Updated May 4, 2012 - 11:45 PM EDT
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May 4th, 2012

Attacks Target Government and Security Personnel Across Iraq Algerian Militants Blast Soldiers With Mortar on Highway, Killing 2 Officers
1,500 Protest in Macedonia After Terror/murder Arrests Human Rights Watch: Kenyan Forces Abused Ethnic Somalis in Response to Militant Attacks
As West Hails Myanmar, Dissidents Await Freedom Gunmen Kill Seven in Nigeria Attacks: Police
Sept. 11 Trial of 5 Returns to Guantanamo Bodies of 23 Found Dumped Near US Border in Mexico Drug War
1 Dead, Hundreds Wounded, Dozens Arrested in Egypt Clashes Israelis, Iranians Meet in Berlin to Protest War Speak, Iran Sanctions
Over 536 Killed in Suicide Attacks, 467 Killed by Drones Since bin Laden Killing Merkel Confirms Afghan Withdrawal by 2014
Syrian Opposition Activists Ask Kosovo for Advice Poll-Americans Favor Limited US Role in Afghanistan
24 Killed in Pakistani Market Suicide Bombing Saleh Relative Quits Yemen Army, Fighting Flares
Contradictions Over Libyan Ex-Pm Claims on Sarkozy Nurse in Afghanistan Dies in Skype Chat With Wife
Sadrists in Iraq Protest Against Koran Burning Iraq's Unity Tested by Rising Tensions Over Oil-Rich Kurdish Region
Panetta Warns Climate Change Having 'Dramatic Impact' on National Security Burundi: Effort to Block a Report About Political Killings - Interior Minister Orders Cancellation of Human Rights Watch News Conference
US Doesn't Expect Pakistan to Reopen Afghan War Supply Routes Soon Blasts Kill 14 in Caucasus Ahead of Putin Kremlin Return
Teenage Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills 24 in Khar Hamas Threatens 'The Unexpected' if Any Hunger-Strikers Die
TV Report: Netanyahu Holding Elections So He Is Free to Deal With Iran in September-October Boko Haram Attacks Keep Children Out of School
Soldier Killed, 6 Lebanese Pilgrims Wounded in Anbar Blast Tripoli Protests Go Ahead After Overnight Tension
Iran Official: No Justification to Close Underground Nuclear Site Egyptians Protest Against Military
ACLU Seeks Broad Public Access to Secret Testimony in 9/11 Trial at Guantanamo 10 Palestinian Hunger Strikers Moved to Hospital: Envoy
Hundreds Injured as Police Storm Cairo Rally F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes in West Utah Desert, Pilot Ejects Safely
Two British Soldiers Killed in Mortar Attack in Afghanistan FBI: We Need Wiretap-Ready Web Sites Now
US, China Forge Tentative Deal on Chinese Activist Science Advisory Group Doubts European Missile Shield Can Protect United States From Attack
Cern Scientist Sentenced to 5 Years in French Terrorism Case NATO - Russia Talk of Pre-Emptive Strike Unjustified
Ahmadinejad's Rivals Ahead in Parliamentary Runoff Two Bombings in Russia's Causcasus Region Leave at Least 12 Dead
Egyptians Wonder if a Muslim Brotherhood President Would Serve Party or Country Tymoshenko to Be Treated at Ukrainian Clinic
Syrians Questioning Whether Armed Revolt Works Analysts: Israeli Elections Likely to Postpone Any Iran Strike
UK Not Amused by Argentina Olympic Ad in Falklands Report: Kenyan Forces Abused Somalis Near Border
3 Turkish Soldiers Killed in Clashes With PKK in Turkey's East Iraq: Former Insurgent Stronghold Faces Old and New Challenges
Iraq Kurd Leader Warns Against Culture of Violence MI6 Codebreaker Attended US Security Conference Before His Death
Fresh Clashes Outside Egyptian Defence Ministry Israel's Supreme Court Hears Hunger Strikers' Appeal
Saudi Arabia to Reopen Egypt Embassy After Protests Syria Peace Plan 'On Track' Despite Violence
Fears for Tamil Detainees in Sri Lanka For Tunisia's Jews, Hope and Fears Post-Revolt
Suicide Bombing in Pakistani Market Kills 20 Military Commanders Warned to Get Troops in Line
Ap Apologizes for Firing Reporter Over Wwii Surrender Scoop

May 3rd, 2012

Pakistan: US Needs to Find 'Alternative' to Drone Strikes
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