51 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo on NPR: Trump Supporters Abandoning Him Over Syria Strike”

  1. Well, I have to say, well done Justin!
    And although your ideas were already presented in writing, you express them better vocally.

    If you have truly come back from the darkside and are determined to not go back then I would like to support you further by once again being permitted to voice opinions on your editorials.

    But if I can’t then I’m going to nitpick everything you say because the censoring speaks loudest. You can either take the heat in a responsible way or you can continue to cover your ass in fear of the truth.

    luv from Canada.

      1. Raimondo doesn’t block people but he would certainly have the authority to ask for somebody to be unblocked from taking part on his editorials. The one who does the blocking is hiding. Ask Thomas Knapp.

          1. Doesn’t matter to me anymore Thomas, the head cu-t is going to move on me for not paying for posting on this site. We’ll see soon! Actually, it’s not that but that’s her excuse for now.

            Seems it’s more than one agenda at work to neutralize anything this site works toward on the antiwar issues at least. Too bad because with Raimondo back from the dark side there was some sanity starting to creep in and the site was building some sensible people to take the place of people like eric and his ilk.

            And so what’s the point anyway? If the US moves on Russia and China, there’s nuclear war and then no point. If the US doesn’t move on China and Russia then the future is looking very good because a new cold war won’t go the US way anymore.

            Seems to me there’s nothing we can do to help. Anyway, think about what I’ve told you on finding a way with socialism. It’s a shame to waste your talent.

          2. So hard core socialist countries never go to war? Vietnam/Cambodia, China/VIetnam, USSR in Hungary, and on through Afghanistan. Cuba even “intervened” in Angola.

            Your answer to warmongering government is to turn over the entire country to the state and “hope” they won’t go to war when domestic conditions sour.

          3. HUH,, VIETNAM GOING TO WAR… Are you referring to their troubles with China when China abducted the Royal Ballet in 1492…

            Or are you talking about when the U.S and the usual suspects started bombing Hanoi after proven false allegains that that Maddox was fired on in the Gulf of Tonkin… ?????

    1. Justin never comes from the DARKEST SIDE….. Yes it’s not easy to watch sausages being made. But even worse is hearing the squeamish skrech & scream at every hair-pin turn….. This ride with the Trump campaign has been one to make white knuckle obsolete, replaced by knuckled out. As in dead or unconsciousness

      So let’s cut to the chase and get to the overwhelming.. question… Should, could, would those of us here who are antiwar support & vote for the only other viable candidate (Hillary Warbucks) running…… when Trump was still Mr.”Let’s get along”…channelling Rodney King….???? The answer is….NO!!! ……. IT would have been a BETRAYAL, just as HEINOUS as the one by Him ENACTING Hillary policy…. Or as the Dems observed, Obama sold out after two months, Trump after two WEEKS to the WAR HAWKS………………………

      So don’t blame those of us who supported him when he was JEKLE, and are now slamming down on him NOW after he turns like a snake aND goez FULL HILLARY…. …………….. …………FULL AMERICA LAST………..
      ……………….FULL NWO………………….


      1. ” the only other viable candidate…”

        There were several other choices on many state ballots, as well as the option of not voting at all. These politicians do not have any moral claim on our vote. It is my opinion that no person of good will and common sense could have supported either major party presidential candidate. The current situation we have, with two clearly unacceptable candidates as major party nominees, is the direct result of Americans voting for the lesser of two evils for at least the last hundred years, even if the lesser evil is indistinguishable from Satan.

        1. Nor do we have a ‘duty’ to support the leading candidate, even if that candidate got almost 3 million people less than the other Leading candidate. The resistance would be just as fierce if Hillary had the EC vote. In other news, Pence says no more patience for N Korea. Pence isn’t going to attack anybody.. That’s for Peasants in the working class. The Leisure Class like Pence and Trump never go to war. So far North Korean government hasn’t done anything that was already done by nor whatever sick war crimes were not yet done by “us”.the Elitist U.S. Government including the Pentagon. Mike Punkce and
          Donald Chump will stand up proudly, in Washington, and boast of what They Did.

          There was a report today from an ‘academic’ who questions to the point of denouncing the Trump narrative about the gas attack. The quotation marks are because they used the word in the headline, like somehow being educated and intelligent somehow makes one inferior. As if being a Human Drone makes one more informed. The guys and now gals in the combatant specialties /MOS classifications don’t have the full scope of strategy or any kind of mental or moral choice in what they do or why they do it. You only get the level of information given by your immediate superiors. That particular designation irks me no end.

