Washington Post Shills for Terrorists

Not all terrorists are equally damndable, apparently.

The Washington Post has an article today on the Iraqi government’s plan to shut down the camp of the Mujaheddin-e Khalq, or MEK. This is a violent Marxist organization that was designated by the State Department as terrorists in 1997 because of their long record of killing civilians (they also killed some Americans). But the Post characterizes MEK as merely an “Iranian opposition group.”

The Bush administration -especially Dick Cheney – loved and protected the MEK because the MEK ginned up information to justify threatening to attack Iran. The Post notes that “U.S. officials credit the MEK with providing information about Iran’s nuclear program.”

The Post neglects to mention that MEK’s allegations turned out to be crap and were debunked by a National Intelligence Estimate in late 2007.

MEK sanctified U.S. aggression, and thus they were the good guys. The Washington Post’s Middle East reporting continues its hallowed tradition of rising above the facts… [[This riff is also posted here

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  1. Let’s not regurgitate the mullah’s garbage against their main, organized and democratic opposition. Remember that MEK camps were bombarded by the US during 2003 attack in Iraq. So first get your facts straight and then make claims. Looks like you do not know anything about this group.
    They are not Marxist, but moderate Moslems. They never killed civilians. Their fight was always pointed directly at the vicious fundamentalist clerics who have created hell for Iranian people in the past 30 years. Tens of thousands of MEK members and supporters have been executed by your beloved mullahs who have no respect for the rights of their citizens. MEK did not kill Americans. That was a faction separated from MEK (called Paykar) while their leaders were imprisoned by the Shah.
    All the leaders of MEK are women and the organization has utmost respect for women’s rights. They were the first organization to reveal the clandestine nuclear weapons program of the Iranian clerics. The NIE report according to all accounts was a ridiculous claim to prevent Bush from going to war with Iran. Even the Obama administration has admitted that NIE report was untrue.
    The Iranian regime has demonized MEK because they are the biggest threat against their dictatorship. MEK is what they want at any negotiation with the west. The terrorist labeling in 997 was also done during Clinton administartion as a show of goodwill to the then so-called reformist president, Khatami. This was stated by Martin Indyke at the time.
    MEK has been de-listed in EU and UK after the ruling by more than 7 high courts that found no justification in this labeling.
    Terror labeling of MEK is purely political and done as a token of appeasement of the killers of the Iranian people, namely the mullahs.
    Iranians are sick of untrue allegations made by people who have no idea about their sufferings, who cherish their fundamentalist oppressors and who make all these accusation against their opposition.

    1. Darya,

      I am an Iranian and know Mujahedeen Khalgh first hand. If it wasn’t for the respect that I have for antiwar.com I would call you by the names that you and your ilk deserve, right here and now. Suffice it to say that everything, absolutely everything, that you say is a lie. America did not bomb the MEK base, unless you consider Saddam military bases as MEK bases. MEK is far worse than any Marxist group anywhere in the world. Perhaps the only thing that it comes close to is Khmer Rouge of Cambodia. MEK has killed thousands of innocent Iranians the majority of which did not have anything to do with the government. It later banded with Saddam while Saddam was attacking Iran and trying to join part of Iran to Iraq. The women of MEK? Again it is not the place to explain what women of MEK are about. MEK is the same treasonous, fascist, criminal, bloodthirsty, miserable, murderous cult that has always been. The only difference is that now that after Saddam it has sold itself to Israel and America. MEK is a disgrace to Iran and Iranians.

      The last NIE was correct and the new administration has not refuted its findings. You give yourself away as the traitor you are for resenting so strongly the fact that the criminal Bush administration could not find an excuse to attack Iran. That is what you are all about. Hoping to ride into Iran on the waves of blood of Iranians that your masters past and present did spill and hope to spill. You are friends to every enemy that Iran has. You are disgusting. Just stay away from Iran, as you will not be a burden to this Iranian for even a second if you do. That promise you can count on.
      May the filth that you are be a burden to those who harbor you and think ill of Iran and wish ill for Iran.

  2. All the great “intelligence” about Iran’s nuclear program given to the West by the MEK cult amounts to their revealing the existence of the (then-empty and completely legal under the NPT and Iran’s Safeguards agreement) Natanz facility.

