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Trump, Taiwan, and the Chinese Paper Tiger by Justin Raimondo, 12/8/2016 Pentagon's Suppressed Waste Report Only Tip of the Inefficient Machine by William D. Hartung, 12/8/2016
The Folly of 'Renegotiating' the Nuclear Deal by Daniel Larison, 12/8/2016 A Reading List That Will Live in Infamy by Noah Millman, 12/8/2016
Assessing the President-Elect's Foreign Policy Advisors by Christopher Preble, 12/8/2016 Hold Your Applause, Fatah, the Palestinian Body Politic Is Rotten to the Core by Ramzy Baroud, 12/8/2016
Are Sanctuary Cities Legal? by Andrew P. Napolitano, 12/7/2016 US Strikes on Syrian Troops: Report Data Contradicts 'Mistake' Claims by Gareth Porter, 12/7/2016
Cutting Waste Isn't Enough to Curb Pentagon Spending by Benjamin H. Friedman, 12/7/2016 Lame Duck Senate Shouldn't Ratify Nato's Inclusion of Montenegro by Doug Bandow, 12/7/2016
The Ineffective War on Terror by Daniel R. DePetris, 12/7/2016 James Mattis Is a War Criminal: I Experienced His Attack on Fallujah Firsthand by Dahr Jamail, 12/6/2016
'Mad Dog' Mattis and the Spirit of Trumpism by Justin Raimondo, 12/6/2016 Reflections on Fake News by Bruce Fein, 12/6/2016
Trump's Reliance on the Military by Melvin A. Goodman, 12/6/2016 Fake News Versus No News by Philip Giraldi, 12/6/2016
Mattis on Our Way of War by Jon Basil Utley, 12/6/2016 Flynn Under Necon Influence, For the Worse by Jim Lobe, 12/5/2016
Trump and the Nuclear Agreement With Iran by Muhammad Sahimi and Katariina Simonen, 12/5/2016 Media Complicity Is Key to Blacklisting Websites by Norman Solomon, 12/5/2016
Trump's Looming Showdown With the 'Secret Government' by Michael J. Glennon, 12/5/2016 New Navy Ship Leaking Tax Dollars by Jonathan Marshall, 12/5/2016
Is Foreign Aid Solely Up to the President? by Grant Smith, 12/5/2016 James Mattis' 33-Year Grudge Against Iran by Mark Perry, 12/4/2016
Trump's Promised 'New Foreign Policy' Must Abandon Regime Change for Iran by Ron Paul, 12/4/2016 Picking a War With China by John Pilger, 12/4/2016
Dana Rohrabacher for Secretary of State? by Justin Raimondo, 12/4/2016 Obama's Last Chance by Pratap Chatterjee and Tom Engelhardt, 12/4/2016
Proposed 'Anti-Semitism Awareness Act' Is an Unconstitutional Mess by Anthony L. Fisher, 12/4/2016 Congress Is Trying to Send Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Syria's Jihadist-Infested Rebellion by Daniel DePetris, 12/4/2016
The Smear Campaign Against Keith Ellison Is Repugnant but Reveals Much About Washington by Glenn Greenwald, 12/4/2016 Clinton's 'Russia Did It' Cop-Out by Robert Parry, 12/4/2016
The Problem of Our Surveillance Laws by Jamie Williams, 12/4/2016 Hands Off the Iran Deal by Eric Margolis, 12/3/2016
Media Still Citing Discredited 'Fake News' Blacklist by Adam Johnson, 12/3/2016 What Makes Israeli Apartheid 'Special'? by Rod Such, 12/2/2016
Why Everything You've Read About Syria and Iraq Could Be Wrong by Patrick Cockburn, 12/2/2016 The Arabs Did It by Uri Avnery, 12/2/2016
The Propaganda About Russian Propaganda by Adrian Chen, 12/2/2016 Now That Secdef Thinks Israeli Occupation Is Apartheid, Will the Lobby Blackballing Fail? by Juan Cole, 12/2/2016
The Orwellian War on Skepticism by Robert Parry, 12/1/2016 American Fire Bombing and Atomic Bombing of Japan in History and Memory by Mark Selden, 12/1/2016
Fake News and War Party Lies by Patrick J. Buchanan, 12/1/2016 A World to Win by Justin Raimondo, 12/1/2016
The Coming War on 'Radical Islam' by Uri Friedman, 12/1/2016 Official Washington's 'Info-Wars' by William Blum, 12/1/2016
Political Science's 'Theory of Everything' by David Chibo, 12/1/2016 Think Trump's Scary? Obama Is Leaving Him With Broad War Powers by Trevor Timm, 12/1/2016
