David Horowitz ‘Declares’ Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week for October 22-26

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“This October 22-26, I am declaring Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week,” declared David Horowitz Tuesday in a friendly interview on FrontpageMag.com, one of Horowitz’s many front groups. “I will hold demonstrations and protests, teach-ins and sit-ins on more than 100 college campuses. Our theme will be the Oppression of Women in Islam and the threat posed by the Islamic crusade [????] against the West.”

Horowitz, who, along with Frank Gaffney, James Woolsey, and Rick Santorum has played a truly vanguard role in the “Islamo-Fascism” movement, apparently has few doubts about his impact. “During the week of October 22-26, 2007, the nation will be rocked by the biggest conservative campus protest ever – Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, a wake-up call for Americans on 200 university and college campuses.” The event will confront the two “Big Lies of the political left:” that “George Bush created the war on terror and that Global Warming is a greater danger to Americans than the terrorist threat.” In fact, according to Horowitz, Islamo-fascism constitutes “the greatest danger Americans have ever confronted.”

Horowitz, president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (previously the Center for the Study of Popular Culture) editor-in-chief of FrontPageMag.com, and founder of Students for Academic Freedom, is, of course, a former leading New Leftist who has found fame and fortune – he made $352,647 in 2005, according to tax records – on the extreme right and has done particularly well since 9/11 when he got in on the “Islamo-fascist” ground floor.

“Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week,” according to Horowitz will be a “national effort …to rally American students to defend their country” and will feature “memorial services for the victims of Islamic terror both in America and around the globe” (the guide suggests putting up crosses to commemorate victims presumably regardless of their religion); sit-ins (Horowitz suggests the office of the Women’s Studies Department or the campus Women’s Centers “to protest their silence about the oppression of women in Islam”) teach-ins on ‘’The Oppression of Women in Islam;” “a student petition denouncing Islamo-Fascist violence against women, gays, Christians, Jews and non-religious people” (and press releases at the ready if Muslim student groups, campus administrators, or student government officers fail to sign); and prominent speakers, such as the American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI) Ayan Hirsi Ali, columnist Mark Steyn, Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, Rick Santorum, as well as Horowitz himself.

In addition, participants will distribute pamphlets on Islamo-Fascism, including “The Islamic Mein Kampf,” “Why Israel is the Victim,” “Jimmy Carter’s War Against the Jews,” “And What Every American Needs to Know About Jihad.” Films to be shown include “Suicide Killers,” “Obsession” (about which my colleague, Khody Akhavi, wrote earlier this year), or “Islam: What the West Needs to Know.” For the films, Horowitz advises campus organizers to invite a “local radio host or other local figure to introduce the film and possibly moderate a discussion on it afterwards.” Organizers are encouraged to request funding from the student government. If is not forthcoming, according to the Guide, “it will prove the hypocrisy of your university’s claim to be committed to intellectual diversity and academic freedom.” Other possible funders and sponsors include Young Americans Foundation, the Leadership Institute, the campus College Republican club and Hillel,

The program clearly models itself after strategies employed by left-wing radicals in the 1960s and 1970s but is careful to protect the campus rules and local laws that Horowitz’s ideological enemies on the left would blatantly disregard. Organizers of the sit-ins are explicitly warned not to obstruct university operations or violate university rules. As my colleague, Eli Clifton noted, it combines some of the hardware of the 1960s student movement with the software of Horowitz’s hard-right – dare one say it? Islamophobic — ideology.

According to tax records obtained through the Foundation Center, Horowitz has been the beneficiary in recent years of a number of far-right foundations, including the Allegheny ($575,000 since 2001), Carthage ($125,000) and Sarah Scaife Foundations ($800,000) – all three are part of Richard Scaife’s empire and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation (nearly $1.3 million). The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation ($475,000) also contributed nearly $500,000 to Horowitz’s enterprises over the same period.

Author: Jim Lobe

Visit Lobelog.com for the latest news analysis and commentary from Inter Press News Service's Washington bureau chief Jim Lobe.

3 thoughts on “David Horowitz ‘Declares’ Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week for October 22-26”

  1. What a load of old nonesense. David does not seem to be so angry against Republican supression of women, gays, etc. Not so worried about stemming the tide of right wing facism in America though is he?

    1. Are you just that dumb or willfully blind? How can you compare Islamic radicals to Republicans? Republican suppression of women? Name three Republicans who cut off a women’s head or stoned her to death for crimes of “sexual immorality? And gays? Name three Republicans who have authored legislation calling for the arrest and prosecution of gays? Peopple like you live in a fantasy world. Wake up already! The Islamic radicals persecute women and subjugate them every single day in many different countries. As for gays, well, they think they should just be killed off all togehter. So stop with your stupid, inane and ridiculous comparisons.


        1. You have to be kidding us. You compare the oppression of women by Islamist Supremacists like the Taliban, Iran and Al Qaeda to the treatment of women in America?

          If you want credibility this is not a good way of going about it.

        2. Wow, this is probably one of the dumbest arguments i’ve ever heard on any issue, excluding arguing that illegal immigrants should be given driver’s licenses. Frankly, you need to wake up and realize that what you are saying is literally, stupid. You just suggested that America allows rape. When they go to court (which is a “luxury” that the women in the middle east for the most part do not have) and lose their case, the decision is made by a judge and/or jury. The decision is made by a person and/or a group of people, not the “AMERICAN SYSTEM.” The woman/women use the “AMERICAN SYSTEM” to receive justice, and yes in some cases I will agree that people do sometimes get the verdict wrong, but it would be unfair to lump the “AMERICAN SYSTEM” in with those people. You sound angry, uneducated and brash. Read more books, stop watching The View, and think about how good you and other women really have it here in America. You wouldn’t be able to sit at a computer, at least without your face and head uncovered, speak with men as you are now, and at the very least have the opportunity to seek justice if the same thing (rape) was to happen to you. One thing that the women in reference do not.

        3. Tawana Brawley, Duke LaCrosse team “rape,” Juanita Broderick, Mary Jo Kopechne…wait, those last two were victims of rape/murder. My mistake.
          Look, you people have an established paradigm that requires the U.S. to always be the great Satan. Always. You’ll eshew logic, reason and fact if they conflict with that bigoted assumption.
          1st woman Supreme Court Justice? Ronald Reagan
          1st black woman Secretary of state? George Bush…
          I know, I know, because they disagree with you they’re not “real” women, and Dr.Rice is (as Harry Belefonte so charmingly put it) a “house nigger.”
          The “tide of right-wing fascism” in America? Like those who want school choice through vouchers, question the morality of abortion, and believe the 2nd amendmant means exactly what it says? If you really believe these stances are akin to the genocide of Jews (wait, that’s the new trendy left-wing stance isn’t it?), then you’ve already lost your arguement. But then again you don’t argue or discuss, you rant and call names.
          Tell me, honestly. Is the U.S. more liberal, or more conservative, than it was in 1963? Hmm. That was a time when the Democrat president frequently invoked the name of God in his speeches, wanted a strong military to confront communism, was opposed to abortion and wanted the civil rights bill only if it wouldn’t result in “qoutas and set-asides.”(A civil rights bill which passed, by-the-way, with 80% of Republicans and 60% of Democrats voting for it. The one Al Gore Sr. and Robert Byrd filibustered 14 hours to stop).
          Gays? What U.S. persecution? Other than that this one percent of the population enjoys an income level 60% higher than the norm, has their alternative life-style taught in our schools as the equivilant of traditional marraige, and have a lock on the interior decorating industry. Let me guess…next you’ll tell me Ellen DeGeneris is a victim because her career has been ruined by her being a Lesbian! And please don’t point to acts of violance against some gays by individual brain-dead bigots as U.S. policy. They represent the U.S. no more than they represent conservatives. If you want to go there we can go on all day about violant idiots who claim to represent both side of the political spectrum.

          Here’s a perfect example of the skewed “thinking” in which you indulge.
          FDR is a lib icon when he;
          *Proposed increasing the Supreme Court to 27 with him getting to pick the extra 18;
          *Put tens of thousands of Americans in concentration camps
          *Invaded the territory of a neutral nation without a declaration of war (French possessions in North Africa, 11/42).

          President Bush is “war criminal” because he;
          * Won his 1st election after a 7-2 Supreme court decision
          *Put several hundred enemy combatants in a camp
          *Invaded a hostile country that had violated a previous peace agreement (thus making it null and void)
          and was in violation of twenty U.N. mandates (you do love the U.N. as long as it does absolutely nothing don’t you”), any one of which constituted a casus belli.

          By-the-way Rob.. you’re a pretty sharp guy. Thanks!