    Even this information was simply laundered through the MEK’s front the NCRI by the Israeli Mossad.

    They are the same Israeli intelligence front that came up with the so-called “smoking laptop,” an obvious forgery. The rest of their intelligence has been no more legit than that.

    Read it and weep Israeli intelligence front Commie cultists:


    As for the Iran NIE of 2007 being discredited, note that there is not evidence cited of a secret program, no argument made that Iran could somehow make weapons-grade U-235 right in front of IAEA inspectors, just bland (baseless) assertions.

    To the contrary, the Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis Blair testified before Congress just weeks ago that the collective view of America’s dozen-plus intelligence agencies remains the same, that Iran is not making nuclear weapons, nor have they decided to.

    Here’s the video:

  3. Not to mention that MEK is the one terrorist organization clearly and unambiguously financed and supported by Saddam Hussein.

  4. I am a bit puzzuled by the way you look at situations. It is quite obvious that you have very little knowledge of what is going on in the region in general and specially in Iraq.
    the truth of the matter is that because of the mistakes of the US adminstration which always get their enemy wrong , the region is being gubbled by a phenomenon which is called fundamentalism led by Iranian Mullahs. You can see this in Lebonan, Gaza and Afghanistan and to some extent in Iraq. May be you dont care at this stage because of the support you may get from the Iranian regime, but for the people in the region it is vital. You will also feel it when the threat of the Iranian regime come closer to you.
    Now as far as people of Ashraf is concerned , they have faught the ideology of religeous extremisim for more than three decades and have helped to prevent Iran’s expansion to Iraq, This is despite the dangers to their life. Freedom has never been free and they have paid a heavy price for it and more than 120000 of their members have been killed by Iranian mullahs. So I suggest that if you are not helping them in their struggle for freedom, at least do not sympathise with their murderes. There is an eminent danger that they might be massacared by agents of Iranian regime in Iraq. So if you are not helping to remedy their wounds, at least do not put salt on it.

    1. Farid,

      120,000 of MEK dead? Are you stupid or are you just a neocon setup? At the height of its popularity MEK had never, even before Paykar split from the original group, more than 1,000 active members and perhaps 10,000 sympathizers all over Iran.

      1. In his book ‘The Iranian Mojahedin’, Ervand Abrahamian, a critic of the PMOI, talked about the PMOI/MEK, and the crackdown.
        “The hezbollahis, no doubt prompted by the IRP [Islamic Republic Party],
        waged war on the Mojahedin [PMOI]. They assaulted Mojahedin offices,
        printing presses, and election rallies in Tehran, Rasht, Gorgan, Hamadan,
        Mianeh, Mashad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Khomein, Malayer and
        Qiyamshahr (Shahi). These attacks caused three deaths and over 1,000
        casualties. The attack on the Tehran rally, which drew 200,000 participants,
        left twenty-three Mojahedin sympathisers seriously injured.”
        Shaul Bakhash, a history professor at George Mason University in Virginia and
        expert in Middle Eastern affairs, as well as being an adviser to the US State
        Department, added,

        “In February 1980, 60,000 copies of the Mojahed Newspaper were seized and burned. In
        Mashad, Shiraz, Qa’emshahr, Sari and dozens of small towns, club wielders
        attacked and looted Mojahedin Headquarters, student societies and meetings.
        Since the Mojahedin meetings were often large, these attacks turned into huge
        melees. Some 700 were injured in the attack on the Mojahedin Headquarters at
        Qa’emshahr in April, 400 in Mashad. Ten members of the organisation lost
        their lives in clashes between February and June 1980.”In response to a letter by PMOI supporters in August 1980 complaining about the
        crackdown, Mullah Allameh, head of the Revolutionary Court in Bam, Southern Iran,
        wrote, “According to the decree of Imam Khoemini, the Mojahedin of Iran are
        infidels and worse than blasphemers… They have no right to life.”