          If you have ‘superiors’ and especially if you chant those designations like a good soldier, you’re accepting the designation of being their “inferiors”.

          That’s the key acknowledged by the War Promoters. They specifically say it would be impossible to fight a war without full unquestioning obedience. They say the reason ‘we’ lost in Vietnam because so many soldiers questioned their orders and didn’t mechanically obey.

          The ones who weren’t successfully brainwashed.

          That’s the right term too. The U.S. and Britain coined the term but only as it was describing (other) ‘Totalitarian Dictatorships” or Sauce for the Goose isn’t necessarily Sauce for the Gander.

          Much like the Crusaders were far superior to Cults like say People’s Temple or Heavens Gate. At least in the Historic Record.

          Strange ladies lying in puddles distributing swords is no basis for kingship. True executive authority comes from a mandate by the Masses, not some farcical aquatic ceremony…

    2. You have blown your antiwar cover now for all to see. I saw it long time ago, but now if some still think you are genuine — they need to have their iQ examined. This place has become a warren for neocons in antiwar attire. But you cannot hide your glee at the efficiency of the deep state, both their republican and democrat rabid human drones. It is clear to all that followed the support for Trump anti imperial globalist policies — just exactly what happened. Raimondo is at a wrong site, and is nothing more then a token anti-imperial writer. No, he has not been abandoned by Trump supporters. He has been abandoned by those that from day one — while reveling in Republican win — tried to push Trump into their neocon straight jacket. McCain, Graham, Cruz, Bush, Rubio, and other assorted fossils in the party, are delighted that he seem to twist in the wind at the mercy of neocon spider web. Raimondo and others that get it, need to reexamine the value of a fake antiwar agenda, and join real Trump supporters. The intellectual weight and acumen has shifted away from the pretenders — as times require that defending Trump means attacking the deep state and its powers to control and manipulate.
      As I said many times before — you are phony antiwar, and have been rejoicing every move by the deep state powerbrokers that hit Trump and his inner circle.
      So, now enjoy, but it won’t last. Trump is now your dearest leader, willing to kill — but it is still not enough for your taste. Again, you and plenty of those that descended on this site with your pretend “concerns” and your delirious happiness — enjoy. But the awakening has happened, and the powers that run the country were forced to come out in the open, and have like vampires, been damaged by the exposure to the light.
      There is nothing you can do — but ramble as you only know how, as you cannot control your joy over the the deepstate win over the will of American citizens. Now it is clear, and there is no way going back. Your joy will be short lived — as you have nowhere to hide. You have always despised Trump’s foreign policy agenda, spelled out before and after the elections — and watched with anxiety the deep state actors, forced to identify themselves. Your joy mixed with relief — is so obvious, so clearly revealing your stake in the conflict. Sunshine, and more sunshine — that is what is coming, as you will have to continue to defend the indefensible.

      Raimondo is wasting his time. Time to focus on what matters.

  2. I would estimate 60-70? of Trump support was from centrist liberal conservatives who are anti-War, anti-Intervention. We didn’t vote FOR Trump as much as we did AGAINST Hillary but we feel we basically got Hillary on steroids minus the TPP. The USA USA USA crowd will apologize for their “god” since they cannot admit he sold his soul Satan at the very least. Possibly a Zionist shill from the get go as I have seen NOTHING but Zionist policies from him in the ME and now Israel has bombed Syria near Damascus. Yes, we DISAVOW this because we do have moral fiber and integrity. I voted for obomber twice and turned on him also when I woke up to his NWO policies. With Trump siding with Luciferians in ME, the whole world has now fallen to evil elite globalism…

    1. “Centrist liberal” – what does it mean?! :p

      Obama was certainly better than McCain, especially candidate Obama (who was very different from President Obama). I voted Constitution Party in 2008 though.

    2. “I would estimate 60-70? of Trump support was from centrist liberal conservatives who are anti-War, anti-Intervention.”

      So where were these mythical voters in every previous election of the last half-century or so? On vacation in Europe when it was time to vote or something?

      1. You’re right but antiwar people will start coming out of the woodwork if they can ever ben convinced that Trump is treading a little too close to nuclear war. The small amount of rise we are seeing now is likely due to that.

        A B-1 whacked out of the air over Syria would do it but it’s risky it would go too far.

