California Passes Resolution Equating Criticism of Israel With Anti-Semitism

Via, Mondoweiss, a new resolution passed by the California State Assembly attempts to limit criticism of Israeli policy on college campuses by equating it with anti-Semitic hate speech. The law urges “California colleges and universities to squelch nascent anti-Semitism” and “encourages university leaders to combat a wide array of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel actions,” according to the Associated Press.

The Assembly’s actions also drew criticism from free speech advocates. Carlos Villarreal, director of the San Francisco chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, called the resolution irresponsible and dangerous because it combines legitimate condemnations of acts of intimidation and hate with specific objections to tactics used to support the Palestinian people.

“In doing so, it can be seen as having no other purpose than to demonize all those who criticize the nation-state of Israel or support the rights of the Palestinian people,” he said.

Typically, those who want to suppress free speech criticisms of Israeli crimes are relegated to the tools of social ostracism or return criticism – you know, because of that First Amendment thing. The cry of anti-Semitism has been successful in this respect, unfortunately. This bill, by contrast, attempts to codify into law an obligation to “squelch” activism and speech objecting to Israeli government actions. Read the text of the resolution here. Fortunately, growing criticism of the bill has led the University of California to refuse to support it.

4 thoughts on “California Passes Resolution Equating Criticism of Israel With Anti-Semitism”

    1. And I thought that the dumbing down process was already complete in California. Hope you are right. However, I feel freedom of speech is going to lose.

  1. How "damn dare you" to pass such a threat to the First Amendment. Freedom of Speech is a hell of a lot more important than some Middle Eastern Kingdom's feelings. If such a lunatic law could be passed then how about making criticism of China's trade policies illegal since that would logically be construed as offensive to Chinese students or students of Chinese heritage in California schools.

  2. You are an idiot. By speaking out against hate speech, you are only further promoting hate speech. But just the hatred of the group YOU don't like. You think anyone that has an opinion about Israel is instantly anti-semitic and therefore a lunatic. People can have opinions that do not agree with yours and still be rational people. You, on the other hand, seem to be the only extremist here.

  3. Why them dang 'auntySemites' are everywhere I tells ya. Everywhere hiding under beds and inside closets and hanging out at the malls and slinking around those darkened doorways and great googly-moogly, they're ON college campi (plural for campus?). Well Kaliphornya gots a solution that'll work 4 sures. Declare as null and void the First Amendment, lock up them dang icky Mooselims, restrict visitation to Disneyland to "whites only", and celebrate the glaring ignorance of intolerance. Dang 'auntySemites' anyway.

  4. What festering foulness do we have here? Are you channelling the spirit of Goebbels? I guess you are just one of those people with different needs who take it upon themselves to "defend Israel" wherever megaphone sends them. But still…

    "Employers who hire anti-semites will be subject to boycotts and sanctions from those who oppose nazism, and they won't want that."

    That would be the next step, then? Put pressure on employers who hire people accused of the frankly ill-defined and elastic concept of "antisemitism"? Amerikaner, kauft nicht bei Antisemiten? Note that by the end of the phrase the concept has become so elastic that the same antisemtic person is now firmly associated with "national socialism". Thus will taking a jaundiced view of Israel's unhuman policies land you in hate jail presto, hounded by people minding your business.

  5. Mike’s comment almost reads as satire, it so crystallizes blind fealty to an ideology. Beware all the job offers that will be rescinded for disagreeing with him!

  6. This anti-semite thing is a myth. If you commit the crimes that Israel continues to do world wide and at the same time, you call yourself a semite, then by all means the whole sane world population is surely anti Israeli no matter what you call yourselves. If there are any semites who do not assossiate themselves with Israeli brutality then they surely would be entitled to complain.
    I don't think that ANY civilised people in whatever country, could support the criminal actions of the rogue state of Israel. The only support you manage to generate is done with money and money is the root of all evil.

  7. Your argument is so one-sided that it should be voted down into oblivion. Maybe you're an Israeli agent, which I'm sure are needed more and more these days to keep pushing the "Israel as the victim" line that is little-by-little being exposed for the lie that it is. And as for "All civilised people in the world support Israel"? Keep taking the pills.