        The turning point in the struggle between the PMOI and the Iranian regime came on
        20 June 1981, when the PMOI called a demonstration to protest at the Iranian
        regime’s crackdown, and to call for political freedom and the release of thousands of
        its political prisoners. In relation to this fateful day, Ervand Abrahamian stated,
        “…Vast crowds appeared in many cities, especially Tehran, Tabriz, Rasht,
        Amol, Qiyamshahr, Gorgan, Babolsar, Zanjan, Karaj, Arak, Isfahan, Birjand,
        Ahwaz and Kerman. The Tehran demonstration drew as many as 500,000
        determined participants. Warnings against demonstrations were constantly
        broadcast over the radio-television network. Government supporters advised
        the public to stay at home: for example, Nabavi’s Organisation of the
        Mojaheds of the Islamic Revolution beseeched the youth of Iran not to waste
        their lives for the sake of ‘liberalism and capitalism’. Prominent clerics
        declared that demonstrators, irrespective of their age, would be treated as
        ‘enemies of God’ and as such would be executed on the spot. Hezbollahis
        were armed and trucked in to block off the major streets. Pasdars
        [Revolutionary Guards] were ordered to shoot. Fifty were killed, 200 injured,
        and 1,000 arrested in the vicinity of Tehran University alone. This surpassed
        most of the street clashes of the Islamic Revolution. The warden of Evin
        Prison announced with much fanfare that firing squads had executed twentythree
        demonstrators, including a number of teenage girls. The reign of terror
        had begun.”17
        In a report published in 1987, Amnesty International added,
        “Although its own records [i.e. Amnesty’s records] of the number of
        executions is far from exhaustive, in the six months between July and
        December 1981 it recorded 2,444 executions… In the early 1980s Amnesty
        International gathered detailed information about mass executions and
        recorded a number of cases in which minors were executed in the Islamic
        Republic of Iran for political offences… Amnesty has also received reports of
        the execution of juveniles, some as young as 11, in 1981 and 1982. Amnesty
        International has received reports also of pregnant women being executed.”18
        Since then, PMOI members and supporters have been the prime victims of human
        rights violations in Iran. Tens of thousands of its supporters have been executed by
        the Iranian regime, including 30,000 political prisoners who were executed in a few
        months between the summer and autumn of 1988, following a fatwa issued against the
        PMOI by Ayatollah Khomeini. The fatwa read in part,

        “As the treacherous Monafeqin [Mojahedin] do not believe in Islam and what
        they say is out of deception and hypocrisy,… it is decreed that those who are
        in prisons throughout the country and remain steadfast in their support for the
        Monafeqin, are waging war on God and are condemned to execution… It is
        naïve to show mercy to those who wage war on God. The decisive way in
        which Islam treats the enemies of God is among the unquestionable tenets of
        the Islamic state. I hope that with your revolutionary rage and vengeance
        toward the enemies of Islam, you would achieve the satisfaction of Almighty
        God. Those who are making the decisions must not hesitate, nor show any
        doubt or be concerned with details. They must try to be ‘most ferocious
        against infidels’.”

        The PMOI claims that in the past 25 years, the Iranian regime has executed over
        120,000 political prisoners, most of them affiliated with the PMOI. It has also
        published a book detailing the names and particulars of over 21,600 of those
        executed. In a briefing on Iran, Amnesty International stated that in the period
        between 1981 and 1982 alone, “…thousands of members of the People’s Mojahedin
        organisation were executed.”

        14 ‘The Iranian Mojahedin’, by Ervand Abrahamian, pg. 206
        15 ‘Reign of the Ayatollahs: Iran and the Islamic Revolution’ by Shaul Bakhash, Basic Books, 1990
        16 ‘Enemies of the Ayatollahs’, by Mohammad Mohaddessin, Zed Books, pgs. 55 and 56

