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One Veteran's Unease When Hearing, 'Thanks for Your Service.' David Max Korzen, 11/15/2016 With Trump Elected, President Obama Is Suddenly Bombing More Jihadists in Syria Matt Purple, 11/14/2016
The Bolton Threat to Trump's Middle East Policy by Gareth Porter, 11/14/2016 A Trump Doctrine – 'America First' by Patrick J. Buchanan, 11/14/2016
Trump Will Have Vast Powers. He Can Thank Democrats for Them by Glenn Greenwald, 11/14/2016 Trump's Foreign Policy: Four More Years of Bush-Obama? by Jacob G. Hornberger, 11/14/2016
American Foreign Policy Should Go to AA by Jeremy Lott, 11/14/2016 China Can Have the Philippines by Charles V. Peña, 11/14/2016
Trump and the Neoconservatives by Jon Basil Utley, 11/14/2016 'Above All, We Need Debate' on Russia by Stephen F. Cohen, 11/14/2016
Memo to the Next Administration: Defense Spending Must Be for Actual Defense by Ron Paul, 11/13/2016 Dear President Trump by Justin Raimondo, 11/13/2016
When Duterte Met Abe by Peter Lee, 11/13/2016 Donald Trump's Foreign Policy: What Will He Really Do? by Ted Galen Carpenter, 11/13/2016
Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump Will Have Terrifying Powers. Thanks, Obama. by Alex Emmons, 11/11/2016 The Middle East Crises Trump Inherits Could Still Suck Him In by Patrick Cockburn, 11/11/2016
The Iran Deal Is Now In Critical Danger by Derek Davison, 11/11/2016 The Infamy of the Palestinian Elites: an Imminent Split Within Fatah? by Ramzy Baroud, 11/11/2016
Germany Urged to Pause on Syrian Escalation by Ray McGovern, 11/10/2016 To-Do List for a Trump Presidency by Lucy Steigerwald, 11/10/2016
Donald Trump, Peacenik President? by Thaddeus Russell, 11/10/2016 Why Trump Won: the Foreign Policy Factor by Justin Raimondo, 11/10/2016
The United States Is Sleepwalking Into a Hot War in Yemen by Matt Purple, 11/10/2016 Why the Elite Wanted Trump to Lose by Daniel McCarthy, 11/10/2016
Living by War: Tribe: on Homecoming and Belonging by Scott Beauchamp, 11/10/2016 The Brookpark Marines, the Truth About War, and a Message of Life by Jim Babka, 11/10/2016
Learning Horrors of War From Vets by Chris J. Antal, 11/9/2016 Obama's Final Arms-Export Tally More Than Doubles Bush's by Marcus Weisgerber, 11/9/2016
Peacekeepers in Syria, Warmongers in Yemen by Tim Black, 11/9/2016 Trump: Don't Follow the Bush-Obama Foreign Policy Legacy by Jacob G. Hornberger, 11/9/2016
The 'Credibility' Myth That Never Dies by Daniel Larison, 11/9/2016 Why America Should Not Be Asia's Globo-Cop by Doug Bandow, 11/9/2016
Trump's Revolution by Justin Raimondo, 11/8/2016 The True Scandal of 2016 Was the Torture of Chelsea Manning by Jeremy Scahill, 11/8/2016
Reasons to Risk Nuclear Annihilation by Robert Parry, 11/8/2016 The Iraqi Christians Who Are Struggling to Survive After ISIS by Patrick Cockburn, 11/8/2016
How the US Military Can Save $1 Trillion by Benjamin H. Friedman, 11/8/2016 Oh, What a Lovely War! by Philip Giraldi, 11/7/2016
Hillary Clinton's Destruction of Palestine by Denijal Jegić, 11/7/2016 Regardless of How America Votes, Americans Want a Different Foreign Policy by Ron Paul, 11/7/2016
Pervasive and Dangerous Mass Surveillance Vindicates Snowden by Glenn Greenwald, 11/7/2016 Another US Massacre in Afghanistan by Jacob G. Hornberger, 11/7/2016
NYT Admits Key al-Qaeda Role in Aleppo by Robert Parry, 11/6/2016 Us-Backed Forces Launch Raqqa Offensive as Terror Fears Grow in Europe by Patrick Cockburn, 11/6/2016
Bringing Down the Globalist Monster by Justin Raimondo, 11/6/2016 The Power of Hasbara Culture by Yakov Hirsch, 11/6/2016
Whose Finger on the Nuclear Button? by Michael T. Klare and Tom Engelhardt, 11/6/2016 Mosul Is Being Destroyed By, as Well as 'Liberated' From, Isis by Patrick Cockburn, 11/6/2016
Thinking Like an Intelligence Officer: Anthony Weiner and Russian Spies by Peter Van Buren, 11/5/2016 Hillary Clinton's Bad Plan for 'National Service' by Doug Bandow, 11/5/2016
For a New Isolationism by Murray Rothbard, 4/1/59 War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, 1918
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