  8. I don't laugh at you Mike..I take you VERY seriously. If one dares to criticise Bernie Madoff, Jack Abramoff, Ivan Boesky, Joe LIebermann, Mark Rich and the like, WELL, its just because of those darned anti-semites all around you and your friends. And when Netanyahu visited our spineless congress and got a unanimous standing ovation, (from a body that had never before agreed on ANYTHING), the sight of 94 legislators wiping Bibi's behind 'enmasse must have just thrilled your little soul to the limit. Why don't you at least admit that you and your ilk have allegiance to one country and one only….. and it ain't the US.

    1. After re-reading Mike's post, I'm ~90% sure he was writing with his "sarcasm meter" at full strength. There are simply too many neocon buzzwords and canned talking points to be a legitimate expression of opinion. It reminds me of the scripted "cold calls" that crooked stockbrokers make trying to sell crappy stocks to prospective suckers (I've received a couple over the years — instantly hung up on them).

      However, Mike is correct about the threat to free speech that businesses' data mining poses. Just a few months ago a furor erupted over interviewers ordering job candidates to hand over their Facebook and Twitter passwords in order to search for politically incorrect photos and writings. Anyone here who thinks AIPAC wouldn't like to impose the same speech controls?

    2. Unanimous?
      I guess Ron Paul went downstairs for freedom fries when the guy from Israel arrived.

  9. It sounds like by enacting such a stupid law in a "civilised" country like America, Israel's demise is hastened. There is no single person in the world who does not know what a brutal state Israel is. So, if criticising Israel's savage behaviour against the Palestinians is anti-Semitic act then the whole world is anti-Semitic. It looks like the Americans are not aware of the amount of damage the pro-Israeli lobby is doing to their name abroad!
    It is high time for the world to stand for justice for the Palestinians whose lives in their own ancestral lands are comparable to that of prisoners and subhumans.

    1. Israel–that criminal, racist Zionist entity–is a blight on the world, and a boil on America's ass. It should be lanced.

  10. BUT the real problem is not the zionists or fascists, but all those who claim to oppose them, but use the same definition and application, instead of opposing it with the correct definition of the term semitic… Opposition in California should simply begin with asking WHY politicians in the state are supporting Marrs perversion, and also WHY are they openly taking a position in support of RACISM.
    It should also be asked as to why the perversion is allowed in any school or educational facility and why has the real meaning of the term SEMITIC been suppressed…
    By accepting Wilhelm Marr's definition – perversion, people put themselves in the same ideological camp as Hitler, who also subscribed to it.
    Ignorance, is not really 'bliss'.

  11. How very odd of those Californians. My Webster's says a Semite is, and "One of a people of Caucasian stock, now represented by the Jews and Arabs, but originally including the ancient Babylonians. Assyrians, Arameans, Phoenicians etc". How will a court of law interpret transgressions?
    It seems to me that equating current Israeli policy, whatever it does, to the character of the Jewish people is just about as valid as equating current German policy with the Nazis.
    As a European, it is dismaying to see the current competition of Presidential candidates to see who can be the most subservient to Israeli (not Jewish) foreign policy and who can sound the most aggressive to Iran, Syria, Russia and China. Please put peace at the top of your agenda. By all means be prepared to defgend yourselves but do not provoke conflict.

  12. As criticism of Israel or anything else we choose is a Constitutionally-guaranteed right then this resolution must mean that anti-Semitism is OK as well. That's weird even for California.

  13. This resolution demonstrates how dangerous this nation's loyalty to Israel has become. We are allowed and should be even encouraged to freely criticize our own government. This resolution is an assault on our freedom and those who support it are Anti-American therefore Israel and its supporters in America are a threat to freedom and way of life. This must not be permitted.

    1. A word about this bullshit resolution: You may be sure that the fascist Anti-Defamation League and its fascist president, Abe Foxman, are behind it.

  14. I find it strange that the amended text shows the prior draft to be ignorant of what the California legislature is called. Strong suggestion = drafted externally, not by a member of the CA legislature or its legal staff, as they’d know to use “Assembly.” Most likely drafted by Abe Foxman’s crew and sent along to various CA legislators and/or their staff.

