ACLU Files FOIA for Obama’s Mass Murder Missile Strike in Yemen

From ACLU’s Blog of Rights:

Today the ACLU and the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking information about a horrific U.S. missile strike that killed dozens of civilians in Yemen.

This was the Obama administration’s first known missile strike in Yemen, carried out with one or more cruise missiles launched from an American warship or submarine on December 17, 2009. The U.S. military reportedly used cluster bombs, killing at least 41 people in the remote mountain village of al-Majalah in Yemen’s Abyan province. The government was purportedly targeting “militants,” but those killed include at least 21 children and 14 women. Entire families were wiped out. It is the worst reported loss of civilian life from a U.S. targeted killing strike in Yemen to date.

…The U.S. asserts the right to use lethal force against suspected terrorists anywhere in the world, a claim that is legally questionable and deeply controversial, not least because killings far from any battlefield increase the risk that innocent civilians will die. Government officials repeatedly minimize or deny civilian deaths caused by the targeted killing program, but increasing reports of civilian casualties caused by strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, and elsewhere raise serious questions about whether the government is violating international and domestic law by failing to distinguish between civilians and combatants, and by using lethal force away from active battlefields.

See the full video here.

19 thoughts on “ACLU Files FOIA for Obama’s Mass Murder Missile Strike in Yemen”

  1. I guess they can't blame THAT mass murder on the drone having PTSD. I can see, however, in the future that an "errant drone" attack could be blamed on a "glitch", or worse, those scary teenage hackers. Actually, they probably won't even bother with an excuse, non-whites with funny names don't count/aren't counted.

  2. Imagine where we'd be now if the Brits had employed this theology and technology against IRA terrorists…I think London woulda burned.

  3. So what happens when the government simply refuses? If The freedom of information act is law and the administration just disobeys it what then?

  4. This insanity is absolute proof that the Obama administration has become a rogue administration.

  5. Drone and long range missile attacks are becoming more and more commonplace so it seems. You can never guarantee no civilian casualties when using drone attacks to target terrorists, but what you guarantee is that more civilians will die if they don't stop the drones! Combi Boiler Prices

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