        1. Shawn,

          Those figures are simply wrong. First it is claimed by another poster that 120,000 of MEK have been executed. Then it is claimed that 120,000 have been executed and most of them were MEK. That is simply not true. There have been executions of MEK, but the numbers are nowhere near what is claimed by MEK propaganda. That and the fact that MEK likes to claim every one executed inside Iran as its own members, but the reality is different from that. As I said, MEK numbers in its heyday never exceeded 10,000 and most of them were sympathizers not full fledged members. The clearest proof of that fact is that after Rajavi fled from Iran, the number of assassinations by MEK of government officials practically fell to zero. Everybody left. They have assassinated a handful of officials during the next 25 years but that is not anything near the power that MEK claims to have. The bulk of executions of MEK happened in the early years of the Islamic Republic, after MEK killed the president, the prime minister, half of the cabinet, four grand Ayatollahs, the leadership of the largest party in Iran, hundreds of ordinary people from teachers to garbage collectors to young Basiji kids. The other time was in the last days of Iran-Iraq war when a column of MEK whores rode into Iran on Saddam donated tanks and trucks and massacred a couple of border villages, before they were all killed by the Iranian military and revolutionary guards. At the same time, on the word sent by Mr. Genius Rajavi, the MEK rebelled in some prisons in Iran, thinking that the day of reckoning has come for the Islamic Republic. That sealed their fate there and then. AI put the number of executed in that night at 300. Mr. Genuis’s figure is 7,000. By the way, the letter by late Ayatollah Khomeini is taken out of context by the report. It is true that he did not think very well of MEK, though.

          What is very interesting is that supporters of MEK refute the John’s Hopkins study of Iraqi deaths, and yet repeat this ridiculous figure about executions in Iran.

        2. You can’t offer one legitimate source or educated argument for anyting you say. You bring up a John’s Hopkins study without any explanation about what you mean and think it gives credibility to your argument. Try harder.

        3. I really do not have to even try, let alone harder. MEK speaks for itself; a treasonous, murdering cult. But that is not our problem. It is yours. To accept the filth that MEK is, inside you. Keep them. They are all yours. They will always be yours.

  5. it is very interesting that at the beginnig of the revolution, Khomeini’s people accused MEK of being supported by the Soviets, then Israelis, Iraqis (Saddam), Americans, etc.
    Who do you think is supporting them now that they are pretty much imprisoned in camp Ashraf and watched the whole time???
    Take a guess??? Saddam is dead, who now?
    It is disgusting how you all repeat the crap that the mullahs manufacture about their opposition! At some point, Khomeini was relentlessly killing them and then claiming that MEK members torture themselves and kill each other. What a shame!!
    The criminal mullahs have very good friends around the globe. Always blaming the victim for the crimes committed by the criminal.

  6. It appears that the MEK is about to play the same role as the INC in fabricating a case for war against Iran. Obama has staffed his administration with Israel Firsters in key policy positions, and what the Israel Firsters want is war with Iran. The method the Israel Firsters will use to get their war is to pass off the fictions created by the MEK about Iran’s nuclear program as facts to scare the sheeple into supporting a war with Iran. This method worked with Iraq, and it apppears to be working with Iran in that almost everyone accepts as a fact that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. They believe this “fact” despite the fact that the IAEA has confirmed again and again that all nuclear materials in Iran’s declared nuclear program are accounted for, and there has been no diversion of such materials for military purposes. It looks like Iran is about to be a replay of Iraq only with far more serious consequences for the American people and the peace of the world.

    1. Ira,

      Look on the bright side. The warmongers don’t have to dream up new propaganda to peddle to the American rubes willing to swallow anything the mainstream media shoves down their throats. It’s merely a matter of regurgitating the crap they produced prior to the Iraq war. The lies are the same; just change the country. Voila!

  7. Why don’t we take into consideration what the majority of the Iraqi PEOPLE think about this situation. Afterall, we all believe in democracy i would think…

    Al-Malaf website
    March 22, 2009

    According to an Arab idiom, ‘There are those who put their baggage on your back to carry for them and then leave.’ There is another expression which says, ‘There are those guilty individuals who try to blame others to cover up their own wrongdoings.”

    Today, the National Security Advisor [Muwaffaq al-Rubaie] said in a clear lie that he holds documents showing Iraqi politicians have received money from the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). In response, one may ask: Then why have you waited all this time to reveal it? Obviously, he would not be prepared to admit that he did not have these so-called documents before, but rather obtained them during his recent visit to Tehran, before the cruel and inhumane assault on Ashraf [the residence of the PMOI in Iraq].

    He speaks of these documents at the same time as this foolish and inhuman attack aimed to force Ashraf resident out of Iraq, in compliance with the orders of Tehran’s turbaned rulers. The delay in his announcement is due to the fact that the “documents” were being drafted and fabricated in Tehran.

