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12 thoughts on “Digg Antiwar.com”

  1. Honor, like Saddam Hussein when he preferred defeat to pulling out of Quwait????? Gimme a break!!!!!

    1. Remember that Saddam engaged war against Kuwait because Kuwait was stoling Irak petrol via large pipelines under the sand.

  2. am a muslim.my religion respects humanity soo much.i work with kenya and Uganda Redcross and Red crecent.please help me to go anywhere so that i can help humanity.thank you

    1. Hello Hashim,
      I’m not muslim but I thanks for the help you give to people and the time you offer helping them. I hope you will help moslim womens to live more free from there husband too : freedom is a great medecine.

  3. Joe Biden can’t seem to live down his minor plagarism. But we still worship the two biggest plagarists, Martin Luther King Jr and Albert Einstein!

  4. I grew up in Saudia Arabia & am shocked at how you support Extremists in my religion. In your articles you ignore Hizballah’s assassinations of Christian politicians, firing of missiles into other countries, kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, continual subjugation of Lebanon’s citizens who prefer not to vote or side with Hizballah. I moved away from Saudi Arabia but remember extremists like this in our own country. Muslims who tried to use the religion for political gains. I respect your stance against war but must tell you that their are millions of Muslims in the area of the world that I came from who want nothing more than to permanently erase the United States from the globe. War may not be the answer, but ignoring the reality of my birthplace is equally dangerous.

    1. Hello Muhamed M,
      Thanks for your wise comment, it’s a refressing wind in comparaison of what we get from official newspapers everywhere.

  5. your article “israel loves mugabe” by ramondo.

    Mr. Mugabe does not want the english economic refugees to enjoy disproportionate amount of luxury while the rest of population is simpoly grinding to survive-so what is wrong with that thinking? It is wrong when it involves english parasites. These people had moved from Zimbawe to england soon after Independence bit when they found that englasih people live in shoe box sized houses with inflated trumped up prices and have much lower standard of living then thses colonialists moved back to zimbawe. oon after second world war america had forced Japan to do so called land reform(in order to break the power of japanese upper classes) and that was called reform. In many other countries like India the land reform was done for the sake of justice and that was hailed. Mr. Mugabe waited too long to do that sort of land reform and hwen he belatedly decided to do tthat then the english parasites and spes from english govet, to BBc and english media started barkinglike jackels. After all it is their people who are being affected this time. The english media ahd already neatralized elson mandela and installed a western stooge in south africa and made a lot of propganda agasint winnei mandela-simply becasue winnie had people;s suppoert-this is not wanted by the english meddlers. The similar thing they want everywhere-mr. Mugabe does not oblige them now so he is villain. their jeolosy about elections in other parts of world does not extend to U.s. a. or england-in fact their the false election of bush thru fraud and goonery it was the englsih media only (including bbc) which was very anxious that court does not overrule Bush election becasue as they siad bush was good for allies(read england) . no procession , no supprt for oppsiotion -on the contrary all englsh media was angry with m. gore for having pinpointed irrregularity in U.S. a. elction. all becasue the third rate country like england can live in reflected glory of Usa power.
    In fact for last 20 years and more so in last 15 years the english have shown their true clour-after cold war it is clear that the impotent english have been trying to piggy back pon american strength(americans in majority are not anglosaxons)and thru america england treis to bully other nations-install dictators their and then those dictators without peoples supprt are asked to bring the money to england and buy house in london-that creates housing boom and this nation of plumbers(graduation from pirates to shopkeepers then plumbers now) feels very happy with inflated house prices and low qulaity housing and infrastructrue-the money from abroad comes to london stock exchange and fuels the stock price. The london stock price should be forced to be lowered to one fourth of its present price becasue the rest is all false pumped up price with no real value. wht does england produce that any country would want? the real indutrial nations of the worls -Japan, germany have been in recesssion for last 10years while this england has been booming after gulf war for no reason other than becasue it falsley persuaded other countries and their dicataors to bring money to london and starve the rest of worrld. For God’ sake the english plumber does not even eat healthy food.–atleast not non infected.