    Also, the first amendment is strange, it strikes “and Bonnie Lowenthal” and then inserts “and Bonnie Lowenthal”. No change was needed, yet it’s marked as changed to the very thing that was struck.

    I guess we can thank the American Infotainment Media for fully doing their psy-op best to persuade Americans of the “vital interests” related to supporting Israel. Nobody bothers wondering why Israel should be so supported while other regimes, nations, or “insurgents” using the same tactics are accused of terrorism and of threatening “vital US interests.”

    This bias is obvious if one doesn’t follow the American infotainment media, and instead watches it from a detached, curious and intellectually (rhetorically) skeptical perspective.

    But it’s hard to get people to stop identifying with their citizenship’s symbolic status, and it’s hard to persuade them to doubt the infotainment media enough to stop following “news” that isn’t anything of the sort.

  15. it used to be that you were identified as an anti Semite if you did not like Jews…. now you are named as such if Jews don't like you.

  16. Here at Casanova University in Katama we are in the process of passing an anti hate speech rule that takes away any government funding from any student who criticizes any political party, it' s leaders or it's policies. .. It allows for any group or party spoken against to get one quarter page in our student publication The Advocate to rebut what it perceives to be hate speech… We here can see a day when all hate speech will be outed and it's speakers and writers subjected to harsh sanctions… We envision a day when hate speech gives way to debate and civil exchange… Our fall schedule will include a discussion between our Chinese and Tiawanese students on Sept. 22 The next discussion between our students from Pakistan with students from India will be on Sept. 28. Next will be our religion round table discussion with students of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Wikan, Santeria and Zoroastrian backgrounds. on Oct.5. Our last fall meeting will feature students who have a supremacist tradition with our discussion between students with a National Socialists or our Stormfront Club and students with a Zionist or ADL background on Oct.12. This promises to be an exciting discussion series. There will be searches at the door and body armor available to rent.

  17. Name ONE time "diversity" meant less of ANY non-white people? Now name ALL those times "diversity" meant less white people? Isn't it a fact that you'd literally need scrolls? Why do anti-whites think that their particular program for no more white children is not genocide? Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    1. You nailed it man. Diversity means less White people, plain and simple. It truly is GENOCIDE, properly understood. Many who say they are anti-racist are really just anti-White. Everyone is waking up to the fact that anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  18. Anti-White-ism is a far bigger problem on campuses that anti-semitism.

    In many classes the Diverse White Americans are subjected to a blood-libel. Young Whites are guilt-tripped because of what someone did in the past.

    The Ottoman empire went on slave raids for hundreds of years, and many of those slaves were White European people. But nobody tells young Turks of today that they are GUILTY, and need to hate themselves for what their ancestors did.

    No, it’s only young White people who are subjected to this institutionalized hatred. And only young White people are told that they must accept massive immigration and assimilation, ie Genocide, to pay for their supposed “sins”.

    The anti-White problem is far worse than any “anti-semitism” on campuses.

  19. Great comments here. Good to see America finally wakin up to the Zionist manipulations of our country

  20. So whenever one criticizes the russian government, then he is anti-russian.
    So whenever one criticizes the british government, then he is anti-british.
    So whenever one criticizes the french government, then he is anti-french.
    So whenever one criticizes the italian government, then he is anti-italian.
    So whenever one criticizes the german government, then he is anti-german.
    So whenever one criticizes the swiss government, then he is anti-swiss.

    Why one cannot criticize israeli government?

  21. It's not about banning any type of hate speech.

    Just because you don't know WHO will set the standards of WHAT is a hate speech.

    The hidden agenda here is a war on FREEDOM of speech.

  22. In 1877 Louis Henry Morgan published his book 'Ancient Society' – [ Morgan is known in the USA as the Father of Anthropology, as he was the first to fully establish it on a scientific basis.
    He researched the term ' Semitic ' and found historically that it simply described the Monogamous relationship, its an Arab term … We have seen in the last century the destruction of the monogamous relationship, so 'anti semitism' in its real form has been extremely active, whilst people have been diverted by a distortion/perversion of the term semitic. .
    Its is said that 70% of all African American women, now live in the so-called 'one parent family', which is not really a family at all. .. A few years ago, it was published that over 50% of all women in the USA are now 'one parent families'.