        4. You have very mistaken stereotypes about the middle east Bob. Your ignorance seems to be fed by propagandist neo-conservative media. The middle east is not just Iran and Saudi Arabia. Not to mention that in Iran women can vote, as in many other Middle Eastern countries and the laws of adultery apply to both genders. But ignorant people decide to see only what fits their ignorance.
          Extremist republicans need to demonize and tar the whole Middle East to justify crusading Iraq, this is the truth. Middle eastern countries and people are not copies of each others. Similarly, many Americans, unlike you, are enlightened and know the truth.

        5. When the U.A.E., a shipping powerhouse, bid to manage the front offices of 6 U.S. ports, it sailed through every commitee, in light of the fact that they are our strongest ally in Africa, strategically positioned by the Strait of Hormuz and is the location of our largest Navy port. Rep C. Schumer, Democ-rat, RAN UP THE RACIST FLAG and claimed, “the A-rabs are runnin’ port security!” Demonized and tarred our STRONGEST ALLY! This, brought to you by the “Smear America and it’s Allies for Personal Gain” wing of the Democ-rat Party, the Liberal left wing.

      2. Tim,
        Muslims cut off heads of death-sentence criminals because it is the best known way to take one’s life so that s/he does not suffer long. Stoning, to death, again, for both sexes. However, if the man/woman is not married, they get just flogging not death sentence. Extra-marital affairs are given the worst punishment as islamic society gives importance to familylife.

        1. Women’s Oppression in the Bible:
          Numbers 31: 17~18
          17. Now kill all the boys [not men]. And kill every woman [non-virgins=age 11 & 11+] who has slept with a man.
          18. Except every girl [below-puberty & virgin girls=age 0~11] who has never slept with a man for yourselves [for you to enjoy].
          32~35 The plunder remaining from the spoils that the soldiers took was … 32,000 women who had never slept with a man.
          Talmud has similar passages.

        2. For Christinian Crusade against any other religion, refer to:
          1 Kings21:20~22
          2 Kings9:7~9
          So, it is only a problem when Quran’s God orders to punish the non-believers?

      3. You are correct about Islamic RADICALS persecuting women. This is mainly done in places like afghanistan. Other nations do not persecute women. If you go to Pakistan you will see women driving, working, not wearing hijab, and many other things. This is not done everywhere. Sure Saudi Arabia forbids women driving, but that could change pretty soon. Do not think all muslims persecute women. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encouraged equality of men and women. His wife and daughters were active figures in Islam. Radical Muslims only veil women and bar them from certain things because of the culture in the areas where this occurs. Places in the Byzantine Empire had women veiled, and when Muslims came and conquered the Byzantines they allowed people to continue practices such as veiling. Sure Muslim women are encouraged to cover their heads but who said they have to cover their faces? This is all cultural practice people

        1. when I said other nations do not persecute women i meant they are not as extreme as afghani practices.

      4. oh please. they don’t chop our heads off, stoning is also rare in “most” countries. i’m a muslim woman in pakistan and i don’t know of anyone who this has happened to. sexual “immorality” is frowned upon which means we don’t necessarily have “open” societies like in the west,i’m not sure that’s such a bad thing. saves us a lot of stupid trouble! having said that, in my country for instance, the iddle classes are conservative but sex is quite rampant in the lower and upper classes. Occasionally, one does read about rare incident in the paper about someone’s family member having lost the plot over a female or male relative committing a sexual act, just as one randomly comes across a piece of news about some dopehead in texas going around shooting kids in schools! Point being there are crazy people everywhere.
        i live in pakistan, which is often portrayed in the international media to be some kind of crazy wild west, however, i know noone who has been stoned or has had a head chopped off. very FEW muslims are fanatics or talibans, but THANK you (Horowitz types) for giving center stage to all lunatics so that everyone ends up thinking we’re all like that! bravo!

      5. David Horrowitz justifies his absurd agenda by subtitling his “Islamofacist week” ‘A focus on the oppression of women’ in a poor and unjustified attempt to downplay the hateful accusations against Muslims that his organization brings forth. There are an estimated 1,209 mosques in America, Between 17 and 30 percent of American Muslims are converts to the faith, and these numbers are rising. That there is an estimated Muslim population of 5,220,000 in the United States as reported by the World Almanac in 1991, insists a much larger population today. The total worldwide Muslim population is generally estimated at slightly more that 1 billion. The types of accusations Horowitz makes is not without consequence to the great deal of American people who choose to celebrate and participate in the Muslim faith. Already, it is clear many Muslims in the United States have been subject to hate crimes that would be justified under Horowitz and his cronies as means for ‘peace’ and ‘security’. Peace and security for whom? Is Horowitz presuming that only White conservative Christian Americans deserve the freedom as given by the consititution that he so willfully calls upon? Is he implying that difference in our society should not be allowed to exist? Even the name he has chosen to label this blatant hatefest, ‘IslamoFacism’ awareness, is yet another -ism chosen arbitrarily to collectively group an entire people with any sortof sympathy or care or grounding. Ultimately, it is another -ism that is misinformed and indifferentiable from other ism’s we see today, elected (by conservative radicals) to signify a people, belief system, whatever, without any sortof relationship to the fact of the people it aims to signify. Not to mention, Horowitz draws up such vocabulary that is unfamiliar to him and to many English-speakers to be registered so quickly as a label. For example, a term like ‘jihad’ has been strategically lead to mean “Holy war,” however a careful analysis of the word as it appears in religious text leads to a very different understanding of the world. The majority of Muslim scholars and Muslims themselves understand this word in an entirely different and particular sense. The Arabic word is translated more correctly from “jahada” which means “to strive,” the term ‘jihad’ derived then as a “spiritual struggle” or “self struggle” meant to apply to daily life in an assertive bettering of the self in ones’ society. The evidence for bookish and weak claims made by Horowitz are an example of many ignorant associations made by expeditions to fight ‘terrorism’ today. The ramifications of such expeditions are more costly for freedom than the average United States citizen would like to imagine. We must consider the American Muslims as part of the America that Horowitz claims to protect. We must realize the convenience (for Horowitz and friends) to use the term Muslim in cooperation with Terrorism, Arab, etc. when the reality of such relationships simply does not exist as real or true when we are talking about the entire Muslim community (might I remind the reader of the number of Muslims in the United States?) We must also remember, that even the implied ‘no-brainer’ type of association between Muslim and Arab as Horowitz assumes, is entirely incorrect, since actually the largest Muslim community in the world is located in Indonesia who’s languages include Bahasa Indonesia (official, modified form of Malay), English, Dutch, local dialects (the most widely spoken of which is Javanese). How could anyone take someone like Horowitz seriously with the list of factual evidence against his claims being more extensive than any sortof ficticious and manipulated information he chooses to justify his irrational campaign?

      6. yes name three of ur religion who ever told the truth including ur so called god
        about women rights
        Christians rapped over 40,000 women in bosnia
        Christians rapped women in iraq and videoed them to show pride
        about human rights
        crusades killed 50,000 Muslims in Jerusalem the day they invaded it
        Christians tortured Muslims in Iraq afgahnestan and everywhere
        Christian crimes can never be told n a reply on the web i’m just giving examples read history read your holly book which is full of killing and bloody acts
        by they way about stoning women i have a surprise for u
        sick minded the woman photo that is on the Christian web sites is for an actress in a movie back in 94 (nearly) and she’s still alive stupid punk
        1-Mohammad PBH taught us “fear god with the two weak creatures the woman and child”meaning that they under the protection of god
        2-there is a complete chapter n the quran named women (tell me about ur book)
        3-there is a complete chapter n the quran named marry (peace be upon her and her child)
        those r just three facts out of thousands of the only true religion on earth (islam) read quran and stop lying coz this will make u nothing but a Christian lier

    2. I’ve went down this thread and read everyone’s comments from the far left to the far right and you all have good points and I’m not saying I agree with anything this guy is saying or any of you but the fact of the matter is, thousands of people died on 9/11 because of Islamic terrorists and to ignore it would be ignorant. At the same time not all muslims are willing to use terror against non-muslims but clearly there is a problem and many muslisms do believe in terror. The sad thing is that we can fight islamic terrorism all we want but it is fraction of a religion that will continue to grow and is not going to die anytime soon. Muslims and christians have been fighting for centuries and if history has taught us anything it is that history repeats itself time and time again. You would think that we live in an age when we would be beyond such petty indifferences but that is not the fact and as long as time exists it seems that muslims and christians will continue to be at odds. You can believe whatever you want about the war and why it came about but one thing is for sure people are going to continue to die because of terrorism whether America is at war or not. I laugh at the fact that we Americans believe we can win a “war on terror” because there can be no such victory. You cannot fight a religion and you cannot fight peoples beliefs. It’s sad to say but radical islam will continue to hurt many people including the image of those peaceful muslims out there and this “war on terror” will not end anytime soon. The only thing us Americans can do is to continue to try to defend ourselves against such attacks until the “next 9/11” comes about because if there is anything that history has taught us about ourselves as humans it is that we fear what we do not understand, and like any animal that is afraid we seek to attack and defend ourselves from that which we fear…muslims and christians alike…

      1. In all honesty this is probably the only comment/statement here I can actually call unbiased and impartial.

        Fact of the matter is extremism is the real factor here and yes it does give Muslims a terrible reputation. There are a few things about Islam that are ‘widely’ accepted, and it IS true that there are a lot of westerners – not necessarily you lot – who only take in the images and ideas and interpretations from those around them. I had a friend in Wisconsin who thought that Muslim women are sent to the desert to die of thrist or starvation whichever comes first – for wearing a skirt. I didn’t get mad at him for ‘not knowing’ since he was simply asking me. Fact is, again, sure there are countries out there that are very very very conservative, and oppressive when it comes to women.

