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February 15th, 2013

Eight Killed in Fresh Iraq Violence Human Rights Watch: Investigate Deadly Army Shootings in Fallujah
Vatican's New Bank Chief Has Military Ship Links US Troops Leave Afghan Outposts, Still Facing Fire
UN Warns Yemen's Ex-Leaders of Possible Sanctions if Reported Meddling in Transition Goes On Frustrated by a Protracted War, Pakistani Tribesmen Pressing Divided Taliban Into Peace Talks
US Says Potential Kidnapping Threat Exists for Travelers to Peru's Machu Picchu, Cuzco Region US Plans to Build 2 Prisons in Haiti's Countryside to Help Crowding in Poor Nation's Jails
Rare Shooting in Mexico City's Zona Rosa Tourist Area as Gunman Riding on Motorcycle Kills Man Is Historical Claim Behind the Mystery Group of (armed?) Filipinos in Borneo?
Finland Investigates Attempted Arms Shipment to Syria India-Controlled Kashmir Seethes as Curfew Extends to Seventh Day
Professor Cornel West: Obama Is a 'War Criminal' Like Nixon and Bush Troops Use Humor to Disparage New Medal
Mixed Mood in Eastern Libya on Revolution Anniversary Thousands of Opposition Protesters Rally in Bahrain
Pakistani Taliban Reject 'Anp-Sponsored' Peace Talks Anti-Government Protests Continue in Iraq
Iraq War 10 Years On: Mass Protest That Defined a Generation Mali Sets July 7 to Hold Elections
Exclusive: Big Powers to Offer Easing Gold Sanctions at Iran Nuclear Talks Guards Seized Guantanamo Defendants' Legal Documents
Bangladesh Police Kill 3 Islamists Target Killings Claim 12 Lives in Karachi
Israel Renews Effort to Displace Bedouin Nine Pakistan Ruling Party MPs Join Opposition Bloc
Palestinian Protesters Clash With Israeli Troops Outside West Bank Prison Protesters Continue to Block Syria Fuel Deliveries
Kerry: Budget Cuts May Force Reduction in Israel Aid Photo Analysis Casts Doubt on Zygier's 'Hit Squad' Link
Israeli Army Censor Backs MPs Who Exposed 'Prisoner X' Affair North Korea Tells China of Preparations for Fresh Nuclear Test
Clashes Near Syria Airport Kill 150 Hundreds of Palestinians Clash With Israeli Soldiers in Rally for Hunger Striker
As Afghan Army Gets Cash to Buy Its Own Supplies, Some Worry About Corruption Ben Zygier, Israel's 'Prisoner X,' May Have Revealed How Mossad Used Foreign Passports
'Major Powers to Ease Sanctions if Iran Shuts Down Fordo' Turkey: 8 Retired Military Officers Arrested
Somali Militants Claim to Execute Kenyan Soldier Indian Troops Kill Pakistani Soldier in Kashmir
Pentagon Uproar Over Panetta's Hero Medals for Drone Operators, Cyber Sleuths Islamists Rally for Egypt's Mursi in Cairo
Kenya Says No Talks With Rebels Who Claim Killed Soldier Sri Lankan Military Inquiry Says Army Did Not Shell Civilians
Malaysia Stand-Off With Philippine Group North Korea 'Upgrading Rocket Launch Site'
Kashmir Border: India Kills Pakistani Soldier Three Killed in Bangladesh Clashes Over War Crimes Trials
Bahrain Policeman Killed in Unrest Palestinian Rally for Hunger Striker Turns Violent
Bulgaria Orders Hamas Deputies Out of the Country Protest Marches, Clashes Expand in Tense Bahrain
Sunnis Gather in Iraqi Cities in Mass Protests Havana Restores Monument to Victims of USS Maine
Zapatistas Break Silence to Slam Mexico Elite Swedish Photographer Wins World Press Photo Award for Pic of Slain Palestinian Children

February 14th, 2013

$7.3 Million Afghan Police Headquarters Funded by US Sits Unused One-Year Sentence Sought for Airman Who Punched Okinawa Teen
US Fatalities in Afghanistan Declining Can Pentagon Keep Up 'Asian Pivot' While Scrambling Into Northern Africa?
Attacks on Journalists Rose in 2012, Group Finds
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