    We would like to tell al-Rubaie that defiant Iraqis are like a thorn in his eyes. With such statements, he has solely targeted Iraq’s patriotic politicians, and needless to say, these fake documents and propaganda will not harm them. All Iraqis know that the intention of such provocative remarks and political blackmail is to shut people up, chain their hands, and prevent the people’s protest against the inhumane measures adopted with respect to Ashraf. Therefore, we are not too concerned about either threatening or hailing politicians.

    5.2 million of us Iraqis have signed a petition in support of the PMOI. Have all these people received money from the PMOI for expressing their patriotism and free will? The Iraqi people’s support for the PMOI was based on their belief in serving their country and defending higher ideals. If al-Rubaie wants to create fabricated cases against millions of Iraqis, then he can go right ahead. There is an expression that says, “Since you have no shame, you may do whatever you please.” So, you can come up with made-up cases against all Iraqis and convict them, because the 5.2 million signatories were part of the entire Iraqi population. And the Iraqi people would not tolerate abuse against only a portion. But, we must ask, how were such a great number of signatures collected? There are political parties, which have been created in Tehran, and despite having millions of dollars at their disposal, could not even muster 10 signature. We believe that, as Iraqis would say, al-Rubaie “has no shame.”

    Was it not al-Rubaie himself who on March 16 issued a statement claiming that the Iraqi government welcomes visits by international organizations to Camp Ashraf? Then, why did the International Committee of Jurists in Defense of Ashraf issue a press release recently stressing that since the start of 2009, Iraq has prevented the entry of twelve international organizations to Ashraf? The committee also released the names of those organizations in its press release.

    It is clear that al-Rubaie is threatening Iraqi politicians, especially after reminding them of the “political reforms plan,” on the basis of which no one is permitted to sacrifice national principles for personal tendencies. This plan was signed by all participants in the Iraqi political process, including the ruling factions who are behind the deplorable treatment of Ashraf residents as well as the attempts to expel them.

    Rather than trying to punish patriotic Iraqi politicians, if it is indeed in the interests of Iraq, al-Rubaie should begin with himself, because he is accused of receiving money and bribes from the Iranian regime. There are real documents backing up this claim, with the signature of Karim Shahpour at the bottom, who all Iraqis have heard of. … So, Mr. Advisor, as a sign of wisdom, as long as you’re in a glass house, please avoid throwing stones at others.

  8. Independent Iraqi jurists support Ashraf’s cause

    Iraq for All” website
    March 24, 2009

    After listening to an interview with Mr. Muwaffaq al-Rubaie which took place on March 21, 2009 at 22:00, the Association of Independent Iraqi Jurists, which represents 12,000 Iraqi jurists and lawyers, considers as its legal and humanitarian obligation to express the following points about the interview, since our association advocates unconditional human rights in Iraq.

    1. It would have been more appropriate for Mr. al-Rubaie to express, without resorting to any formalities or excuses, the real intentions behind the surrounding and expulsion of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) from Ashraf, which emanated from a desire to implement the statements made by the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader. The latter considers it Iran’s legal right to continue to meddle in Iraq’s internal affairs. These remarks do not constitute a civilized discourse, as claimed.

    2. Regrettably, through these statements, you are giving the Iranian regime a green light that the bombing of Ashraf residents would be accepted in case the PMOI decide to remain in Ashraf and refuse to leave. What kind of protection of Ashraf residents would this be, when their enemy is declared free to bomb them? This is exactly what is being done in northern Iraq on a daily basis, where vulnerable Kurdish villagers are killed or injured or displaced by the regime’s bombing campaigns. There is hardly any reaction to this on the part of officials, because in Mr. al-Rubaie’s view, the Iranian regime has no other option but to bomb defenseless Kurds in the north in order to protect itself.

    3. Why does Mr. al-Rubaie continue to insist on the 400 square kilometers when referring to Ashraf’s size? Why does he intentionally distort reality by a thousand times? Tens of thousands of Iraqis have visited Ashraf on various occasions. With such a claim, does Mr. al-Rubaie plan to legitimize the surrounding of the Ashraf building?

    4. Mr. al-Rubaie must realize that any form of forced displacement of Ashraf residents inside Iraq would violate fundamental principles of the Geneva Conventions, and consequently would be quite illegal and unacceptable.