        But here’s the difference between America and places in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. America is safer as a whole. The policemen are way more educated, there is ‘less’ corruption in the political regimes, there are also no ‘tribes’ in regions of outskirts that consider themselves beyond the government and are indeed ‘equipped’ well enough both diplomatically and physically to keep the government out of their practises. These tribes do have a loud voice in matters of politics and religious explanations, their own interpretations; radicals if you may. To the point. When it comes to Pakistan, I believe there was a survey that revealed, back in 2000, that about 10% of the population is ‘literate’. The definition of literate therein was on the basis that they could write their own names!

        Now America, and the western world’s literacy rate is much, much higher than that and is not based on the fact that the individual can write their name.

        What this leads to is ignorance and a blind following. If a charismatic leader tells an ignorant (But by no fault of his own necessarily – he just doesn’t have resources to access information) commoner that “Listen to me men! The western world is…a gateway from Hell!” or let’s say “Star Wars was a real government project in telekinesis that went wrong!”

        Who are they to argue. They’ll believe it and they’ll follow it. It’s their religion but they aren’t educated enough to find things out on their own. Not all tribes will have this issue – and it doesn’t end with the tribes – the voices carry forward to the main municipalities and town centers as well where the common laborer or “Nawab”(Chief) practises what others have preached. It’s where it all starts.

        On another note and quite likely off the point of this forum here (this is getting long and I need to get going, so just bear with me for one more minute), but I just wish to add this. This is something that a lot of religiously conservative Muslims won’t agree with – only because everyone’s been taught this from when they were a year old. There is not one place in the Quran where it says “He who is not a Muslim is bound to go to Hell in the after life”. In fact it is as simple as, if you live a good life, if you are a good person, if you have helped those who asked you for help – etc, then yes you deserve a place in Heaven. If my Hindu friends, and my Jew and Christian and Athiest friends were destined to Hell because of my religion (If supposedly it is the one true religion etc), I wouldn’t be calling myself a Muslim at all.

        That is the biggest piece of utter bulls**t, if you may, that is believed by millions of Muslims out there (As well as by other religions, I believe Judaism has a similar belief as well Christianity, though I don’t know a whole lot about polythiest religions, I’m sure the some of their illiterate preachers do spread the same notion to anyone who listens) and as a Muslim myself I find this a very apt forum to get that notion spread to begin with at least.

        It’s not something that makes sense ‘religiously’, it’s not something that makes any sense whatsoever when it comes to God being all merciful and benevolent, etc. I’m sure you all agree with that fact. I would argue about this further but my sister needs the computer and would really not like to be oppressed unfairly by yours truly any more.

        1. But here’s the difference between America and places in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. America is safer as a whole. The policemen are way more educated, there is ‘less’ corruption in the political regimes, there are also no ‘tribes’ in regions of outskirts that consider themselves beyond the government and are indeed ‘equipped’ well enough both diplomatically and physically to keep the government out of their practises.

          I’m sorry I was trying to sum things up and I digressed from this point, my mistake.

          Point is in conservative places such as where the women do wear hijabs and cover themselves – like I said these places aren’t very educated and education as none of you can disagree with does help deflate crime. A woman does in fact don hijabs and head to toe coverings not just because she is oppressed or forced to do so, but fact of the matter is when you are in a society like that, there is a certain security in not expressing your beauty to everyone. This may be hard to understand for those who have grown up in a western surrounding because they haven’t been surrounded with this kind of general populace all their lives although the anomalies do occur I’m sure. Look this may sound crude or whatever but women are victims of rape and what not everywhere. At least in America there is, to be fair, a less corrupt police system, barely corrupt. When a woman in these conservative places gets harmed by a rapist or gets targeted for any other form of oppression, there is nothing or very little she can do to assert her right. Either she can hunt for that ‘one’ policeman who will actually help her, or she can secure herself at least a bit to keep the imagination of the general populace at a minimum. Like I said, it’s crude, but these are facts. Everyone wants sex that’s a fact, just a matter of how much. And you can’t arrest someone in a society like that for checking out about that girl walking down the street (or that guy to be fair), but why should they be encouraged? There is a time a place for everything. In a lot of countries this practise is everpresent, but things such as this take time, education is the prime factor. What more can I say? Personally I don’t agree with hijabs, but I agree that there are places out there in teh world where the women do need them for enhancing their own security. That’s it.

    3. Anybody who supports this is an ignorant idiot. Muslim women get by fine, sure there are a lot oppressed, but what about latina women. I’m hispanic, so I can’t believe this white man stuff when it comes out, but were we from women getting beat all the time. I feel passionit about this issue, but to blame it on Islam is just arrogant. Futhermore, there is no crusade against the west, yo uguys can’t even admitt why they are mad.

    4. Just what exactly is “republican supression of women”? Is this a new phenomenon in the republican party? This is news to me.

    5. Beheading is humain? Ask Daniel Pearl. Not all muslins treat women like s**t? so we should just be quiet about those that do? Do you see any difference between biblical verses written 3,000 years ago and the suicide murders that took place yesterday and the day before yesterday etc.? Does my minister quote these verses to incite violence or is that happening at your mosque. It’s sad when the greatest freedom a muslin woman can obtain the right to not hide her face for fear she might give some male muslim adulterer a boner and be stoned to death for her trouble. You are responsible for your religion. If you make excuses for evil instead on condemning what you know is wrong you are just as guilty of the crime. Just so you know it’s not a stereotype when your beliefs are influenced by the majority actions of a group. If you don’t what the stigma don’t wear the stigmata.

    6. It is interesting that Islam is the closest religion to christianity yet people are so far gone from there roots in christianity that a woman in a scarf seems opressed. No one says that nuns are opressed because of a scarf. As a muslim woman who use to be christian just two years ago I can truly say that muslim woman gain much more respect from men then so called christian men.

    1. Thank God for David Horowitz.

      He speaks the truth but some are afraid to hear it.

      And by the way, it is not about hating Muslims. Moderate and more modern Muslims have been killed and persecuted by these radicals too.

      Incidentally, 400,000 muslims have been killed in Darfur. And by whom? Fellow Muslims! Muslims who are of Arab ancestry and killed them because they are not.

      1. Read for yourselves and then attack other religions. We christians need to wise up…
        Numbers 31: 17~18
        17. Now kill all the boys [not men]. And kill every woman [non-virgins=age 11 & 11+] who has slept with a man.
        18. Except every girl [below-puberty & virgin girls=age 0~11] who has never slept with a man for yourselves [for you to enjoy].
        32~35 The plunder remaining from the spoils that the soldiers took was … 32,000 women who had never slept with a man.

      2. mmkay, i get your point.but. there are FLAWS in ALL religions . and there are terrorists in all religions . why are we only pointing the finger at Islam? why GENERAL ISLAM . ok say if someday people start accusing your religion as the “terrorist religion” wouldn’t you try to tell people that its NOT the religion, its PROPLE who take things way to far. such as in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over. i think that is absolutley absurd . ISLAM DOES NOT PROMOTE THAT .
        you can read the WHOLE QURAN [which i have done] and nowhere will it say to start beating women who go out alone .

        i am not saying i am agreeing with Horowitz. but acutally in a way i am , but it shouldn’t be ISLAMO FACISM . it should be like IDIOTS WHO TAKE RELIGION IN THEIR OWN HANDS AND CAUSE A BAD NAME TO THE WHOLE .

        please, i did not mean to offend anybody, i just wish people would STOP cursing at ME because i am MUSLIM .
        its these kinds of things that make people even more ignorant and then they point fingers at wrong people .

        thankyou very much .

      3. Just what exactly does it mean to be a moderate muslim?

        Does it mean a “muslim” who doesnt offer obligatory prayers? follow principles of his faith? Truly believe in one God and a peaceful, clean way of life for all?