Is Flag Burning Protected Speech? by Andrew P. Napolitano, 11/30/2016 Trump Ponders Petraeus for Senior Job by Ray McGovern, 11/30/2016
Less Symbolism, More Action: Towards Meaningful Solidarity With Palestine by Ramzy Baroud, 11/30/2016 Coping With a Warzone by Will Porter, 11/30/2016
The Man Who Saved Budapest's Jews by Lucy Steigerwald, 11/30/2016 The Problem Is Foreign Interventionism, Not Muslims by Jacob G. Hornberger, 11/30/2016
The Constitution Is Our National Strategy by Bruce Fein, 11/30/2016 America's Plunge From Republic to Empire by Wendy McElroy, 11/30/2016
Obama Is Leaving Trump the Power to Wage War Almost Anywhere by Joshua Keating, 11/30/2016 End US Embargo After Fidel Castro's Death by Doug Bandow, 11/30/2016
The Uselessness of NATO by Justin Raimondo, 11/29/2016 Donald Trump Should Stand Up for Americans by Giving NATO to the Europeans by Doug Bandow, 11/29/2016
The Swamp of War by Andrew Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt, 11/29/2016 How a Syrian White Helmets Leader Played Western Media by Gareth Porter, 11/29/2016
Trump Should Embrace 'Dual Conciliation' Abroad by Stephen Kinzer, 11/29/2016 Donald Trump Should Finish the Opening With Cuba by Doug Bandow, 11/29/2016
Iranophobes on Parade by Philip Giraldi, 11/28/2016 Trump Should Pick a Secretary of State Who Understands That Iraq Was a Debacle by Sen. Rand Paul, 11/28/2016
The Washington Post Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist by James W. Carden, 11/28/2016 Flynn and the War on Yemen by Daniel Larison, 11/28/2016
US Nation-Building in South Sudan: a Foreign Policy of Ignorant Arrogance by Bruce Fein, 11/28/2016 Presidential War Is Unconstitutional by Ivan Eland, 11/28/2016
The Fantasy at the Center of Israel's 'Muezzin Bill' by Jonathan Cook, 11/28/2016 Why Yemen Will Be Donald Trump's Litmus Test by Michael Horton, 11/28/2016
The Fake News Fake Story by Philip Giraldi, 11/28/2016 Threats Between Erdogan and the EU Ring Hollow – They Need Each Other by Patrick Cockburn, 11/27/2016
The Witch-Hunters by Justin Raimondo, 11/27/2016 The Call of the Mu'ezzin by Uri Avnery, 11/27/2016
Suez: the End of Europe's Empires by Eric Margolis, 11/26/2016 Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a Mccarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group by Ben Norton and Glenn Greenwald, 11/26/2016
No, Russian Agents Are Not Behind Every Piece of Fake News You See by Mathew Ingram, 11/25/2016 Washington Post Promotes Shadowy Websites That Accuses 200 Publications of Being Russian Propaganda Plants by Max Blumenthal , 11/25/2016
When It Comes to Fake News, the US Government Is the Biggest Culprit by John W. Whitehead, 11/25/2016 An Appeal to My Readers by Justin Raimondo, 11/24/2016
Trump's National Security Adviser Facilitated the Murder of Civilians in Afghanistan by Gareth Porter, 11/24/2016 Trump's Possible Path Out of Ukraine Crisis by Jonathan Marshall, 11/24/2016
The Indispensable Nation? by William J. Astore, 11/24/2016 Demonizing Russian Media by Gilbert Doctorow, 11/23/2016
The West's Media Delusions by James W. Carden, 11/23/2016 Obama, Trump, and the Future of US Foreign Policy by Edward Hunt, 11/23/2016
Giuliani Took Money From a Group That Killed Americans. Does Trump Care? by Daniel Benjamin, 11/23/2016 A New Documentary Explores the Devastating Effects of Drone Warfare on Victims and Whistleblowers by Murtaza Hussain, 11/20/2016
End the Cold War by Michael S. Rozeff, 11/12/2016
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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