Madeleine Albright, Mass Murder, and the Medal of Freedom

Former Secretary of State under President Clinton Madeleine Albright will be awarded “the highest honor” that America bestows upon civilians — the Presidential Medal of Freedom. No, really. The woman who expressed unapologetic approval of the murder of 500,000 children will be decorated with an award denoting something to do with human freedom.

See here and here for more on the Iraq sanctions of the 1990s.

65 thoughts on “Madeleine Albright, Mass Murder, and the Medal of Freedom”

  1. she's a war criminal. What she really deserves is to be tried at the Hague for crimes against humanity. Her war crimes would be exposed for all the world to see ( except here in the US where the corporate media would make sure that Americans would remain in the dark). Medal of Freedom? What a farce to present it to her!

    1. Well, the Medal of Freedom is usually awarded to presidential sycophants/ass-kissers, statists, government hacks, celebrities, and the like. From this perspective, the award to Albright makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

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  2. Madeleine Albright. Right and of course. Amerika's "Medal of Freedom" is a sad trinket that holds as much value as a brass ring snagged from an old school merry-go-round. Albright's years of carrying her war crimes has taken one helluva toll on the old bag.
    Burn baby, burn. In hell obviously.

  3. Madeleine Albright, that war criminal hag, ought to rot in hell, along with the rest of her governmental partners in crime. The U.S. Government is infested with warmongers, hacks, statists, and other vermin.

    Regarding Albright, check this out:

    1. What is this some kind of jihadist sight? listen to you blood thirsty militants! It is really incredible that a bunch of people on a sight called "" are so militantly violent, it boggles the mind. The echo chamber makes you less informed, more radical, and less rational. It sickness me.

      1. So only the jihadists should be disgusted by the 500,000 deaths? Your echo chambers just keep up the drumbeat of war, war, and more wars.

      2. You can read the main stream corporate press any time if you want to feel good about praising imperial war mongers. If you have the courage to find the hard truth keep reading Anti War.

  4. Everyone who will see this will be having their own opinion and reaction about this concern. But whatever it is, it is important that there will be justice and equality when it comes to decisions. this one

  5. I am so sick of what we've become. And people will go right out and vote for more of it.

    This woman is despicable.

    1. Sheep mentality and human greed leads nations to their downfall. Democracy is mere illusionism that allows underground casts to put puppets in power and then use them to scam the masses if they behave like sheep instead turning into wolves to unmask the governing mafia.

  6. Who is the US to claim the moral high ground in it's dealings with China. US makes waves over a handful of human rights activists but kills hundreds of thousands from Korea, Vietnam and the greater Middle East. The world is ruled by one despot, the President of the US.

  7. Hopefully she will follow the path of Holbrooke and what's left of her heart explodes like a zit on a teenager's face.

  8. On the same vein as a certain Nobel Peace prize recipient who lives in DC.

  9. you do wonder what kind of person she is. i mean, if she had any humanity, any shame, buried inside herself, she would just quietly fade into the woodwork. but she doesn't and she doesn't.

  10. I can't believe Clinton allowed Bush I's punishment of the people of Iraq to degenerate into a sustained mass epidemic as told here. He knew better. He could have gotten their purification systems back into the country. But genocide is easy….when the state absolves the conscience.

    Your answers to why Muslims hate us are right here: military planners calmly admitting to successfully bringing famine and plague upon the innocent; Madeleine dismissing it all in 1996; all blamed on that old ally Saddam, that cruel kind of propped up dictator that America likes until he. ..gasp!… invades a little too deeply into Kuwait. When did Bin Laden declare "war" on the U.S.? 1996?

  11. Madeleine Albrightbart and Ehud Barack Obomba should be forced to rot in the ICC. Albrightbart does not deserve the Medal of Freedom and Obomba does not deserve the Peace Prize. That would be like giving the Peace Prize to George Warmonger Bush and Tony Blair Witch Project.

  12. Are u kidding me? A medal of what? Seriously, in my head she was already in prison for war crimes!!!
    This looks more like a Nobel Peace Prize awarded to OSSAMA BL, H Kissinger, Frederic De Klerk, etc…

  13. These people give one another peace prizes, medals and what they’ve got, but it’s a game restricted to the group. They cannot fool the world and change the public opinion which sees them as war criminals and mass murderers.

  14. I regret I cannot view this important event. We're having a seance to inform Josef Mengele that he's won this year's Albert Schweitzer Award.

  15. my mom and her friends are passing around a book written by this woman as if you is admirable. How they brainwash the idiots that live in America..i have no idea how they did it. But they did!

  16. Do your research as I did and find out also that the Balkan Wars were a big propoganda (Big Lie) falsehood as well. They were perpetrated to STEAL back the land that was stolen from the Serbians during World War II in which the Serbs fought valiantly on the side of the allies. Croatian facists aligned with Nazi German stole it and committed horrific genocide and war crimes against the Serbs. Croatia was extreme facist Nazi called Eustache. They are flying the Eustache flag today which indicates they still carry that sentiment. At the end of World War II, the Serbs got their land back. Fast foward to the Balkan Wars (instigated by the U.S. and Germany who have extensive business connections together). Croatia and globalists now have the land that they stole from the Serbs during World War II back! This stolen Serbian land is LOADED with OIL and other untapped natural resources and Kosovo has URANIUM. A different picture emerges. It's all about $$$ and who has control of those warm adriatic ports! Albright benefited greatly financially from killing innocent Serbs and then villifying them to the press! She then went on to the Iraqi's–arrest this evil woman!

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