Yugoslav Sites Opposing NATO Intervention

These links are not meant to be exhaustive, but rather a growing list of resources and links to news, actions, publications, and organizations opposing American intervention in Yugoslavia, as well as background and ammuntion for activists which may originate from pro-war sources. The Committee Against U.S. Intervention takes no responsibility for what is posted on these sites. If you would like to comment or to suggest a site, please emal us.


Independent News About Bombing Campaign

Other Voices from Serbia

War Against Yugoslavia @ INET News

Stop NATO Campaign

Yugoslav Crisis Center

Beograd.com War News

University of Belgrade Antiwar Site

International Society for Individual Liberty Yugoslav Branch

Save the Danube

Democratic Party of Serbia

Serbia Now!

Belgrade Academic Association for Equal Rights

Facts and Opinions About the War in Yugoslavia

NATO's War Against Yugoslavia

Literary Word Magazine

YU Media Info Center

War Info

Novi Sad Page

Podgorica Against NATO

Stop NATO Bombing

Stop Killing My Country

Stop the Bombs

Serbian Network

Alternative Information About the NATO War

Stop NATO Agression

Reactions to Novi Sad

Yugoslav Opposition
(a comprehensive list)

Government of Yugoslavia

Serbian Information Agency

Yugoslav Army Press Centar

Military Medical Academy

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Montenegro Web Site

Yugoslav Internet

Serbia Cafe Political Chat




Yugoslav Search Engine

Tehnograf Internet Services

BeoCity Online

SezamPro Online

Yugoslav Media

Radio B92 (closed by Milosevich but online from Netherlands)

Serbian Information Agency

Tanjug News Agency

Radio Television of Serbia

Serbian Television

Academic Information Network


Alternative Information Network

Borba English Daily

Radio Yugoslavia

Media Centar Pristina

Beta News Agency

Blic Press Info Service

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