      2. Over 80% of Trump supporters support his attack on Syria. The “non interventionist Trump supporter” was mostly a myth, created by people like Raimondo who loved Trump for other reasons.

        1. “created by people like Raimondo who loved Trump for other reasons.”

          Raimondo’s support for Trump, I believe, was mostly from Trump’s “audacity” for not being politically correct. Now, not a single, good PC liberal would consider me PC either, but I can see the difference between simply not being PC, and being an outright obnoxious xenophobe. Raimondo sold out the entire anti-war and liberty movements because Trump had the glorious notion that immigrants should be crushed under the boot of the State.

          1. To be fair to Raimondo, I think it was an error in judgement. He probably thought that a President who could stand up to the overwhelming pressure to be politically correct, could stand up to the pressure put on by the neocons as well. I have a slightly different take on things, though. I generally do not trust xenophobes politically, because it seems to me, that the same irrationality on political issues which can give way to xenophobia, can manifest itself as irrationality on other issues, particularly war and peace.

      3. They voted for Gore, Obama, or third party candidates. They would have voted for Clinton this time around except for her support for War and other neoliberal policies (trade deficits and mass immigration). Why do you think Trump won states like Michigan and Wisconsin which haven’t voted Republican for decades.

        Or are you drinking the DNC Koolaide that it was all the Nazis who crawled out from under their rocks to vote for the first time.

    3. Voted for O twice…??? Shame on you!
      “Fooled you once, shame on him, fooled you twice, shame on you”

      The little ditty that Bush coulden’t get right with the world watching…

  3. Wow, Raimondo makes the Buchananite argument on WWII! Shocking!

    I wouldn’t say Trump’s supporters have “abandoned” him. We’re just not mindless partisan slaves.

    Trump still rejected the 3 bad Obama trade deals. And he appointed Sessions, Mulvaney, and Carson. I assume the judge will turn out well (to protect Bill of Rights). Sessions has some potential negatives, but he’s been very good on the whole.

    Even Bernie can’t bring himself to oppose overthrowing Assad. So, there’s really no solid argument against Trump yet. None of his opponents are as yet to the antiwar side of Trump. Except for Rand who dropped out v early.

    1. “Sessions has some potential negatives, but he’s been very good on the whole”

      If you consider “long-lost love child of Stalin and Goering” to be “very good on the whole,” true. Otherwise, not so much.

      1. Yeah, he’s creepy. He seems to be almost sexually excited by hurting poor people. Kind of reminds me of Gary Oldman’s character in Hannibal. “You cant beat the riz.”

        1. Yeah, there’s something about a racist that you just can’t put your finger on. But you know it’s there and they have a way of making you know it too.

          It has a lot to do with using words that are racist but can be denied as such. But you always get the intent.

          And it’s not just with Sessions, it’s pretty well the same with most of them. It’s very much alive and well on this site too.

          How do you know comrade?

    2. Raimondo needs to hear himself talk and so he goes off on unpopular narratives far too often. He’ll always find a way to split his audience right down the middle and alienate half. His words on WW2 do that in this instance.

      If Trump is furthest toward the antiwar side then the cause is lost. How many bloody times do you people have to be told that Trump doesn’t have a clue on foreign policy, as well as anything else. His generals are in charge of foreign policy so there’s where our hope lies. Ain’t that encouraging! LOL

      1. Nice blog. If Trump starts a big war, I’m going to make a sticker that says:

        “Trump 2020” (crossed-through)
        “Tulsi 2020”


        1. You’re never going to admit you were wrong about Trump and I know that because you’re still trying to use the excuse that Hillary would have been a worse choice.

          No, Hillary wouldn’t have been a worse choice and time isn’t going to change your opinion. All the way to a war with Syria, N.Korea, and even Russia. That’s because you’re an American and your domestic politics are far moe important to you than our antiwar cause.

          1. The day you admit Israel is partly to blame is the day I take you seriously.

            Mr. “blame Southerners but never Israelis!”

            And of course domestic policy matters to me. And of course Hillary would have been worse.

            It is you who is biased. You’re just as bad as the self righteous Neocons who can admit no fault, can never be wrong. That type of thinking is dangerous.

            You should learn to be more humble, more open minded – and hate less.

          2. You’ve taken what I’ve said and twisted it in your own head to believe that I have said something about Israel not being to blame.