  23. In 1879 Wilhelm Marr, a German racist published his deliberate perversion of the term 'Semitic' by applying it only to people of certain religious beliefs … . A position that was later adopted by all fascists, but not just them, as it has become a commonly accepted distortion. … Search Louis Henry Morgans book 'Ancient Society, and also the name 'Wilhelm Marr and anti semitism.


    Mossad motto: "By way of deception, thou shalt make war."


  25. Make it illegal to be critical of Israel whilst they plot to establish Sharia Law zones.

    This requires a new diagnosis…

    Schizoidemocratitus – The final terminal phase of trendy liberal political correctness.

  26. Under the Symington Amendment of the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act, Israel is not entitled to one penny of US taxpayer support, because – as has been validated by both former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former US President Carter, that Israel has nuclear weapons, but will not be a signatory to the NNPT, nor will it allow IAEA inspection of their facilities.
    Under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has a right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. This includes power stations and medical isotopes. Enrichment to 20% is consistent with medical usage. Therefore, Iran’s actions are legal under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which Iran has signed right alongside the United States and Israel has not!
    In demanding that Iran surrender their legal rights as specified in the NNPT, the United States is in violation of that treaty. Under Article IV, the United States is obligated to assist Iran in building their power stations and medical facilities. Clearly, if the United States were in compliance with the NNPT, we would know for an absolute certainty what Iran was and was not doing with their nuclear facilities.

  27. Calling someone anti-Semitic is right out of the dark ages. Its like at one time calling someone a witch, or being in league with the devil. First they would torture a confection out of you. Second they would give you a fair trial before finding you guilty and third would consign you to the purifying flames.

    In reading a short paper by Howard F. Stein, In the psychotic state of mind of the chosen ones, there twisted belief, for the last 3000 years involve being consumed by fire, either themselves or there so called enemy.

    The chosen ones will allway be a self torture people, this is someting they have wished on themselves.

  28. So let's just march our white children as soldiers over to the middle east to fight the war of the anti-whites then.

    Again I ask: " When you have a group in decline as the white race is in every white country (not having enough babies to replace themselves), then massive numbers of HIGHLY FERTILE non-whites are superimposed on these whites, and kept in the same living space (white homelands), the end result is blending and extinction. Agreed?"

    Killing them off in war helps also.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  29. How do you protest this insanity? Did anybody ask California citizens whether this resolution was wanted or necessary? California has a new reputation for being BACKWARD in every sense — poor and backward and Israel’s b-tch.

  30. @maurice aimee
    Whenever white people raise the subject of OUR genocide, anti-whites start justifying that genocide.

    Massive non-white immigration and forced integration, is demanded of all white countries and only white countries.

    So only white people will disappear if this situation continues and that is GENOCIDE according to international law.

    Anti-whites, why do you hate so much?

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  31. Truley pathetic and unconstitutional. Israel offends, kills, lies, torture, cheats and uses coersion for America to pay taxpayers money in Foreign aid. And they wonder why they have critics? So they pass laws against blowback to cover their butts? I am now even more of a critic of Israel.

  32. The resolution seems to be aimed largely at college students and institutions of learning — so as to teach the young ones the New PC propaganda the New World Order wants to instill for future generations. but it explicitly excludes someone to:

    “use anti-Semitic imagery and language to falsely describe Israel, Zionists, and Jews, including that Israel is a racist, apartheid, or Nazi state, that Israel is guilty of heinous crimes against humanity such as ethnic cleansing and genocide, that the Jewish state should be destroyed, that violence against Jews is justified, that Jews exaggerate the Holocaust as a tool of Zionist propaganda, and that Jews in America wield excessive power over American foreign policy.”

    Here’s the Orwellian wakeup call: truth is forbidden.

  33. How Harper keeps the truth about Israel out of Canada

    Talks about how Harper’s Federal government routinely denies or is slow to grant VISAs to visitors to Canada who well known to talk about what bad things Isreal is really doing to Palestine.

    Aljazeera profiles CJPME President Thomas Woodley in documentary. CJPME = Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East.

    24 min. long

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