Goldstone & Hassan

After the Goldstone Gaza war crimes report was released on September 15, Israel immediately asked for the U.S.’s help in “curbing the international fallout.”  Its message was don’t let a bad precedent be set, you want to be able to pursue “the war on terror” without having to worry about being hauled before the International Criminal Court, don’t you?  
Four days earlier, on September 11, Riaz Hassan had released the results of a suicide bomber study using the “most comprehensive compendium of such information in the world.”  The findings should be familiar to anyone who’s been paying attention, “It is politics more than religious fanaticism that has led terrorists to blow themselves up,” “People tend to have a strong aversion to what they perceive as injustice,” “Strategies for eliminating, or at least addressing, collective grievances in tangible and effective ways would have a significant and (in many cases) immediate impact on alleviating the conditions that nurture the subculture of suicide bombings.”   
Those we deem to be deadly terrorists we subject to summary execution via drone, but the victims of our deadly terrorism or war crimes don’t have the capability to pull of summary executions like we do and their path to international justice is curbed.  
For the Palestinians, in 2004 the International Court of Justice spoke with upmost clarity that Israel’s separation wall and settlements in the Occupied Territories are illegal, but to no effect.   Now the Goldstone report is being thwarted, with Congress about to vote on a resolution so intellectually challenged that Goldstone has had to issue a point-by-point rebuttal. 
To oppose the congressional resolution and thereby the law of the jungle, go here or here.

16 thoughts on “Goldstone & Hassan”

  1. As always, the criminal Zionist regime in Tel Aviv pulls the strings, and their puppets in Washington dance to their tune.

    We can’t be bothered with war crimes accusations against our “51st state,” now, can we?

  2. You can add to the above the fate of the Canadian citizen who was arrested in NY and the send to Syria where he was imprisoned and tortured. The U.S. Court of Appeals just found that he has no standing to sue the United States, but our courts have repeatedly allowed suits against foreign government, for example Iran (a $200 million award to the family of a U.S. terror victim in Israel based on legislation established AFTER the terror attack). No wonder we have so little credibility and now wonder that many of my foreign friends claim that "we" are only interested in getting money. It is a disgrace!

    1. No he from Saudi and he is just like a Klansman.

      Al Qaeda is a hate group.

      In fact Bathists , Khomeni followers and Al Qadists are all fascist bigots.

  3. I wish the Goldstone Report would be widely reported in this country. There is fat chance of that happening

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