Rand Paul: US Intervention Has Created a ‘Jihadist Wonderland’ in the Mideast

Sen. Rand Paul explains to CNN’s Candy Crowley how US intervention is the cause of the region’s troubles.

69 thoughts on “Rand Paul: US Intervention Has Created a ‘Jihadist Wonderland’ in the Mideast”

  1. It is incredible how Ms. Crowley and her ilk happily wave away the impetus of a current problem and instead insist that the gravity of the situation demands intervention, even when the situation is the result of American intervention.

  2. Pretty well spoken by Paul, aside from the comment about the surge, and the fact that he didn't point out as explicitly as he could have that what that lady, whoever she is, was advocating on live TV, was aggression, the worst crime there is in the world (that is, if you think the Nuremberg tribunal meant anything).

    1. Rob – I sure agree with you about Rand's comment that the 'surge' worked. However, much of me continues to think that a large part of this mess is personal because of Obama's incredible hubris and arrogance. Did the US side with the Syrian rebels for any logical reason or was it because Obama stupidly said that Assad must go? Obama also said that Mubarak and Khadafi had to go. They went alright and are those countries better off today? Only amateurs make juvenile statements about who must go or don't cross my "red line." Rand is spot on by placing the blame where it belongs – Obama's policy on Syria, where we've been backing the wrong side all along.

      1. Yes, I agree with that, and also would add that it's not stupid by Obama: it was part of a longstanding US mission to conquer Syria, which started in at least 1957. Bush continued it by saying he would "take out" a list of countries, then Obama continued the focus on those countries by "taking out" a few more. The common denominator is that they are non-US empire countries. That's the only reason why the US attacks them. They are not subordinate to the US empire and can't really do anything back to the US because they are so much weaker and smaller.

  3. Rand is too much of a pathetic, hypocritical coward to say that Israel also supports these jihadis

    1. What do you expect of Rand, Sasha? If he verbally attacks Israel too hard he's toast. Politics is the art of the possible. No one can be ideologically pure and expect to become the leader of our sinking ship of state. Rand has learned from his father's inability to gather even 10% of the GOP vote in the primaries. It's all a matter of who will be the lesser of two evils (not that Rand is evil, but the system is).

      As for calling Rand a "pathetic, hypocritical coward" – grow up and listen to his words. He is courageous to take on the warmongering neo-cons who control his party. Personally, I would prefer it if Rand left that cesspool and headed up a new party to challenge our two-headed snake that passes as a democracy. But that won't happen, and I'll have to live with it. What's that old saw about "my enemy of my enemy is my friend"?

  4. The strange thing is that everywhere ISIS goes seems to be another part of the lands claimed for Greater Israel.

  5. Glad he blamed the US for the problems, and that we've been helping ISIS in Syria. But then he blames Shia for not fighting ISIS, saying unless they do, we won't help them militarily. How about we don't do ANYTHING militarily, period.

  6. I don't imagine too many inside the Beltway want to confront the fact that the U.S. is arming these guys in Syria. Arm 'em in Syria so you can fight 'em in Iraq. Makes sense to me…If that is not a pretty demonstrable clue as to the recklessness of American foreign policy, I don't know what passes as an impostor.

    This type of thing has gone unfettered since the Iranian Revolution in 1979…even before that. I think the U.S. poured about 1.5 billion [including chemical weapons] into Iraq from 1985-1991, to combat Iran and reduce its influence. 25 years of bombs dropped on Iraq and what do we see? Iranian influence extended despite all efforts to neuter it. If all you have to show for 25 years of spent blood and treasure is extended Iranian influence, then I would say that abject failure as occurred "somewhere", despite the arguments of what has been gained in Iraq.

    Crowley's interruptions were irritating, dismissive and even condescending. Her continued focus on "what do we do NOW" accurately portrays US foreign policy for what is: proactively ignorant and reactionary without perspective. Any Joe Blow can make a decision that lacks perspective or historical analysis, but that usually means that said decision will provide short-term gain at the expense of long-term pain.

    That said, maybe this is precisely the form of foreign policy that the principal players want.

  7. ONE Qur'an in Arabia is what Osama wants. BE IT(no place for Israel or Kuwait coloniez).

  8. There is more into Iraq invasion for Bush Neo fascism regime to create what is the present Iraq and Syria reality. From H.W Bush to George W. Bush, from Bill Clinton to Barack Hussein Obama the hidden source been Saudis, Kuwaitis, Qatar's tyrant regimes, from Yugoslavia to Libya again these regimes are involved by being invisible. What has changed is that, these regimes showing more of their political, religious ambitions which due to personal economic cooperation, as Bush family have a very good economic relation with Kuwaiti oil company as well as a social relation economic relation with Wahhabis are the main reasons behind the present day Iraq and Syria situation. In the other hand the us Democratic Party far right politicians are against and been working by all means to destroy nations independent and social political restructures using their motto as "us interests", using what tyrants regime have to offer, ISIS is one of those, the jihadists and all others are are one way or other connected to Wahhabis, Saudis regime, Kuwaitis and Qatari tyrants. Barack Hussein Obama is yet another us president adding to existing problems facing nations in Middle East, he is not there nor capable, nor willing to solve anything, he is not ordered by Saudis, Kuwaitis, Qatar's, nor Israel to do so.

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  11. The west will continue their wars against humanity unless People of the world stand up and reject western policy. Millions have been killed and millions die every day because of US interventions. As Long as some Muslims continue to seek US help to kill their own, this human catestrophy will go on. Those who Support the killings of millions will not escape the wrath of the innocence. Women and children are brutally rape and killed by those our government Support. It annoys me to hear western countries offering assistance to war Areas even though the war is created them.

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