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Updated April 28, 2017 - 5:55 PM EDT
Trump Fears Major War With North Korea
Afghan Residents: MOAB Was More of a Dud
  Two US Soldiers Killed in Fighting Against ISIS in Afghanistan
  Report: Deaths of Afghan Women Up 54% Over Previous Year
Abbas Cuts Electricity Funding for Gaza Strip
  US State Dept Defends Israeli Anti-Occupation NGOs
Israel Attacks Syrian Arms Depot Near Damascus
US Drone Strike Kills Seven in North Waziristan
Tillerson: US Won't Attack So Long as N. Korea 'Manageable'
German Soldier Planned Attack, Wanted To Blame Refugees
Barrett Brown Taken Back Into Custody Before Interview
The Rise of the Generals  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The US Military Moves Deeper Into Africa  by Nick Turse
Boris Johnson's Foreign Policy in Syria Is Based on Wishful Thinking  by Patrick Cockburn
Phony Hysterics Over North Korea  by Justin Raimondo
Mounting Incitements to War With Russia  by Stephen F. Cohen
At Reuters, 'Not Refuting' Is the Same as 'Seeing'  by Jim Naureckas

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Trump Says No Plan to Pull Out of NAFTA 'At This Time'
Facebook Says It Will Crack Down on Government-Led 'Fake News' Campaigns
Will Trump Allow the Release the Missing JFK Files?
US Blacklists Saudi Man for Leading ISIS Affiliate
Fresh Civilian Airstrike Deaths; 151 Killed in Iraq
Residents of Mosul: 'The Planes Have Destroyed Us'
Iraqi Paramilitaries Shut More ISIS Escape Routes to Syria Border
10 Dead After Strikes on Rebel-Held Hospitals in Syria
Russia Condemns Israeli Missile Strike in Syria
Russia Criticizes French Report on Syria Attack
At UN, US Calls for Pressure on Russia to Try to End Syria War
Syria's Assad Says Israel 'Supporting Terrorists' by Striking His Army
Israeli Patriot Missiles Down Target Over Golan Heights: Army
Rights Group Fears Gaza Fuel 'Catastrophe'
Israel Strikes Hamas in Response to Gunfire
Lawyer Jailed for 7.5 Years for Serving as Hamas Agent
Middle East
Qatar Denies Trying to Pay Ransom Money to Free Hostages in Iraq
Final Results Show 51.4 Pct Supported Expanding Erdogan Powers: Turkish Electoral Board
French Riot Police Clash With Youths Protesting Election
French Counter-Terrorism Unit Probes Shooting Attack on Police in La Reunion
French Appeals Court Refuses Extradition of Ex-Kosovo PM Haradinaj
Ukraine Readies Project to Jam Separatist Broadcasting
Germany to Ban Civil Servants, Judges, Soldiers From Wearing Full-Face Veil
Italian Minister Says Painting NGOs as Migrant Traffickers Is a Lie
Macedonian Police Fire Stun Grenades After Protesters Storm Parliament
Russian Spy Ship Sinks in Black Sea After Crashing Into Vessel Carrying Livestock
Top Admiral: North Korea Crisis Is 'Worst I've Seen'
Tillerson: We Will Wait as Long as North Korean Threat Is 'Manageable'
China Welcomes US Saying It Is Open to Talks on North Korea
US Antimissile System in South Korea Is Said to Be Nearly Operational
South Korea Gives Anti-Submarine Warship to Philippines, for $100
US House May Vote Within Days on Tighter North Korea Sanctions
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China's Defense Ministry Says Resolutely Opposed to Any Country Selling Arms to Taiwan
China Revises Mapping Law to Bolster Territorial Claims
Hong Kong Police Arrest Activists Amid Fears of Creeping China Influence
China Party Urges Uighur Youth to 'Love Motherland' to Avoid 'Terrorist' Label
Taliban Announce Spring Offensive, Vow to Build Institutions
Militants Kill Three Indian Soldiers in Attack on Base in Kashmir
Pakistani Taliban Say Detained Militant Used for Propaganda
Mongolian Media Goes Dark to Protest Press Freedom Threat
Maldives Activists See Tolerance for Dissent Disappearing After Blogger Killed
UN Criticizes Myanmar Plan to Resettle Rohingya in 'Camp-Like' Villages
Somalia's Al Shabaab Kills Senior National Security Officer: Police
'I Cannot Go Back': South Sudan Refugee Clan Begins New Life
One Dead as Riots in Guinea Mining Hub Enter Fourth Day
US Says It Will Take Two Years for Venezuela to Leave OAS
Hooded Youths in Venezuela Mar Opposition Efforts at Peaceful Protest
Mexico Senate OKs Disappearance Law, Calls for Search System
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