        A so-called muslim, who visits prostitutes, bribes people, drinks alcohol, lies casually, promiscuous?

        I am deeply sorry for everyone who thinks that teh world is a better place with MODERATE muslims only. No one can tell us how to follow our religion, it is complete and practical. Rather ask yourselves where you have erred in history and correct your ways, without inflicting hatred and pain to others, as the WEST has so passionately done and continues to do so.

        Disgusting people.

  2. Poverty, Infectious Disease, Human Trafficking, Environmental Degradation, Nuclear Proliferation? Nope, guys in caves are the real threats.

    1. Those things are all important and, yes, we should stand up for those issues. But your missing the point. The threat of the Islamic Terrorist movement is not just about “men in caves.” It is a grave and immediate threat.

      These “men in caves” were able to hijack jets and kill more Americans in ONE MORNING than at any time in our history. The Battle of Antiem during the Civil War might come close but that was not involving civilians.

      These “men in caves” killed 187 people at a club in Bali, Indonesia.They killed 52 people on the London Subways and Buses.The bombed and killed innocents on the subways of Madrid.They took over a school in Beslan, Russia and killed innocent children. They bombed the USS Cole. And this list is just the tip of the Ice Berg. So please wake up to the threat we are facing!

      1. IF you think “men in caves” were responsible for 911… hey, I have a multi-million dollar palace I’d like to sell you!

        We spend how many Billions of dollars each decade on intelligence & defense, yet “men in caves” were able to get around all that, and cause not two but THREE WTC buildings to collapse by only hitting TWO of them! Wow, I don’t think we have any scientist intelligent to compete with these “men in caves”.

        Get real. Go to http://www.whatreallyhappened.com to learn the truth of “what really happened”, and to learn more about the fascist state our America is becoming.


      2. Killings by muslims is due to the oppression in mideast. But that killing is illegal. However, we are doing a larger scale legalized killing.

      3. ‘Men in caves’ live in caves not cause they like it. Use your heads for a second. Islam promoted Science back in the days, until the crusades destroyed libraries and schools and all was lost to the western movement.

        These muslims have been neglected by the western controlled capitalist governments, they have been denied fair treatment and rights. They have been denied development in their respective areas. And it angers them, that they lost their culture for nothing, thier children are sucked up into the cities and many never return. The west has everything to do with this, from the very beginning with the implementation of Gold standards and Dollar trading, the IMF and World Bank.

        Why dont you all go and read, Ignorance is harmful, being western [powerful] and ignorant is even worse.

        They blew up the Bali complex, as a sign that the local culture, does not want this “Modern” change into liberal lifestyles, they dont want more faggs around, they dont want more prostitution and drug trafficking. Did that ever cross your mind??

        How about i come build a mosk next to your house and give a call to prayer out loud 5 times a day, and you have no power over me. I bet youd be angry huh? especially if ure intolerant. But if u were muslim, and someone built a poison factory in your neighbourhood. youd do something about it.

        Islamic Terrorism does not exist. Its a false accusation. and surely, time will prove Gods plan over the plan of mortals who seek help from the ignorant children of Satan.

  3. Land grabbing, water stealing, crimes against humanity. I suggest a boycott Israel week. Simply avoid products with the bar code “7290”.


    2. OH, but NO, here in AMERICA, it is a crime, a FELONY, to boycott Israel!! Disgusting!

      Do a Google search & the law will come up.

  4. Treatment of gays! I must say I find it a little ironic that quasi-fascist right-wingers are now concerned with the plight of homosexuals in the Islamic world! It seems that they will use anything at their disposal to demonize Muslims, including liberalism. For their critique of Islam, at least the one in which they bring to the public discourse, is one you would expect a modern liberal to making,(and they do, but for mostly different reasons) not a conservative.

    Yet they, by using liberalism in this manner, are clearly distorting liberalism. They are using liberalism as a means to secure an end that is antithetical to liberalism – that is to foster hate and intolerance of a particular group of people in order to affect the popular opinion in certain way that makes it more likely that a greater amount of people will support military strikes against that group of people. Appalling!!

    1. Hmmm, is Larry Craig planning to visit the Muslim world anytime soon? If that is the case then concern for the plight of homosexuals in the Muslim world makes sense.

    2. Foster hate and intolerance? You should see what some Muslims teach their children! Check out a movie called “Obsession.” And by the way, why should I be tolerant of people that preach hate, violance, the subjugation of women and the persecution of gays? Why should I tolerate a religion that teaches to cut off the hands of someone who steals?

      And why should I not loathe and not tolerate a relgion that calls for the elimination or subjugation of anyone that does not accept that particular religion? And if you doubt it, try planning a holiday to sunny Saudi Arabia and wearing a cross or star of david around you neck. See what you will be in for in this “peace loving” country.

      Read the Quran for yourself. Do you “tolerate” the vile and violant passages? Examples include verses 8:12 and 47:4.

      1. Try reading the Quran beyond the one or two verses that you want to pick & choose to “prove” your point.

        Anyone who has studied Islam and the Quran with a sincere heart KNOWS Islam is a tolerant religion. What a few PEOPLE do is another thing.

        With 1.5 BILLION Muslims in the world (one-fifth of the entire population of planet Earth), if they were out to get non-Muslims we would all be history by now.

        Read and learn to overcome your ignorance

        1. christians are constantly being persecuted around the world, and yet, are blamed for it because usually they’re missionaries. and everybody has this idea that as a missionary your bigoted and on a “converting crusade”. but that is not true. christian missionaries are not converting but just telling and people make their own choices about what they want to believe. and while its true that christian history has had a bloody past, it is something that has definitly changed over the centuries, and christianity is probably amongst the most tolerant religions the world.

          however what the muslims (and only the extreme ones) are doing to america now, is what the christians used to do: forcibly convert people, using any means necessary. women and homosexuals aside, that was the purpose of 9/11 and all other subsequent islamist attacks on the west. they want a muslim world and will do anything to get it.
          and america, and the west as a whole, fails to see that, in order to be progressive and “free-thinking”. however to NOT look at the islamist threat, or to refuse to, is to being extremely close-minded.
          I stress of course that this isn’t all muslims, however, most muslims believe in their own doctrine beyond anything. and while most are not violent they have other means of fulfilling this goal of an all-islamic world.
          for example, in my old neighbourhood, there was an islamic complex, of course they claimed it wasn’t, except that everybody who lived there was muslim and they had their own prayer calls and mosque. and instead of violence, each couple had at least 6 or 7 kids. if its not violence then its procreation. i know it sounds a bit conspiracy theorist but there is no other way to explain it. in my mind at least.

          however that isn’t my only experience with islamism, i have family in pakistan, who are sent death threats because they’re christian. even though my family is pakistani, and have been for generations. basically, in the middle east, what the muslims are doing to the non-muslims is SIMILAR to what the nazi’s did to the jews in the 1930s and ’40s. slowly, the are trying to weed out non-“believers.”
          i’m sorry if some of you disagree with me, and think i’m full of crap but this is the view from where i sit. i am not a “hardcore” christian, nor am i racist. i am just tired of people not seeing what’s happening in the world just to be “tolerant”. also, i’m not necessarily agreeing with Horowitz’s idea or methods or anything, but i think he has a point in that, america and the west should really try to be LESS ignorant. because thats part of the problem.

        2. hahahah..u think just because some couples had more sex and eventually 6 or 7 children , that they’re Out To Get YoU? hehehe..You see, from where i sit, some americans are too afraid of everything and soo self-centered that they think everyone’s out to get them….!!! i’m sorry u think that way, but the truth is that’s your life, ur just too scared. And abt the threat ur family receives, that’s sad. those ppl (ones who threatened ur family) i’m guessing are ignorant..i dont want to make assumptions here, cuz that”s wat kills the ppeace between groups! People like horrowitz assume too much without doing any study. Did the ppl in the islamic complex do anything to u in particular?? something that any ordinary christian wouldnt do?

        3. Rager Blade,

          I too am Pakistani, and I am ashamed of the way Christians are treated in Pakistan. However, the simple fact that a certain minority in one country is regrettably treated as second-class does not make a comment concerning the global population of one religion. Islam has tremendous appeal all over the world, but like any other religion, it has its supposed adherents who skew the tenets to serve their own purposes.

          Furthermore, the status of Christians in Pakistan is akin to the status of Muslims in the US, the UK, and the West. While Muslims long enjoyed freedom and first-class citizenship, with propaganda like Horowitz’s Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, that is rapidly changing. The same way Christians in Pakistan are unfairly the object of scorn, Muslims are becoming increasingly less trusted and more reviled. Horowitz is just facilitating the dehumanization of Muslims so that abroad and at home violations of their rights become less outrageous to citizens of Western democracies.

