Updated April 11, 2012 - 11:58 PM EDT
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April 11th, 2012

Somalia PM Says Fighters Flee North Swazi Government Warns Against Thursday Pro-Democracy Protests
Somalia's al-Shabab Move North Into Puntland Congo's 'Terminator': President Calls for Warlord's Arrest
Saudi Arabia Denies Activist on Hunger Strike Nepal Army 'Completes' Peace Process With Maoists
Coptic Christians Fight for Place in Egypt's Political Scene US Discusses Possible Buffer Zone in Syria
Libya to Revive Plan for Benghazi Free-Trade Area, Official Says White House Condemns Bahrain Violence
Fading American Support for Afghanistan War Cispa Bill Targeted by Activists
Tortured Libyan Wants Answers From Blair Dm: Looted Libyan Weapons Now in Nigeria
Sudan Mobilizes Army as South Claims Key Oil Field Assad Threatens Peace in Middle East, Says David Cameron
Israel Expels 'Palestinian Collaborator' Back to Gaza 'Death Match' Football Film Given Red Card
Sudan-South Border Fighting Rages On Israeli Opposition MP: Ambassador to US 'Liar,' I Do Not Support Suicide Bombers
Quartet Statement Won't Criticize Israeli Settlements Netanyahu to Offer Abbas Return to Direct Mideast Peace Talks, Sources Say
Confusion Reigned in Aftermath of Afghanistan Massacre Egypt Court Rules Islamist's Mother Not US Citizen; He Can Run for Election
2 US Marines Killed, 2 Injured in Morocco Crash Mideast Quartet Criticizes Israeli Settler Violence, Incitement in West Bank
Israel Army Arrests Activists in Hebron Iran Stops Oil Exports to Germany
Putin Calls NATO a 'Relic of the Cold War' Invisible Children Tipped Off Ugandan Military to Arrest Former Child Soldier, Says US Cable Released by WikiLeaks
Tony Blair Has 'No Recollection' of Libyan Dissident's Rendition Bahrain Violence Grows With Mob Attacks
Syria Pledges Truce, if Rebels Hold Fire Kofi Annan Seeks Iran's Help in Syria Crisis
Pakistan Digs on for Soldiers Trapped in Snow

April 10th, 2012

Saudi Activists Fight Through Their Fear Syrian Rebels 'Using Turkish Refugee Camps as Base'
UN Says 613 Civilians Killed in Iraq This Year
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