    5. With the Iranian regime’s influence in Iraq waning, the era of illegal acts is gradually coming to an end in this country. We call on all advocates of human rights and defenders of the law to unite their voices with the Association of Independent Iraqi Jurists in affirming its humanitarian and legal position, and prevent human rights violations in a democratic Iraq.

    The Association of Independent Iraqi Jurists

  9. The PMOI should have never been placed on any terror list. That is why they have been cleared of any links to terrorism in 7 successive court rulings in the EU and Britian over the last two years which has led to the removal of the PMOI from the EU and UK terror list.

    With respect to the Camp Ashraf situation why don’t we read it from the Iranian opposition themselves:

    Displacement of Camp Ashraf residents is unlawful, constitutes crime against humanity

    Displacement of Camp Ashraf residents is absolutely unlawful,
    constitutes crime against humanity, paves the way for a human catastrophe

    NCRI – In an effort to appease the religious fascism ruling Iran, Mouwaffaq al-Rubaie, Iraq’s National Security Advisor, repeated his unlawful claims against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) and the residents of Camp Ashraf. Speaking to reporters in a press conference in Baghdad on Friday, he said that he planned to send the residents of Ashraf to remote areas. The press conference was held while the Speaker of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (Parliament), Ali Larijani, is on a visit to Iraq.

    Al-Rubaie’s assertion that the residents of Ashraf are to be transferred to a different place is absolutely unlawful and lays the groundwork for a human catastrophe in Ashraf. The residents of Ashraf will never leave their home and the city they have lived in for the past 23 years and have built everything there by themselves.

    Contrary to al-Rubaie’s remarks, the PMOI’s presence in Iraq is lawful. They are political refugees and are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention. Their forcible expulsion from Iraq or forcible displacement within Iraq violates the recognized international principles including the International Humanitarian Law and constitutes a crime against humanity. According to the Article 7 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court forcible displacement of a population is a clear case of crime against humanity.

    Al-Rubaie’s remarks against the PMOI and the residents of Ashraf in recent weeks are entirely dictated by the religious dictatorship in Iran. On February 28, 2009, in his meeting with the President of the Republic of Iraq, using a condescending tone, Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime, said, “…It is expected that you and the Iraqi Prime Minister Mr. al-Maliki seriously pursue the bilateral agreements and understandings … The bilateral agreement on the expulsion of the PMOI from Iraq must be implemented and we are awaiting this”.

    Subsequent to Khamenei’s remarks, Hashemi Rafsanjani, head of the regime’s Expediency Council and a former president, went to Iraq for a week long visit to discuss the way to expel the PMOI from Iraq. Larijani has been in Iraq for the past few days. Al-Rubaie clearly stated at the press conference that removal of the PMOI was an important step in Iraq’s efforts to improve relations with neighboring Iran. He added, “We want to create a network of interest between Iraq and Iran.”

    Al-Rubaie gave a figure of 30 square miles for the area of Ashraf, which is a 100 percent exaggeration. In his statement on March 16 and his interview on March 21 he said that the area of Ashraf was 400 square kilometers. The Iraqi National Security Advisor did not explain what the reason behind his last week’s lies was and what made him to draw back 600 percent.

    In his remarks, al-Rubaie went a step further and brazenly said that women [in Ashraf] should go back to their country (Al-Hurra TV). One should advise the Iraqi National Security Advisor to observe some restraints in his submission to the misogynist rulers in Iran. We should like to remind that women’s rights are highly respected under the International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Conventions and abuse of their rights are considered as a major crime. We should also emphasize that any disrespect to female members of the PMOI will not be forgiven by the Iranian people.

    Al-Rubaie’s remarks describing the PMOI as a terrorist organization is particularly irrelevant. The PMOI has never been on the United Nations terrorist list and courts in Britain and the European Union annulled unjust terrorist designation of PMOI in seven different rulings. Britain and the European Union finally removed the PMOI from their terrorist lists. The United States government which has not yet removed the PMOI from its blacklist announced in 2004 that following 16 months of screening of every single one of the residents of Ashraf, the U.S. government acknowledged their status as protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    Al-Rubaie ridiculously claims that they have been brainwashed and says that we can resettle them in new places separate from 15 to 20 of their leaders and provide them with normal life. As we suggested in our March 22 statement, if al-Rubaie is worried about the control of a small group of the Camp’s residents over the rest of them, he should give free access to 3,400 Ashraf residents to the outside world. Al-Rubaie should provide free access to parliamentarians, political figures and members of media to visit the Camp and find out for themselves of the conduct of the leaders.

