World Federation of Trade Unions Demands an Immediate End to Bombing of Yugoslavia

The worldwide protests against the bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by NATO in the last seven days demonstrate that world public opinion finds it utterly unacceptable that a military alliance of some states assigns to itself the responsibilities which under the UN Charter belongs to the UN Security Council. There is growing alarm in all countries that the military conflicts will escalate, thus threatening peace and security of peoples in the whole region and the world. Moreover, the foreign military intervention, as was widely apprehended, has led to even greater lawlessness, insecurity and suppression of basic rights, thus intensifying the humanitarian crisis in Kosovo and accelerating the outflow of refugees. The worst victims of this brutal war are the working people and their families.

Member States of the UN representing the greater part of the world population have strongly denounced the NATO intervention as a violation of the UN Charter and accepted norms of international law. Stressing the need to resolve disputes by peaceful means and emphasising the primary responsibility of the UN Security Council in the maintenance of international peace and security, it has been categorically stated that the erosion of the United Nations Security Council cannot be tolerated by the international community.

The WFTU fully supports the demand made by many member States of the UN that all parties to the conflict should respect UN Security Council resolutions 1199 and 1203 and actively explore a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Implementing these resolutions, the NATO countries which have launched military attacks against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia must immediately stop these unlawful acts and withdraw all their troops from the region.

The WFTU appeals to trade unions in all countries to act immediately to stop the war and support the efforts being made to find solutions through a resumption of negotiations leading to a settlement acceptable to all parties, protecting security of life and property and human rights of all citizens, assuring immediate help to the refugees through the specialised institutions of the UN and the return of refugees to their original homes as well as guaranteeing peace and security for all peoples in former Yugoslavia, in the Balkans and in the region.

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