      2. TIM! You are such a fool. If you read the Quran.. you would realize Muslims are the only religion that accepts all other faiths. Maybe Muslims don’t neccessarily practice or preach it, but tell me who does follow their religion completely?

        Who changed the Holy Bible? Pictures and statues portray Mary wearing a head scarf, and since Muslims (because they came after Jews and Christians) still follow this practice.. they’re oppressed or crazy savages. Open your eyes please. Even Christians tell everyone they’re going to hell if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ. I heard once from a coworker who stated it’s a shame that these victims of the Tsunami are all going to hell because they weren’t Christian..

      3. Stop watching propaganda films. They are made by men. Read the quran, God’s voice as per muslims.
        I read the Quran . Did not find women in trouble. But if you talk of Bible… O..yeah!!
        Numbers 31: 17~18
        17. Now kill all the boys [not men]. And kill every woman [non-virgins=age 11 & 11+] who has slept with a man.
        18. Except every girl [below-puberty & virgin girls=age 0~11] who has never slept with a man for yourselves [for you to enjoy].
        32~35 The plunder remaining from the spoils that the soldiers took was … 32,000 women who had never slept with a man.
        Temme what you think?
        Cutting off a slice from the thief’s finger let’s him not-mix with the good society freely which is good. Let thieves find similar-minded girlfriends, and we the gooders, then, will get good girls.
        Quran even probits smashing other religions’ monuments. Where did you find what you said?

        1. For 8:12, 47:4, see passages in Bible:
          1 Kings21:20~22
          2 Kings9:7~9
          Bible’s God gives order to kill too. It is only wrong when Quran’s God gives order to kill?

      4. Yeah, do like Tim R. says: read the Quran for yourself. He’s bent outta shape about verse 8:12. Well here’s a little something about it.

        Chapter 8 describes a famous battle when the Muslims, then a tiny new movement facing religious persecution, were on the point of annihilation at the hands of non-Muslims who wouldn’t tolerate their freedom of religion.

        The first verse (8:1) is about war spoils. It says, when you win, don’t be greedy: the booty’s not yours, so don’t try to get away with anything. The details are up to the c.o. (in their case, their prophet). Standard operating policy for any self-respecting military.

        The next three verses appeal to people’s faith, presumably to remind them why they ought to go along with the stuff in verse 1: fear God, dig God’s message, trust in God (that’s verse 8:2), say your prayers, and give to charity (verse 8:3), and God will be on your side (8:4).

        Verse 5-11 gets to the setup for the actual battle. The rank-and-file were reluctant to go out and take on the bad guys (8:5-6). Looks like there was a guerilla option or something, but God wanted them to go ahead and take on the main force (8:7), so they’d be free to go forth and spread the good word (8:8). So they prayed for help, and God said he’d send them angels (8:9) and instill hope in their hearts (8:10). God then calms them down and washes them clean with rain, which cheers them up and firms up the battlefield (8:11), which was probably otherwise pretty sandy.

        So now they’re out on the battlefield and we get to 8:12, the verse Tim R. has a problem with. In that verse, God says he’s with the guys who are fighting for their freedom, and will instill terror in the hearts of the bad guys, and says the thing to do is to go for their necks and fingers (8:12)—presumably, the parts not protected by armor.

        Now I’ve never seen the battlefield, but I imagine in hand-to-hand combat, going for the tender spots is straight out of the army manual (and what would Bruce Lee do?). It ain’t pacifism, but I think most people will agree that in a battlefield situation, it ain’t bad advice. Sure, it’s violent. But war is hell. Good hand-to-hand tactics doesn’t make you a threat to civilization.

        There are 63 more verses in this chapter. They talk about rules of war, providing for the common defense, etc. You can read those for yourself, like Tim R. wants. I will just point out this one:

        If they [i.e., the other guy] incline toward peace, you incline toward peace too—surely, God’s all-hearing and all-knowing. (8:61)

        That’s the Muslims for you: pretty live-and-let-live, because God says to. It says so in their own holy book. I can try to get to 47:4 if I have more time, but again—you can read it yourself.

      5. Tim,
        Have u ever even talked to a Muslim woman. Have you ever asked her how she feels about this? Let me make your life a little easier. I am a Muslim woman. I cover my head, and YES it is MY choice. It was not my father’s or brother’s choice that I wear it. IT WAS MINE AND MINE ALONE. I AM NOT OPPRESSED. It may be hard for you to believe, but in my eyes, it is your wife, mother, daughter, sisters that are oppressed. Do you not see the way they are exploited with the use of their bodies? Do people ever even just LISTEN to what they have to say rather then just check them out? Are they ever just given the respect of man who opens the door for them politely and lowers his gaze? Have they felt safe while walking out of their homes WITHOUT mace?
        Maybe it’s just because you aren’t a woman, you wouldn’t understand this. I’d rather be accepted for what I have to say than for the way I look in a miniskirt.
        And another thing…let’s try to fix our own country before we go around judging the way others handle theirs.

        oh. and sure you have “read” the Quran, but have you even tried to understand. Read a book about the life of Prophet and see how he lived his life. you might learn a few things.

    3. Andrew Hilton,

      Im glad you see. Carry on those lines of thought see where it leads.. its a digusting world we live in.

      No wonder Jesus left.

  5. The event will confront the two “Big Lies of the political left:” that “George Bush created the war on terror…”

    That’s not a lie. He did create it. He blames someone else for an attack that helped him create it, keeps harping on about bin Laden, but why isn’t the attack mentioned as a reason for the FBI going after bin Laden, or any other “Most Wanted Terrorist?”


    Is it possible that the “big lie” is that Horowitz is a “reformed,” “repentant” leftist, a lie that I bought for a few years myself?

  6. 1993 WTC Bombing – 26 February 1993

    Subsequent trial and sentencing of suspects – 1994

    1998 African Embassy Bombings – 7 August 1998

    Indictment and retaliatory bombing – August 1998
    Subsequent trial and sentencing of suspects – 2001

    2001 Terrorist Attacks on New York and Washington – 11 September 2001

    Where are the indictments and trials of suspects for 9/11? What’s the hold-up, George? It’s been six years…

    1. Ed Haas of the Muckraker Report actually called the FBI and asked why the Sept. 11 attacks weren’t listed on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted rap sheet.

      The answer that the FBI gave him was that there was “No hard evidence” tying Bin Laden to the Sept. 11 attacks.

      With all due respect to the folks at antiwar.com (and I respect you all tremendously– you are my home page) anyone who believes the official narrative of September 11 needs to dig deeper into the events surrounding the day.

      And, no matter what, we need Cheney, Bush Jr., Zakheim, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and all the rest of Project for a New American Century crowd, under oath IN FRONT OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC, telling us what they knew and when they knew it.

      The “War on Terror” has been used to destroy our Bill of Rights and launch endless war, the world and we the people of the United States of America, MUST find out what really happened on that day, and before that day.

      1. fools like david may make clash of civilisation, and prophecies of nostradamus come true.
        it is indeed the people like david that nourishes fanatics in islam grow.
        i bait islamo-fascism week will change 100,000 moderate moslems to extremists…..is david or his son ready to deploy to fight against those.

        somebody please check if this guy is in AIPAC’s payroll.

        1. What David is trying to do is make the people aware about the violence, hatred, intolerance, and oppression that goes on in Muslim countries and in some European Countries with a significant Muslim population like Britain, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. Britain has had 25 honor killings that have occurred in the past year, along with the bombings that occurred on it’s subway system and the recent terrorists attack that occurred during the summer. In Germany domestic abuse of Muslim women by their husbands has also become a problem and unfortunately many of these women are trapped with no place to go. In Sweden and Norway have tremendous problems with their population because many Muslim youth have turned to crime. In Europe there has been an increase in antisemitic hate crimes with France taking the lead. Many of these hate crimes are being committed by Muslim youth. Also many Muslim countries on the lists of many Human Rights groups, because of the abuse of human rights that is committed by Muslims. Among the list of Human Rights Violations is the abuse of women, slavery, the persecution and harassment of nonmuslims, cruelty, torture, terrorism, and corruption. In conclusion of my argument, Mr. Saami your rants about Islamofascism week will create more Muslim fanatics does not make any sense.

  7. Islamo-fascism constitutes “the greatest danger Americans have ever confronted.”?! ROFLMFAO! This guy is a serious moron. Yes, Islamo-fascism is the greatest danger ever to confront the American people! Even a greater danger than the former Soviet Union? A state filled to the brim with nuclear weapons that could reduce the United States to a radioactive sandbox one hundred times over. Horowitz must be one of the biggest idiots walking the face of earth.

