House Votes on Omnibus Aid Bill

On March 30, 2000, the House passed HR3908, the $13 Billion Supplemental Appropriations bill that contained major additional military funding for Colombia and Kosovo. believes it is important for people to know how their representatives voted on this issue and important amendments.

Final vote on HR3908 (passed 263 to 146)

Amendment 643 by Rep. Ron Paul to spend all military funds at home instead of abroad and make various other cuts (failed 45-367)

Amendment 617 by Rep. David Obey to cut half of the funds for Colombian Counter-Narcotics activities (failed 186-239)

Amendment 624 by Rep. Jim Ramstad to cut section authorizing Colombian Counter-Narcotics activities (failed 158-262)

Amendment 638 by Rep. John Kasich to withhold 50% of Kosovo funds until certification that the EU has obligated 75% of all aid funds (failed 200-219)

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