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May 1st, 2012

Explosions Rock Kabul, US Embassy Sounds Alarm Terror Defendant Convicted in New York Subway Plot
Military Leaders Seek Higher Profile for Pentagon's Cyber Command Unit Amid Unrest, Syrians Struggle to Feed Their Families
Iraq Registers Highest Rates of Violations Against Journalists South Sudan Civilians Are Trapped in Conflict Over Oil
As Obama Visits Afghanistan, a Look at the War by the Numbers Yemen President Hadi: New Leader, Same Routine
Yemen UN Envoy Asks Ex-President to Stop Meddling Libya Hopes for $1 Trillion Cash Injection to Help Rebuild War-Torn Economy
Fired Bahrain Protesters Demand Jobs Back Equipment for Afghan Army Is Stranded in Pakistan, Pentagon Says
Pentagon: Strategy in Afghanistan Is Sound US Strikes a Military Pose for Iran
Iran Complains at US F-22 Fighter Jets in Uae US Funds May Have Helped Iraq Insurgents
Kuwait Urges Iraq to Continue Paying War Compensations Suicide Attack on Nigerian Police Convoy Kills 11
Map: US Bases Encircle Iran GCC Military Completes War Games
NATO Seeks Funding for Afghan Security Forces Mali: Rebel Soldiers 'Control Situation' in Country's Capital, Bamako
Mali Junta Overruns Loyalist Base in Blow to Counter-Coup China, Russia Resist West's Push to Threaten Sudan, South Sudan
Pentagon Report Paints Mixed Picture of War in Afghanistan Obama, Karzai Sign Strategic Pact
US Targets Foreign Evaders of Iran, Syria Sanctions What Led to Israel Bombing House Full of Civilians During Gaza War?
Bombs Rock Somalia, Eight Dead IMF Rejects Call to Cut Ties With Iran
Israel Army Closes Probe Into Deadly 2009 Gaza Shelling Centrifuges, Palestinians, Army Service and Cottage Cheese -- an Election Primer
IDF Closes Probe Into Israeli Air Strike That Killed 21 Members of Gaza Family Obama in Afghanistan to Sign Security Pact
Obama Arrives in Afghanistan on Unannounced Visit, Report Says Thirty Dead in Syria Despite New UN Plea
Pentagon Is Planning 'Contingency' for Iran and North Korea Obama, Karzai Sign US-Afghan Strategic Pact
Unease Mounting, China and US to Open Military Talks Obama Lands in Afghanistan in Surprise Visit
Syria's Cultural Treasures Latest Uprising Victims Somalia MPs Killed in Al-Shabab Suicide Attack
Mali Coup: Junta Forces 'Overrun Rivals' Camp' Chad President: Regional Force 'Should Help Nigeria' Crush Boko Haram
Tzipi Livni Resigns as Member of Israeli Parliament Barack Obama Silent on China Activist Chen Guangcheng
'Two Dead' in Bomb Attack in Balochistan, Pakistan Colombia's Santos : Farc Rebels Holding Romeo Langlois
Syria Violence 'Leaves 26 Dead' Despite UN Monitors Pakistan Murder: Khalil Dale Family 'Shocked'
Iraq's Grim Reaper Gets Humanitarian Award Both Sides in Syria Violating Cease-Fire, UN Peacekeeping Chief Says
Pentagon Progress Report Cites Pakistan as Top Deterrent to Success in Afghanistan Drones Invade Campus
'west, Zionists Seek Instability, Division in Syria' 5 Anarchists Nabbed in Plot to Blow Up Ohio Bridge
Suicide Bomber Kills 3 MPs in Central Somalia NATO-Afghan Raid Kills 2 Civilians, Sparking Protests
Livni Quits Knesset, Says Israel's Leaders Put Country at Existential Risk China, Russia Resist West's Sanctions Push for Sudans
Afghan Protesters Accuse NATO of Killing Four Children During Taliban Clash NATO Raid Kills 2 in Eastern Afghan Village
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