    1. Yes, I agree completely. I think Horowitz must have contracted syphilis during the ” Summer of Love” in the 1960’s And, alas, we are now seeing its long term manifestation: madness. For if you look back to to his older writings you find a man who is quite rational, whatever you think of the politics he embraced at that time. But now, if you listen to the man, he is incoherent. His speeches are nothing more than barely coherent rants against leftists.

    2. No, I am afraid you are the biggest idiot. Do some research and learn some history. You don't have to remain an idiot.

      1. Do some research and learn some history? The Cold War > The War on Terrorism.

        Thankfully, unlike you, I'm not afraid of idiots like yourself, let alone an inept group of radicals who live in f***ing caves! Continue to be a moron by using non-responses to feel like an expert, just like Whore-a-Wits and his tripe.

        I digress. Go ahead and jump in and call people names and then say, in a non-specific way, that somewhere in history, made up in your own frightened little mind that, if you're a so-called true believer (aka nut-job), Muslims are going to revisit Hitler's plan and begin shoveling Jews into ovens when that is not true, or possible. Horowitz, in his cowardly own way, is not only making money off of islamophobia, but is essentially calling for Americans to shed their blood to kill between "150 million to 750 million" Muslims for Israel. That would make even Stalin blush. It's no surprise who the real genocidal maniacs are, not the Jews, so put the card back in your pocket, more like concern troll radicals like Horowitz and yourself.

        Learn some history you say? How about you grow some balls, grab your guns, and go fight the good fight.

  8. why israel is the victim. that sounds like quite a pamphlet. They should make comic books like jack chick. who doesn’t love comic books?

  9. Anyone using the term – Islamo-Fascism – should be ignored outright. The term itself is nonsensical and is only there as a propaganda instrument for those that have already fallen for the rest of the War Party’s trollop.

    It will be interesting to see if the students at American universities stand for this crap. Hopefully enough people show up to challenge these right-wing idiots that they will give up on their traveling propaganda exercise.

    1. Agreed, Islamo-Fascism=Jumbo Shrimp in its incoherence. Someone likened the use of such intellectually bogus language to “a cuttlefish squirting out ink.”

      Hopefully Horrorwitz’s Dave Rave will fizzle, leaving only embarrassment. How many of the students who are attracted to this sort of thing will sign up to serve in the military and convert their ideology into action? They’re like Ted Nugent who’ll shoot at anything as long as it can’t shoot back.

  10. Sometimes you’ll be reading an old political book like “the powers that be ” by… someone domhoff and Horowitz’s name will pop up, but it’s in reference to his marxist stuff. He’s moved up the ladder in the powers that be significantly but is no less ridiculous.



  13. Eunomia,

    On the surface at least, there would seem to be a very curious theological shift in the making at the moment, that is to say Evangelicals, like John Hagee, so taken with Jews and Judaism that they blow shofars in Church, and Catholics like Rick Sanctorum, so taken with Evangelicals that they appear ready to embrace some of the more fanciful implications of pre-millenial dispensationalism. I see these folks as constituting a kind of latter-day ReichsChurch, so thoroughly ideologized have they allowed their faith to become. There could be nothing more reprehensible for a Christian than to participate in an active trivialization of his beliefs, but that is precisely what we have before us in the person of Sanctorum.
    You are quite right, he has absolutely no credibility.

    John Lowell

  14. Isn’t it interesting how real problems (global warming) that cost a lot of money for businesses to solve and don’t make any money for the defense industry are always downplayed, while the neverending “War on Terror,” which is a cash cow for the defense industry and oil companies, is the only thing they ever talk about? Forget domestic issues. Forget climate change. The only thing this president cares about is his war, and he’s spent his entire eight years in office trying to keep Americans believing the lie. And then their brainwashed masses will get up and remind me how it was we who were attacked on 9/11, not the other way around. And this would almost work… if it weren’t for the fact that 9/11 was an inside job.

    1. Thank you for “if it weren’t the fact that 9/11 was an inside job” dressed by others followed by the terrors against the Muslim world. Truth always service on the top and these idiots like the gay DAVID HORRORWITTS and a like will rate in hill. If students in American Universities will participate then we must be stoned by the idiots HORRORWITTS poison.

  15. On 2007-08-29 10:45:22, Andrew Hilton said:

    “Treatment of gays! I must say I find it a little ironic that quasi-fascist right-wingers are now concerned with the plight of homosexuals in the Islamic world!”

    Quasi-fascist? I think you give them too much credit.

  16. Why the FAR LEFT CRAZIES are offended at Horowitz’s truth? Why are the FAR LEFT CRAZIES defending the extreme muslim fascist? Seems this article has all the FAR LEFT CRAZIES up in arms! I love it!

    1. Wow Juan, you have very little to say, don’t you? Why is Horowitz right and we are wrong?

      Also, Antiwar.com is run by LIBERTARIAN CRAZIES! Please add to the discussion, or I will uniformly ban you from commenting.

  17. I am so scared of the Islamo fascists. Whatever would I do without Daddy DC killing people in Iraq to protect me from them? I am so happy that DC is stopping them from sailing over here in their reed boats to kill me.

    I fear death at the hands of terrorists almost as much as dying in my own bathtub from a fall. In fact- I would like a war waged against bathroom deaths by the Feds to the tune of a trillion a year. That and terrorism make me pee my pants like a frontpagemagazine reader or a Republican “man”.

    Save me David from the “Threat!” Eeeeeek! Keep up the good work!

    You know- at the least- the “Soviet Threat” was plausible. But “Islamofacism” or whatever? Give me a break. Is this a nation of retarded nit witted she-males or what?

    “Here- take half my money to protect me from the terrorists! Ahhhhh!.”

    Good grief- how embarassing it is to be an American male these days.

  18. “Organizers of the sit -ins are explicitly warned not to obstruct university operations or violate universuty rules.”

    How is this possible, exactly? Will they all sit quietly in the lobby chairs with their hands folded in their laps? It ‘s a complete waste of time if nobody notices you.

    1. Perhaps the instructions to avoid obstruction and violations of rules manifest some concern for others. I am handicapped and needed access to a building. Sit in demonstrators who had a complaint about a government agency that occuppied part of the building blocked the entrance. People had to walk around a long block to gain access. I asked politely to be let in to no avail. The police did nothing until I spoke to the senior officer about swearing out criminal complaints. Just as my right to swing my arm ends where your nose begins, the right to demonstrate by sit in ends when it obstructs the lawful activity of others.

  19. Oh oh, this is very very bad. But David Horowitz is in high heaven.

    This morning, CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux reported that “very senior level sources” inside the administration are telling her that Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff will replace Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

    And by the way, Michael Chertoff is a dual Israeli/US citizen and loves to build those Isreali type security walls around Palestinian land. He is also a big supporter of Israel and Israeli Lobby groups operating in the US. Looks like buchCo will begin treating true US patriots like Israel treats Palestinians; more security walls, more private prisons and limited freedoms (hide your olive trees everyone). And didn’t Abercrombie (A&F) get into trouble for pimping children in their catalog?.

    Yep, the US is in deep trouble. Hope all of you have a passport and lots of those homeland dollars.

    1. Now, it’s interesting to know that his last name is exact russian word (notice the end double-f), and the translation is – “devil’s” :-)

  20. Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week? Talk about a meme cooked up in Tel Aviv. According to Mussolini, Fascism is a merging of corporations and the state, so with which Islamic corporations are we supposedly at war?

  21. I guess we need a real Crusade against the Muslims. Perhaps Mr. Horowitz (along with buddies like John Hagee, Pearle, Wolfowitz, etc) can organize and lead an army of American Christian Zionists and other Israel worshippers into the Mid East. There, they can start in on Lebanon and work their way East, wiping out Arabs and other Muslims as they go. I am sure Jesus will work out the logistics. I am good for a small donation.

    1. To Richard Vajs:

      The days when ideologues put their money where their mouth is and acted like men is long gone.

      To even be considered a “Man of the Left” in the 30’s in this country you had to have earned your stripes in Spain’s Civil War. Thousands of lefty pinko Americans marched off to fight (foolishly and naively in my view) in a war that wasn’t even theirs.

      But at least they acted like men. Horowitz or any of the other Neocons or their dim witted dumb dumb followers actually create a volunteer brigade (as in unpaid with no benefits) like the Lefties of old and march off to fight their particular ideological dragons? Give me a break. No way. The fact of the matter is that the Neocons don’t believe their own lies. They are not true believers in their “cause”- not really. They are cynical whored out pitch men for the MIC and that is who pays their bills.

      So they bay and hoot for war and invent insipid stupid things like “Islamofacism Awareness Week” or whatever and then act like dummies and call everyone who disagress with them “leftists”.

      I share pretty much nothing in common ideologicaly speaking with the Old Leftists in this country who marched off to fight in Spain. But at least they actually believed their spew and were men.

