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October 3rd, 2012

Homeland Security's 'Fusion Centers' Defended in Response to Sharply Critical Senate Report Syria Rebels Press Harder to Gain More Fighters
Supporters of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Await Ruling Over Surety Money After Asylum Bid Bangladesh Court Asks Govt. Why It Failed to Protect Buddhists From Attacks Over Quran Photo
Honduras Truth Commission Seeks Post-Coup Justice, Reparations Fear a Powerful Factor Among Opposing Camps in Venezuela Elections
Honduran Constitutional Court Rules Privately Run Cities Would Be 'Unconstitutional' 2 Christian Children in Detention in Southern Egypt for Allegedly Urinating on the Quran
Memo: State to Expand Assistance to Opposition Groups in Aleppo Yemen Tribesmen Blow Up Pylons; Capital in Dark
MPAA Chief Admits: SOPA and PIPA 'Are Dead, They're Not Coming Back' NY 9/11 Judge OKs $6b Vs. Iran, Taliban, al-Qaeda
Syria: Bashar Al-Assad Relative Wounded in Family Hometown Bahrain Frees Shiite Female Activist From Jail: Lawyer
Pakistan Tells Kabul It Only Retaliates After Attacks Afghan General Visits Pakistan to Discuss Shelling
Clinton Says Afghanistan Security Transition 'On Track' Iran, Iraq Call for Expansion of Defense Ties
Iran Unrest Could Undercut Mitt Romney Critique of President Barack Obama Libya PM Government Line-Up Omits Liberal Coalition
Clinton Pledges Full Accounting of Deadly Benghazi Attack Iran Erupts as Oil Embargo Sends Currency Plunging
Turkish Artillery Retaliates for Deadly Syrian Shelling HRW Slams Hamas Over 'Torture, Unfair Trials'
Georgian Tycoon Starts Cabinet Talks, Prioritises US Ties Salafists Lose Their Way in Egypt's Complicated Corridors of Power
Iranian Riot Police Clash With Protesters Over Currency Plunge Turkey Retaliates With Strike on Syria
Turkish Kurds Still Search for Disappeared Egypt's Draft Constitution Comes Under Fire
Iraqiya Advisor: the Region Is on a Verge of Disastrous War NATO Demands Halt to 'Syrian Aggression' Against Turkey
Turkish Military Fires Into Syria, Raising Fears of Regional Conflagration Israel's Peres Wishes for Iran President to 'Disappear'
Intelligence Effort Wasted Billions, Watched Citizens, Abused Civil Liberties Riots Break Out in Iran as Currency Loses 40% of Its Value in a Week
Feds to Purchase Illinois Prison That May Be Used as Gitmo Successor Sensitive Documents Left Behind at American Mission in Libya
Germany's WWII Duds Get Deadlier Appeals Court Restores NDAA's Indefinite Detention Provisions
Turkey Hits Targets in Syria: PM Turkey Retaliates to Deadly Syrian Shelling
Appeals Court Allows Extension of Obama Indefinite Detention Law Term of NATO Chief Extended by 1 Year
Blasts Kill 9 in Pro-Hezbollah East Lebanon US Charges 11 in Russian Military Exports Ring
Obama Hoped to Put Osama bin Laden on Trial if He Surrendered During US Raid, New Book Says US Agent Is Killed and Another Is Injured in Shooting at Mexican Border
In Georgia, a Demand for the President's Resignation Is Rescinded Chinese Surveillance Ships Enter Japan's Territorial Waters Again
Five Die as Syrian Shells Fall in Turkey Islamists in Mali Recruit, Pay for Child Soldiers
Israeli Military: Armed Syrians Approach Border Kyrgyz Police Repel Protesters Seeking Ouster of Government
Four Russian Policemen Killed in Ingushetia Ambush Rwandan Man Led Grenade and Machete Killings: Witnesses
Mortar From Syria Kills Five Family Members in Turkey African Troops Comb Kismayu for Bombs After Somali Rebel Retreat
Suicide Car Bombers Strike in Heart of Aleppo, 48 Dead Darfur Ambush Kills Four Peacekeepers in Sudan
South Sudan Security Forces Abusing Civilians: Amnesty Nepal Maoist Leader Prachanda Opens 'Guerrilla Trail' to Tourists
Georgia Election: US and Russia Hail Parliamentary Vote China Firm Sues Obama Over Blocked US Wind Farm Deal
Clashes in Bahrain After Death of Imprisoned Protester Gazans Face 'Serious Abuses' in Criminal Justice System
Lebanon Blasts Hit Hezbollah Stronghold Iran Police Clash With Protesters Over Currency Crisis
Chief Announces New Curbs on Saudi Arabia Religious Police Hezbollah Military Commander 'Killed in Syria'
White House Widening Covert War in North Africa Iran Crackdown on Money Changers After Currency Slide
Obama Sued for Blocking China Wind Farm Project

October 2nd, 2012

Intelligence Effort Named US Citizens, Not Terrorists Yemen Forces Kill Three Qaeda Leaders in Bomb Factory Raid
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