  6. As America teetered on the brink of entering World War II, Charles A. Lindbergh gave a fateful speech that did more damage to the America First movement for peace than all the propagandistic efforts of the pro-war groups he named in Des Moines that day. In his oration, the great aviator and American hero sought to define who and what had brought us to the point of no return:

    “The three most important groups who have been pressing this country toward war are the British, the Jewish, and the Roosevelt administration.

    “Behind these groups, but of lesser importance, are a number of capitalists, Anglophiles, and intellectuals who believe that the future of mankind depends upon the domination of the British empire. Add to these the Communistic groups who were opposed to intervention until a few weeks ago, and I believe I have named the major war agitators in this country.”

    6th march,2007.

    BBC comment(atleast her washingtons correspondent’s comments) on scooter LibBy’s gulity verdit on 6th march,2007–“it does not matter to white house as long as iraq war turns out to be all right”!! for BBc illegal occupation of iraq and killing of million civilians does not matter -it will be al r ight for american occupation. This is human rights and democracy ala BBc and british propaganda.
    see and watch todays bbc and realize how much bbc and other british propaganda machinary is responsible for bush war crimes.
    He also assuredly told that this “white house is quite safe”as wished for by the british ofocurse. during gore-bush florida tussle bbc was advocating gore to leave bush alone as britian was waiting for american missile defence to come her shore soon and so no delay in small matter of who should be presidentof usa be allowed.d-bit belicve it? look at all british propaganda between 1st novembr till 20th novembr of 2000.
    it is high time that engish spies in american establishment be eliminated..

    it is high time that these english spies in usa are taken care of .

    these protestant baptists((and so callled religious fundamentalists and evnagalicals bastards)) are the agents of england inside america and have always been.
    thse baptists are the ones who created civil war for the benefit of british to reconquer america and during attack of britian in 1812 these baptists were acting as enemy agents inside amaerica.
    these baptisat are called patrioit–now what a shame? the southern flag is sympbol of american patriotism when it was really an instrument of treachery to the american independence.

    ” I am afraid the meddling small minded, fearful white boy is indicative of a large group of the amerikan types who still support a corrupt regieme of neo-con syncopants. He and those like him live in suspicion and fear of anyone different from themselves.
    He was once a settler who cut down and burned the forest of New England because he was afraid of the wildlife. He was once a trader who passed out smallpox blankets to the Indians. Then later a buffalo hunter who decimated entire herds and left them to rot on the plains. His grandfather herded Japanese into camps, his father was at MyLai. His brothers are at Abu Graib and Gitmo. Where will he be tommorrow?”

    ” but all non-WASP got (and still get) their time as scapegoat-du-jour: Native, Black, Chinese, Irish, Italian, Jew, Japanese, Catholic, Latino, and now Middle-Eastern, just to name a few. Along with the scapegoating goes the profiling, which is little more than prejudice and stereotypes made legal.”

    The recent director of Harvard’s Carr Center for Human Rights, Michael Ignatieff, proposed in the New York Times in May 2004 that we should give U.S. presidents the authority to preventively detain U.S. citizens and to engage in “coercive interrogations” should the United States experience another terrorist attack like 9/11. Ignatieff argued that “defeating terror requires violence” and “might also require coercion, secrecy, deception, even violation of rights.” “Sticking too firmly to the rule of law simply allows terrorists too much leeway to exploit our freedoms,” he said.[1]

    In addition to Harvard’s top human rights academic arguing on behalf of “torture lite,” Harvard Law School’s Alan Dershowitz supports “torture warrants” so that U.S. presidents can torture detainees in so-called “ticking bomb” cases.

    britain is the number one parasite nation of this world and is the main eviul brain behind american offensive (perpetual war) everywhere in the world. Why? Because only through american military might can a fourth rate country like england hope to have some influnce in the world.
    and the rest of the world is resopibnsible for this-why has aljarreza engagesd the british journalists like frost in the english version?lokk how much propaganda english eversion al zareeja is making agasint irana nd zimbawe -in otherworlds doing the bidding for british media and british govermnet lies.
    it is high time that thr british are removed forcibly or killed from evrywhere outside britian or may be even inside if they are not goign to stop destrying other nations.
    britian must be deafeated militarily-not a great diffciluty with a coward nation-and must be eliminated as serious challnege to humanity


    4th June, 2007.