      These She-male shrewish whores called “Neocons” and their rank and file fat goo filled moo-moo wearers wouldn’t be fit to polish the boots of a Pinko American like John Reed.

  22. Does Mr Horrowitz believes that the American Students are real idiots?This man should try to instill good peaceful thoughts in the new Generations minds, rather than brainwash them into believing in inter religious stupidities.

  23. I look forward to this week. Front Page Magazine has realistic articles and insight on Islam, Arab states and Pakistan. Frank Gaffney is a particular insightful author in this area. Gaffney Democrats who oppose immigration and the spread of Islamo-Fascism are the best positioned for 2008 and beyond.

  24. Let us boycott and work to neutralize this spread of hate in all legitimate ways possible. It is a moral duty for people who understand, that we do so, for I am pretty sure that rants of people like David and others will bring in their camps people who are naive and do not understand (there is no dearth of such people). It is pretty obvious that they are not targetting people who posted messages in this thread, for they already understand the ploy. What we do today will determine the legacy we live behind for the generations to come. Hope we all can give our children a hate free and a more loving world at peace.


    1. “Let us boycott and work to neutralize this spread of hate in all legitimate ways possible.”

      Which “hate?” You mean the one that is spreading across the world, including in the United States, calling for the destruction of America and the implementation of Islamic rule and sharia law?

      Yes, indeed let us boycott and work to neutralize THIS spread of hate against the entire civilized world.

      The Truth About Islam

  25. Horowitz or any of the other Neocons or their dim witted dumb dumb followers actually create a volunteer brigade (as in unpaid with no benefits) like the Lefties of old and march off to fight their particular ideological dragons? Give me a break. No way. The fact of the matter is that the Neocons don’t believe their own lies. They are not true believers in their “cause”- not really.

    If you had noticed the fat paychecks Horowitz gets, that pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? It’s all about the money.

  26. I am perplexed.

    I’m a Muslim, however, though some Muslim societies have issues with gender and sexuality, the United States also has issues with closeted gay Republicans who routinely vote against gay marriage and other rights currently denied to Gay Americans.

    Islam and Judaism have more in common with one another in terms of ritual observance, daily routine prayers, the use of sacred liturgical languages, dietary laws, religious law and edicts, etc.

    The anti-Semiticism now espoused by some Muslims is more due to ignorance and unresolved issues concerning the Palestinian question.

    Though yes Muslims have to tackle extremism and the vocal Puritanism that has engulfed in the Muslim world, people cannot stereotype all Muslims.

    Muslims are not a race or common ethnicity. The role of women in Islam varies depending upon the culture and society they live in.

  27. Quite by accident I came across your blog. It is extremely interesting to see that the people responding to the Horowitz story have absolutely NO IDEA of his background.

    Leftists would be "amusing" if their world view wasn't so dangerous.

    1. This is a website is run by anti-war libertarians, of which I am not one. However I appreciate many of their views on foreign policy. In regards to Horowitiz's history, I am quite aware of it – even though it was before my time. He was a leftist who into turned a right-wing troglodyte. In other words, he is a neoconservative, of the most irrational sort. And regards to what constitutes a dangerous world view, the idea that the world view of the modern American Right is anything but irrational and dangerous is patently absurd – that is patently absurd to anybody who is intelligent and educated.

  28. To all those homosexuals who are writing in and whining about so-called Republican “oppression” of sodomites, all I can say (in an exasperated way) is: would that it were so. Sadly, it isn’t. They couldn’t care less about the triumph of this unnamable perversion.

    By all means keep fighting the lies and craziness of the neocons and their stooges. But at the same time get your life in order and stop behaving in a way that not even animals, not even the lowliest dog, would do. You homosexuals and your vaunted “lifestyle” are doing more damage to society than a hundred George Bushes, a thousand neocons. I see no qualitative difference between the lunatic war-mongering of the Republicans and Democrats and the suicidal activities of the homosexual network.

  29. I think David Horowitz is more concerned about the rise of Islam and its impact on the Israel Project than America.
    Israel’s relentless arrogance, greed, hatred, shameless fascism and reluctance to settle for an amicable peace will be her certain demise.
    If David Horowitz wants to fight fascism he needs to start closer to home, Washington and Israel.

  30. I’ve been searching many bios posted on several websites that Horowitz writes for and not one has indicated that Horowitz has any related first hand experience when it comes to terrorism. I’ve read no job descriptions indicating that he has any sort of counter-terrorism or military experience. Nor did I find that he worked for any sort of intelligence agency. He seems to be nothing more than a radical writer who once was a part of the radical left in the 60s and who later worked at one point with the Panthers.

    Frankly, I think Horowitz writes more fiction than he does fact. I can not believe that anyone actually takes him seriously.

    1. As both the former Ramparts staff and Justin Raimondo have pointed out, Horowitz has grossly inflated his importance to Leftist Sixties Radicalism. Horowits is very much a legend in his own mind.

  31. I sure hope that students and faculty on the college campuses to which Horowitz plans to take his fearmonger meanies, speak up for truth, honesty, bravery, and loving values. What a glorious campus debate could ensue, if education truly rules.

  32. Mr. Hilton

    I must disagree with your description of Horowitz as a right- wing troglodyte. I think Horowitz’s move from the Trotskyite left to the Irving Krystal/Bill Krystal neoconned right is more of a lateral move than anything else. All this talk of world wide democratic revolution, the end of history, and the elimination of evil from the world is all tripe from the left, and has nothing to do with a true conservative foriegn policy which would be based upon prudence, humility, and restraint. Horowitz is indeed a troglodyte but he is a troglodyte of the left.

    1. Yes. Exactly. The current regime in the US is very much Trotskizm. New world order – one for all. Well, his (L.T.) spirit apparently did not rest in Mexico, but moved a little north :-)

  33. Don’t attempt to explain to the thread fascists the difference between “left”, “right”, and “libertarian”. Today’s right wingers are in fact- reich wingers. The cadre of NRO and Weekly Standard sci fi readers are primitive man apes who know NOTHING about traditional conservatism and if you asked them who Russel Kirk was they would give you a blank stare. The “intellectuals” of this playground “conservatism” that is dominant in America are cheap polemicists and smart ass word parsers like Jonah Goldberg, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh.

    To the reichwinger rank and file to be “conservative” means little more than supporting- any war- all the time (because in their pea brains it is “leftist” to oppose war) and embarrassing child like worship of the fed gov military. Basically they are dimwitted cowards who let 17 year old girls from West Virginia fight their battles for them. Their “conservatism” is like that of a Stalinist- worship of the state, the military, and the police organs.

    1. Chris Dowd,

      I like the “reich-wing” terminology. It reaches right though to the truth of things. Similarly, I have employed the term “ReichsChurch” to refer to those Evangelicals and Catholics who, like James Dobson, Richard Land, Charles Colson, Richard Neuhaus and Michael Novak, have so willingly permitted the trivialization and ideologification of their faith in sympathy with the goals of AIPAC neo-conservatism. I’d welcome you to use it as well should you find a proper setting. Nothing like precision when a choice of words is at issue, eh?

      John Lowell

  34. Front Page, Jihad Watch and Antiwar all have exposed a great deal of useful information, and we are better by this. I regularly read all 3 and benefit from doing so.

    There is still censorship of Islamo-Fascism on campuses. If you go to Skeptics Annotated Quran and look at cruelty and intolerance you can find plain versions of the Koran that are easier to read.

    1. I have read at least two versions of the Quran. Both versions contained passages that preach violence, cruelty, hatred, oppression, rape, and the persecution of nonmuslims.

      1. Wow , now are you sure, because that sounds just like the Hebrew Bible aka the Old Testament. The dual morality especially sounds just like the Talmud!

        1. The Quran contains numerous passages that are preach hatred, violance and war. It talks about cutting off people’s heads and other body parts. That is a fact. Read it for yourself.

          Now, as for Judaism and Christianity, yes there are some very violant passages in the Old Testament and Christians have been responsible for some terrible atrocoties over the years. But here is the big difference: Christians and Jews have progressed! They don’t do those things any more. When was the last time you heard of a Rabbi or a Priest ordering someone to be put to death by stoning for being gay or committing adultery? But the Muslim radicals STILL DO THAT. They do it to this very day. They are still living in the 7th Century. That is the diffferce!

        2. you don’t need popes or rabbis when your government is responsible for the death destruction and murder of 3 million vietnamese, 1 million cambodians, 10 million latin americans, half a million iraqi children (through UN imposed sanctions), scores of thousands in now in iraq and afghanistan, 50 million native people from america, africa and the colonized world, sustaining apertheied governments who in proxy are responsible for thousands of internment, maiming and daily killings in palestine, (including minors as young as 9 yrs), during the CIA sponsored governments of latin america and south africa. none of those atrocities were done by muslims from WWI to WWII and during the cold war. it was christians and your perverted civilization that caused the immense human suffering. i recommend consult your anal physican for your phychosis with other peoples piles before you start to bleed through your anus again.

