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January 12th, 2013

Eight Killed Across Northern Iraq Man Who Shot at Pentagon, Other Sites Gets 25 Years
Bombs Explode Outside Newspaper Printing Center in Istanbul Venezuela Governors Warned Not to Question Government's Legitimacy
A Fiery Preacher's Arrival Shakes Pakistani Politics Taliban Targets Tourists, but Some Still Visit Afghanistan
A Desert Cold and Wet Multiplies the Misery of Syrian Refugees Hawks on Iraq Prepare for War Again, Against Hagel
Clashes Flare Up in Strategic Syria Suburb America's Go-To Man in Afghanistan's Oruzgan Province
Texas Military Assault Scandal Prompts Congressional Hearings Mccain-Paul Foreign Policy Battle to Hit Senate Committee
Defense Chiefs Prepare New Plans to Defend Falkland Belfast Riots Lead to Questioning of Police Tactics Over Flag Dispute
Hugo Chávez's Brother Dismisses Coma Rumours IED Blast Kills Child, Leaves One Injured in Quetta
Pakistani Taliban Say They Will Not Attack Pak Army Massacre in Quetta Provides Damning Indictment of Pakistan Authorities: Hrw
Timeline: Hazara Killings in Balochistan Talks Between Pakistan Govt, Hazara Shi'ite Protesters End Inconclusively
Pakistan Protesters Continue Sit-In for 2nd Night DHS Issue Warning on Java Security
Pakistan: 1,113 Children Murdered Last Year Seven More Killed in Karachi
Obama Won't Support Building 'Death Star' Putting the Welcome Mat Out in Baghdad
Georgia Parliament Approves Prisoner Amnesty Burkina Faso to Send 500 Troops to Mali
New Clashes Erupt in Tunisia Town Near Libya Russia Rejects Assad Exit as Necessity for Syria Deal
Britain to Send Aircraft to Mali to Assist French Fight Against Rebels Masked Men Attack Protest Camp Near Morsi's Palace
Netanyahu, Barak Deny Money Was 'Wasted' on Iran Rand Paul: Israel Building in Jerusalem Is 'None of Us's Business'
Police, IDF Begin Evacuating 250 Activists From E1 Outpost Parties Set Coalition Demands for Netanyahu
Pakistani and Indian Response to Deadly Violence in Kashmir Shows How Much Ties Have Improved Religious Nationalist Party Jewish Home Rises in Israeli Polls
Somali Pirates Free 3 Syrian Hostages From Mv Orna After More Than 2 Years in Captivity 29 Belfast Police Injured While Separating Catholic, Protestant Crowds in Sectarian Flashpoint
Danish Spy Describes Undercover Work Inside Al-Qaeda Assad Still Confident That He Can Control Syria
Online Activist Swartz Commits Suicide; Faced Trial on Accusations of Stealing Electronic Journal Archive Arsonists Attack Throw Firebomb at House of Greek Government Spokesman's Brother
Civilians Arm Themselves to Police 2 Mexican Towns, Leading Officials to Promise More Security Italian Consul in Benghazi Escapes Shooting Unhurt
Over 100 Killed as French Troops Attack Mali Town Senegal Will Send 500 Soldiers to Mali: Fm
French Airstrikes, Fighting Kill Over 100 in Mali Olmert Accuses PM of Wasting Billions on 'Harebrained Adventures'
Israel Orders Palestinians Out of 'Tent City' Pakistan Shi'ites Watch Over 96 Bomb Dead for Second Night
Serbian PM Says Time to Face Facts Over Kosovo Sovereignty Police Injured in Renewed Northern Irish Rioting
Afghanistan: the Challenge of 'Good' Vs 'Bad' Militias Egypt's Mubarak Questioned Over Alleged Gifts
Egyptian Court Suspends Islamic TV Show Over Libel Demonstrators Rally in Support of Iraqi Government
Mali Says Nigeria, Senegal, France Providing Help Loyalists and Nationalists Clash After Belfast Flags Protest
Israel PM Blocks Roads to Palestinian Tent Site Viable Bomb Found in Belfast Security Alert
Hollande Steps Up France Security Over Mali and Somalia French Airstrikes Kill Over 100 in Mali
Hamas: 885 Palestinians Killed in Syria Civil War Ya'alon: No Place for Palestinian State Alongside Israel
Court Bars State From Evicting Palestinian Outpost Report: Israeli Nabbed in Egypt Asks for 'Political Asylum'
US-Born Taliban Fighter Wins Prison Prayer Lawsuit Myanmar Helicopter Crashes in Northern Battle Zone
French Army Raid in Somalia Leaves 19 Dead Australian Spy Agency Wants Powers to Hack Into Personal Computers
N. Korea Tells China It Is Planning Nuclear Test Artist Paints Portraits of Tibetan Self-Immolators to Break Silence Among China's Majority
Rights Groups Condemn Government Moves Against Venezuela Channel as Censorship, Intimidation Syrian Official Says Troops Have Captured Most of the Strategic Damascus Suburb of Daraya
Syrian Defections Suggest Military Morale Being Drained After Karzai's Visit to Washington, Fears About US Pullout Linger in Afghanistan
Palestinian Officials Denied Entrance to Bab Al-Shams Outpost Loyalists and Nationalists Clash After Belfast Flags Protest
Terrorism Suspect's Mindset Debated at Oregon Trial Turkey Demands Hollande Explain Meeting With Dead Kurd
Hunt for Missing Soldier After Failed Hostage Rescue in Somalia Kurdish Protests Escalate in Paris
Minister: French Pilot Killed in Mali Helicopter Raid Military Has Issue With Wind Farm Proposals
Niger Says Sending 500 Soldiers to Mali Operation Bolivia Scores Coca Leaf Victory at UN
French Hostage Rescue Mission Fails in Somalia, 2 Soldiers Dead

January 11th, 2013

Formidable Power of Pakistan's Anti-Shia Militants Should Iran Be Included in Syria Conflict Diplomacy?
Iranian-Americans Send Medicine Home as Sanctions Hit Drug Supplies

January 8th, 2013

Texas Soldier Killed on Christmas Eve Is Laid to Rest
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