    President putin is wrong when he says that russia should or will target the missile on europe if america goes with anti missile defence plan in Europe.
    Russia must target (rather than should) the nuclear missiles with multiple war heads against all the cities, towns and big villages( including military instalations) of england because this cold war -like the one before- is being started by england for the benefit of english race only-.it is race war between the english parasite race versus the rest of the world-the sooner the rest of the world realizes that better it is for the world.
    look how germany wes villified soon after fall of soviet union-look how russia is being vilified immediately after Putin made russia strong.
    look how american has been isntagated for perpetaul awar by the british bastards. Aritish spy naill faergussan and huntingtosn go to usa and preach hatred and racial inflammmatory speech telling americans that the time for religious and civilization war has come-why do these english bastards not figtht their war by thier own means rather than on shoulders of american arms?
    say even if russia destroys usa then if britian or rather england is allowed to exist then the english parastic dog race will ,by very parasitic nature, will try to disrupt russia or other countries’ existence. therefore instead of attacking usa or poland it is best policy of russia to attrack and destroy to the whole of england which must be evaporated to a rubble.
    thse same british bastards talking of religious(chrisitan and muslim ) war propagandasie hispanics, iriash , ger,ams , french as not in american chritisan groups. they also do not think those white europeans to be thier kind which desreves to be in america-such is the evil propaganda of british spies inside america. .
    poland is nothing but a proxy for the british bastards.In fact poland and other east europeans were taken in hurriedly in E. U. only by the insistence of the british because british wanted to dilute the core group of europe that is france and germany ‘s influnce and make EU just an appendage of angloamerican power structure while in fact europe was started as a counter to angloamerican influnce-what a reversal of role!
    it is no use targetting poland -target the main villain which is england and the english race which m ust be aniihilated fromt the face of the world.

    28th april,2007.

    The foreign policy sections of Putin’s Message were relatively brief, but pointed. They continued what he began Feb. 10 in his speech to the Munich “Wehrkunde” Conference on Security. Putin zeroed in on the types of programs that go by the name of Project Democracy (since the founding of the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy, in the 1980s):

    “There are those who, making clever use of pseudodemocratic phraseology, would like to bring back the recent past: some, in order to be able to loot our national wealth with impunity, as in the past, to rob the people and the state; others, to strip our country of its economic and political independence. In addition, there is a growing influx of foreign money, used for direct interference in our internal affairs. If we look to more distant times in the past, we see that during the hey-day of colonialism, there was talk about an alleged civilizing role of the colonizing states. Today, ‘democraticizing’ slogans are used. But the goal is the same: to achieve unilateral advantage for one’s own benefit and interests.”


    LaRouche: Yes. President Putin is correct. You must look at the change from Roosevelt to Truman. Truman and Churchill were the enemy of the United States. What you had is a process in which the U.S. system, which was the dominant system in the world at that time, financial and so forth, went through a succession of changes, in the world system.

    Now immediately, the policy of building a postwar world, in cooperation with the Soviet Union, and Roosevelt, collapsed at that point. Now you had then, something similar to now. You had an Anglo-American turn for conflict with the Soviet Union. Here’s where the thing becomes tricky for the case of modern Russia.

    The control of this was from the British Empire. What happened was that the enemies of Roosevelt, in alliance with Churchill’s crowd in England, changed their policy, and the faction within the United States, the financier faction in the United States, which had supported Hitler earlier, took predominant control of U.S. policy. So, what happened then: We went through a series of changes in the world monetary system, beginning with the assassination of President Kennedy.

    31st jan.2007.

    it is very important to realize and understand the trickery of the english race in manipulating USA to wage wars on behalf of britain which gains most from iraq war and any war that usa imposes on the third world and even on europe.

    here are some of the writings done years ago to give a global picture of what is REALLY happening in the world and by WHOSE agency.
    please read thse if u get some time
    yours sicnerely
    avatar singh.

  7. You all forgot to mention the collapse of a futures stock trading company by the name of SemGroup- right before the price of oil fell, these guys announced the would be filing for bankruptcy- one less futures trading group hedging their bets that prices would go up, sent prices down, as well as the 10 billion less miles driven by Amerigos

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