    Various American agencies in 2003 and 2004 have privately and without any outsiders have conducted interviews with each and every Ashraf residents. Then each year after that they have put the same question before the Ashraf residents asking them if they preferred to stay or leave the Camp. In addition, in recent months the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) three times and each time spent three days with the residents. Many of them spoke independently with the ICRC. A delegation from the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq (UNAMI) also spent a few days in Ashraf in 2007. Delegations from Europe, the United States and Canada as well as members of the European Parliament have visited Ashraf and examined the situation closely. However, from the beginning of this year the Iraqi forces have forbidden all delegations from entering the Camp.

    On February 25 and 26 an official Iraqi delegation conducted private interviews with a U.S. officer present at the Camp. Following the completion of interviews with 168 of the residents, they abruptly stopped despite the PMOI’s insistence to continue.

    We should like to tell al-Rubaie that contrary to what he claimed at the press conference, it is not the PMOI whose “days in Iraq are numbered” but it is the days of the mullahs’ rule in Tehran that are numbered. This is exactly the reason why it is so frightened of the PMOI – unarmed and surrounded in Ashraf in Iraq. And, this is why the regime’s Supreme Leader, its president and all other key figures in the regime warn against the threat of the PMOI and stress on the need to have them expelled from Iraq.

    Al-Rubaie’s lies follow the same pattern as the clerical regime’s and have no other use but to justify violation of the rights of Ashraf residents. It also prepares the grounds for a human catastrophe. Thus, the Iranian Resistance calls on all competent human rights organizations in particular the ICRC, UN High Commissioner for refugees, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UNAMI on one hand and Iraqi religious leaders, political parties and personalities and parliamentarians from Shiite, Sunni and Christian communities as well as Arab, Kurd or Turkmen ethnicities on the other, to dispatch their representatives to Camp Ashraf to conduct their independent investigations about the lies of al-Rubaie. Ashraf is transparent and the representatives can visit all places in Ashraf and speak freely to everyone at random. We also ask Mr. al-Rubaie not to prevent these delegations from entering Ashraf.

    Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
    March 28, 2009

    1. It the Iraqis do not want MEK in Iraq, it is not because of pressure from Iran. It is because of what MEK did to Iraqis while Saddam was in power.

      1. The MEK has done anything but show good will to the Iraqi people. Any accusations that say other are misinformation spewed by Iran’s Minsitry of Intelligence.

        The secular cleric and politician, Ayad Jamaluddin, who is a ranking member in the foreign relations committee in Iraq’s Parliament has confirmed this, saying that he has carefully examined all the existing evidence and testimonies, and has found no grounds for the validity of such an allegation.

        Even Iraqis who were Saddam’s opposition are defending the PMOI/MEK…Iraqi National Accord Movement, led by Dr. Ayad Allawi, demanded the protection of Ashraf residents, and ask the government and all national leaders to take steps in this regard and refuse to give in to Iranian pressures.

        In 1999, current Iraqi Foreign Minister Mr Hoshyar Zebari, then head of foreign affairs of the Kurdish Democratic Party(KDP), wrote a letter to a court in the Netherlands. He wrote to the court that we, the KDP, heard in 1991 those rumors that PMOI was involved in suppression of the Kurds and Shiites. We investigated this issue and we, the KDP, were convinced that all those allegations were false; all those allegations were rumors and PMOI had done nothing against the Kurdish people, not during the uprising of 1991, nor in its aftermath. This is an official document.

        There is much disinformation about the PMOI/MEK…afterall remember the MEK/PMOI are a resistance organization and with limited resources. Iran’s minsitry of intelligence has the oil money at its disposal.

  10. MEK’s leaders are all women, eh? No wonder our PC government favors the group. And if the female of the species is deadlier than the male, perhaps the MEK will inherit the earth.

  11. What did you expect from the voice of the CIA? The same Nazi-inbreds who brought you Iran/Contra while arming, funding and training Osama Bin Laden to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan have a natural affinity for all that is evil in the world. None of this should surprise you if you bother to learn about the world around you.

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