  35. Mr.Horowitz can continue to make money by selling hate. We serve our nation as surgeons,physicians,scientists,
    pharmacists,engineers,soldiers,sailors,airmen, and marines,cooks,and cab drivers our loyalty and love for America is driven by our faith, which Mr.Horowitz and others of his ilk despise. Yes, we happen to be Americans, who follow the Islamic faith. In silence we suffer the denigration of our faith and our spirit. And if Mr.Horowitz, happens to visit the Arlington National Cemetary, he may pause at the grave of U.S.Marine Capt.Saqib Khan,Purple Heart,an American of Islamic faith, who gave his young life to save the lives of his fellow marines in Iraq and to protect the freedoms, which allow Mr.Horowitz to besmirch our faith. Capt.Saqib Khan gave his all for this nation. So will we, if asked by this nation. In spite of denizens like Mr.Horowitz, we steadfastly believe in the inherent goodness our fellow citizens and hope that one day, we will find greater acceptance among them. Till, that day we serve in silence. We believe our doing good will overcome those who wish us evil, as America is a nation of fair, just, and decent people, who will one day truly know us for what we are, no different from them. But, I have one question of Mr.Horowitz, how do you know, what you know about Islam?

    Salaam and Love to all our American brothers and sisters,

    Mike Bax

  36. I didn’t realize how the comment section worked:

    Ed Haas of the Muckraker Report actually called the FBI and asked why the Sept. 11 attacks weren’t listed on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted rap sheet.

    The answer that the FBI gave him was that there was “No hard evidence” tying Bin Laden to the Sept. 11 attacks.

    With all due respect to the folks at antiwar.com (and I respect you all tremendously– you are my home page) anyone who believes the official narrative of September 11 needs to dig deeper into the events surrounding the day.

    And, no matter what, we need Cheney, Bush Jr., Zakheim, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, and all the rest of Project for the New American Century crowd, under oath IN FRONT OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC, telling us what they knew and when they knew it.

    The “War on Terror” has been used to destroy our Bill of Rights and launch endless war, the world and we the people of the United States of America, MUST find out what really happened on that day, and before that day.

  37. i agree with one thing said on here–the term “islamo-facist” is incorrect. the better term is “islamo-zombies” as these miscreants have had their religion take away any sense of humanity they may have had. and for those of you who don’t think there is a titanic struggle between the “islamo-zombies” and the rest of the world, well, may you be their next victim.

    1. Wow- Muslems have no humanity. I wonder if the hero troops in Iraq share those standard reich winger sentiments? Of course- the above poster knows absolutley nothing about Islam or Muslems other than cheap Neowhore propaganda.

      And that is really what is so utterly pathetic about these dimwitted warmongering losers. Their hatred of Muslems is academic! Not personal in any way. It is a hate they learned reading crap and consuming propaganda- not a damn one of them has ever or will ever be harmed by an evil moooslim. They can’t even be men in the enemies they chose- so they chose ones that can never harm them and that are 6000 miles away and whose collective industrial output doesn’t exceed that of Finland. Amazing. Reichwingers are such cowards.

  38. Islam has no humanity. Muslims unfortunately are the victims of a perverted ideology that has no humanity and unfortunately this what they are taught from infancy to adulthood. That is why so many atrocities are committed in the Muslim world. It is actually Islam that commits the atrocities that I have mentioned before. The Muslims, the humans that carry out these atrocities, are merely following what the Quran preaches them to do.

    1. Hi there,

      I mean this comment in the nicest and most sincere of ways. Please read The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Islam. I myself have read it, and felt less like a complete idiot after doing so.

      The tragedies occuring in the muslim world right now are a result of several factors:

      -Culture has taken precedence over Islamic jurisprudence. Honor killings have no place in Islam, this is a practice carried over though generations in the area. Also, it should be pointed out that the punishments for adultery can ONLY be carried out if there are 3 or 4 WITNESS TO THE ACT OF PENETRATION…the fact that many muslims do not even know the rules of their religion is a SERIOUS ISSUE

      – Ordinary muslims are taking the matter of Islamic legal rulings into their own hands, though they are NOT qualified to do so. Islam is not just something you are born into and inherit all knowledge and understanding! Osama Bin Laden, as one example, IS NOT AN ISLAMIC SCHOLAR. HE HAS NO RIGHT TO ISSUE FATWAS, etc.

      -Islam as practiced in Saudi Arabia is tainted not only by culture as mentioned, but also by shotty politics, and this has unfortunately spread. Wahabbism was originally DENOUNCED by most educated muslims even in its inception!! The only reason this puritanical sect remains to this day is due to a deal struck between by Prince Saud and the Wahabb Leader.

      Suggested Readings:

      Not god but God, by Reza Aslan

      Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Islam, by Yahya Emerick

      Just to shed some light. May we never stop learning!


      1. wow, someone’s finally right about something on this message board… took long enough. There are 1.5 billion Muslims. Having so many people following a religion, you are naturally going to have several different variations to it. Most of these stem from incorrectly justifying cultural norms using religion, like the Taliban for example. Islam, unfortunately from a muslim’s point of view, is practiced differently throughout the world. A Muslim living in France, a Muslim living in Bangladesh, and a Muslim living in China will all naturally have different ideologies and cultural beliefs. Fear of Islam is no more than xenophobia in disguise

  39. What would you give for Judeo-facism week? Of course in this upside down world of Orwellian zionist mainstream media it will never happen.

    Alas this is the ultimate MO of the neo cons-Dear Leader David Horowitz says the exact opposite of what is true, gets his pathetic little automoton followers to repeat it enough as supposedly “revolutionary and brave” that it almost seems true and anything to the contrary goes down the memory hole.

    However as to saying that “Islamo-Facism” is a greater threat than global warming-have to say this:both are BS constructed threats.

    I’d love to hear Raimondo repond to this latest arrested development Horowitz megalomania fest.

  40. Just a suggestion to Horowitz’s lefftist (?) pie throwers out there: As much as I’d like to throw a pie or worse at Horowitz, don’t. Anything that makes him look like a brave martyr feeds his collosal ego and further reinforces his “movement.” Check out the pictures, Look at his sour wounded bloated round little face, under all the meringue, he loves this negative attention. Anyone else noticed he’s getting that gross bloated and self-pitying look of Ted Kennedy.

  41. Isn’t it strange that there is no mention anywhere on the Tulane campus, on the Tulane website, or Tulane newspaper of Ann Coulter coming to the campus or of “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week?”

    In fact, I received an Email from the president of the student government association that read:

    “I just checked with the Uptown Administration and this event is NOT scheduled ANYWHERE on campus.

    “I have to tell you the amount of paperwork I have to do to get one speaker on an innocuous issue like childhood inoculations is formidable, so I am assuming this is a hoax, or being held off-campus.“

    Isn’t that strange?

  42. What a joke. The college Republican in my school are losing members left and right over this week. Events like these should be treated in the same way as all irrational propaganda, as a good laugh.

    In fact, by scheduling this wonderful week these people have brought more attention and attendence to MSA events. HILARIOUS.

  43. I agree, this is only drawing attention to Islam and Muslims, just as the accusations of 911 did. After 911, conversions to Islam sky-rocketed in America! That is because people were motivated to read the Quran and learn about Islam, not from propaganda sources, but from Muslim scholars.

    Those leaving venomous comments here are showing their ignorance and complete lack of education about Islam & the Quran. Even people who are not Muslim, but who have actually studied the Quran… they may not be pro-Islam but they have some respect for the religion.

    I think it would really help this so-called cause of theirs (spewing against Muslims) if they studied Islam and Quran with Muslims for a year or two. Then at least when they make derogatory comments, they would not sound so ignorant!

  44. I protest not only the content, but the proposed dates of this week: they’re over my birthday! I do NOT want that special date to be in the same week as when all the idiots in our country jump up and down and say, ‘We’re better than you!’

    I especially take offense to the phrase, ‘Islamic Crusade in the West’. That’s a silly, uninformed thing to suggest. I am ashamed of whoever this dimwit is. He obviously doesn’t know Islam.

    1. Do YOU know Islam? Do you know the Quran say you can beat a woman? YOu can cutt off the hands of thieves? You can stone people to death for adultury or being gay? You can kill anyone who tries to convert away from Islam? You can kill "infidels" and make non believers into second class citizens.

      I'm not making this up. It is all there, right there in the QURAN

      1. Well, punishment is for both men & women, same.
        Question answered already.
        The islamic state may give punishment to one who converts from islam. But it is not necessarily death sentence.
        Refer to my previous answer.

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