Grim Milestone: 5,000 GIs Dead in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars

Among the six U.S. servicemember deaths so far reported in June, one soldier has become the 5,000th casualty of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Among the six U.S. servicemember deaths so far reported in June, one soldier has become the 5,000th casualty of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the wars have cost at least 4,308 lives in Iraq and 695 in Afghanistan. The official count from the Department of Defense, however, has the total number of deaths at 4,996 in both military campaigns. The D.O.D. figures often lag slightly behind those reported in the mass media.

These figures include both combat and non-combat deaths, as well as those servicemembers killed outside the main theaters of action. In some cases, however, a servicemember who may have died months or years later of wounds received during service might not be included in official figures.

Military Families Speak Out noted the milestone in a press release published today. The antiwar group, which was formed by military families in 2002, asked President Obama to swiftly end the wars, as promised during last year’s presidential campaign. However, as the U.S. Congress returned from a weeklong Memorial Day break yesterday, the lawmakers’ main war concern was not ending either campaign, but in finalizing a new war funding bill for the president to sign.

President Obama originally asked for $84.3-billion to continue the wars. Both chambers then added their own items, bringing the final tally for the House to $96.7-billion and the Senate’s to $91.3-billion in additional funding.

25 thoughts on “Grim Milestone: 5,000 GIs Dead in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars”

  1. I would add to those 5,000, several times that number of wounded, in many cases young men incapacitated for life. Also there are soldiers killed and wounded in our allied countries too. The financial cost of these wars has been enormous too. Then there are intangible costs like the loss of America’s good name and moral standing. We will be paying for these wars for many decades to come. And lets not forget the countless casualties among the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    1. Add to that the hundered of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis who were murdered by the US regime on outright lies,add to the millions mimed ,displaced.orphaned,and widewed!

      Cheney: No ‘evidence’ of Iraq, 9/11 link

      “On the question of whether or not Iraq was involved in 9/11, there was never any evidence to prove that,” Cheney said during an interview Monday night with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren.

      “There was some reporting early on, for example, that Mohammed Atta had met with a senior Iraqi intelligence official,” Cheney said. “But that was never borne out.”

      This the same disgusting individual who has kept repeating that falsehood for years.

      1. Who knows! The man acts as though there is no clear evidence of HELL either. Still, the day will come when he and everyone else will know one way or the other.

    2. I agree 100%, just like veitnam we the people have learned nothing, and this fighting for greed has got to stop.

      we the people our paying more attention, but it may be to late, and the end of time as we know it might be here

      note I have found the Goldern Years, for me it was in the 60, didn’t get payed much, but time were good and family stayed together, same wife 43 years, rasied three kids, I put Veitman behind me, even though I lost a foot do to a land mine, I still worked for 35 years. and this is the greatest thing I have taugh my family good work and good family value, it a shame the people we elected don’t have these same values

      dan horn

  2. Hopefully all soldiers occupying and waging war on the people of iraq, afghanistan, and pakistan are eliminated. Our sympathies should be with the victims of our heinous warfare state, not with the degenerates who murder on behalf of our fascist empire.

    1. I agree with you, although I’d rather see the troops come home and be demobilized rather then ‘eliminated’. Actually I can’t understand why anyone would join the U.S. armed forces. Your not defending America when you sign up, your just enabling the military-industrial-congressional complex and those pompous asses in Washington who like to play empire.

      1. I agree that redeployment and demobilization are in order, although I shudder to think what sort of blowback we would be unleashing upon the citizenry at home by doing so (Charles Whitman and Timothy McVeigh are two names that come to mind when I think of the future).

        As for why anyone would join the U.S. armed forces today, it’s almost exclusively for economic reasons, as has been the case for the entire post-Vietnam War history of America’s “All Volunteer” armed forces. For all of Michael Moore’s inexcusable faults, his documentary segment in Fahrenheit 911 in which he followed two Marine Corps recruiters through the slums of his hometown of Flint, Michigan as they pitched their routine to disadvantaged blue-collar whites and unemployed blacks was spot-on. NO ONE, especially not the children of the upper middle class and the rich, would willingly become cannon fodder for the Red, White, and Blue Empire if they had other viable options. As for “defending” America or its freedoms, not one in 10,000 pieces of cannon fodder inducted into today’s U.S. armed forces has the even vaguest notion of what that really means. Publik skool indoctrination has seen to it that none of these young minds grasps the concepts behind the nation’s founding. Combine this with economic desperation and you have whole populations of desperate youth who will willingly do ANYTHING for three squares, a roof over their head, and a paycheck – including the commission of mass murder.

  3. It would be convenient to lay all of this at the feet of those making policy in Washington. Their hubris is really quite astonishing. That they could continue to press a disastrous strategy and convince themselves that success is right around the corner is indicative of a collective form of mental sickness. Can a group of people really be this clueless?

    That said, some of the blame belongs with the American people. Many are overtly or tacitly supporting these policies and the slaughter and destruction that has ensued. All the flag-wavers and support-the-troup automatons out there have a lot to answer for.

    When our empire comes tumbling down (and it will), and what’s left of our economy turns to dust and we’re left looking like a third world nation, I’ll be one of the few telling them, “I told you so.”

  4. It’s funny but I always find it hard to think about who is most to blame for war. In this instance I would blame the Plutocracy first. The corporate control of our government for their own evil desires makes all this possible. They control the media, schools, and all the other propoganda machines. Without this control the US public would not put up with this war. People, especially the young are easily brainwashed.

    I also understand that this doesn’t let the US public off the hook nor the soldiers. If you wish to live in a Free and Just country you must also take the responsibility to educate yourself and other, including most of all your kids.

    It reminds me of a question I had for my Pastor as a child. I asked, “If the only way to heaven is through Jesus then what happens to all the people who have never even heard of him”? The answer I recieved was that an ignorant soul could not be condemned to hell.

    So my next question is, Once a person has been shown that war is evil can they still condone it without being evil themselves? Denial is one thing but the absolute refusal to believe anything other than the media is another.


  5. Hah! More change we need! Obango will turn out to be just as much a murderer, torturer and warmonger as Bushtard.

    The idiot liberals are still in love with their new messiah. And about two-thirds of the Amerikan sheeple approve of the job Obango is doing and the other one third don’t because he’s not an even bigger warmonger.

    Amerika, whadda country!

  6. Face it, the only thing that will end these wars is when the actions of our government masters finally cause the total collapse of the Amerikan economy.

    1. Right on! I don’t have much hope that anything else will wake up the sheeple. But I will keep trying anyway.


  7. Let us not forget the millions of dead in America. Of course, I am talking about the multitudes of walking dead that glorify death, destruction and torture. Lacking souls and incapable of rational thought, they crave the blood of people that have never harmed them. They desire perpetual wars fought by their own children and paid for by their own grandchildren. Our masters have carefully hid the corpses of the people they kill in other nations, but they can’t hide the stinking zombies they have created here in America.

  8. Professional murderers, torturers are mercenaries and should know that those who live by the sword die by the sword.

    Resistance to anglo-american Nazis will only increase, new fronts against Iran and North Korea + Russia are still to be played out.

  9. If anyone is curious please Google ‘what does one trillion dollars look like’. Then consider some economists estimate the war in Iraq will cost us THREE trillion dollars.

  10. Of course you’ll more than likely hear the talking bobble heads who supported this murderous fiasco saying that it’s in bad taste to bandy about numbers of the dead. Gee! Ya think so? Guess we should never talk about the dead from any past horrors then. That would be “unseemly”.

  11. What’s so sad is we will soon be at 6,000. Then 7,000. How long until we hit the big five-digit territory?

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