alternative plan to turn the Presido over to the people of San Francisco governed by an elective board.

See detailed position paper

Raimondo Blocks Pelosi Endorsement by AFL-CIO

January 16, 1996

The San Francisco Central Labor Council of the AFL-CIO voted last night to make no endorsement in the 8th Congressional District. The vote came after Democrat Nancy Pelosi was booed by labor leaders at their official endorsment meeting. Pelosi was the only Democratic incumbent not endorsed by the council.

Republican Congressional candidate Justin Raimondo attacked Pelosi for her strong support of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, to the cheers of the labor leaders.

Raimondo Qualifies for Ballot With No Primary Opposition

January 4, 1996

Justin Raimondo has qualified for the 1996 Congressional Ballot without any opposition within the Republican Party.

Candidates who had previously announced for the seat failed to turn in papers. This means that Raiondo will face no primary opponent, allowing Republicans to unify around his campaign early in the election year. In addition, the Libertarian Party failed to qualify a candidate against Raimondo. This means that Raimondo will have little trouble gaining the support of Libertarian Party activists in the district.

On to November, let's defeat Pelosi!