            You quote me saying that and I will leave. You fail to find it and you leave. A deal?

            That which you have heard me say is that Israel is the US’s proxy in the ME and the US justification for it’s oil wars. The US only makes out that it’s presence in the ME is to protect poor little Israel.

            And fwiw, I’ve labelled Israel dozens of times, an evil apartheid regime.

            There can never be fault attached when one opposes US led wars. None have been legitimate and there has been about 40 of them since WW2 alone. Let me know when you think I’m wrong. I’ll let you know if you ever get something right.

          3. Domestic politics ALWAYS drives wars. The State always seeks to expand it’s power, and NOTHING increases state power like WAR. The new wrinkle of the 21st century is how global entities – the EU, IMF, multinationals, media corporations, central banks, etc are new drivers for war.

            Although now not so much in the US, the populists in Europe seem the best hope for reigning in the unchecked growth of these international entities. It was LE Pen that pegged NATO as nothing but an instrument of US Power and the EU as the instrument of German hegemony. The best thing that could happen for the US and Europe is for the US to be kicked out of NATO by the other powers who are more than capable of defending themselves.

            There is no hope of ending the American Empire until the rest of the world refuses to go along with every crack pot intervention cooked up by US Neocons. Japan and South Korea should be on the phone with Kim and promise to kick US troops out of their countries in return for general disarmament.

      2. If Raimondo can’t separate Trump from Hillary then he’s still on the dark side and incapable of breaking free. Luchorpan can’t break free but Raimondo is at least starting to make an effort.

        Your track record is pretty clean, except for perhaps one relapse.

    3. Hillary is still lobbing nukes every which way!
      Trump is the new Hillary!
      There can never be any real concerted antiwar effort as long as the most important factor to Americans is domestic politics that cause division.

      Trump is responsible for being Trump and he’s nobody else. Maybe trying to make a comparison to Clinton is an effort to ease the pain to one’s vanity for being so wrong about Trump.

      Disclaimer: But that wouldn’t apply to those who had Trump figured out from the beginning. There’s no mistaking that distinction because track records have been well established Luchorpan.

    4. “Sessions, Mulvaney, and Carson.”
      Sessions, I don’t see the positives, meh.
      Mulvaney, I like what I have read so far. Will he be used to sucker the taxpayer in the end? Let’s check back in 9 months.
      Carson, Carson who? Ben Carson might do fair. Another let’s check back in 9 months.

      1. Carson’s trying. He appears to be a fairly honest person. I suspect he’s going to run into a lot of corruption and waste. So, it won’t simply be a matter of ideology.

        1. The immigration and weed issues are both considered out loud by Sessions to place local police forces directly under federal mandate. As knee-jerk right wing as Gorsuch is, he still might rebel against the Sessions (Trump) doctrine. And the Native Lands issue is going to boil the pot a little… more… every damn day…
          Trump the real estate agent considered Indian Land to be Federal Land and could be reapportioned.

          1. I’m unfamiliar with Amerindian issues. I’d say they should just be given a chunk of federal parkland to add on to current reservations, plus full sovereignty. We should be separate polities unless they wish to official join. I do not like special rights though. If part of the US, then they should be treated the same as everyone else.

            I’m not so friendly to immigrants though.

            I’m unfamiliar with the legal argument for placing the police under the fed. I certainly don’t like the sound of that.

          2. If you could explain the Amerindian issues, I could perhaps understand your concerns. I just have no idea what they are.

            Is it just the Keystone Pipeline?

            Regardless, sanctuary cities should be illegal. If California wants to insist on breaking federal immigration law, then maybe the US should just split up. That’s my thought on such matters. If we can’t get along, then let’s all just go different ways. Problem solved. That’d probably work for Iraq as well.

          3. LuchorPan,

            If you want sanctuary cities to be illegal, then have the Constitution amended to give the federal government to require local governments to enforce federal law. Otherwise, it’s just known as “federalism” and it is precisely what the Constitution is about. It’s why the FBI doesn’t hand out speeding tickets in Peoria and why the LAPD doesn’t investigate homicides in Alabama.

          1. Napolitano would be a good pick. I don’t entirely trust the one they did pick. Napolitano I suppose is too public about his views. Only judges who hide their views seem to be acceptable.

            That guy rambles more than I do… It’s like looking in the mirror in that regard, lol.

            The core issue: It would be too revolutionary to cut everything at once.

            I don’t demand that of Carson. And Americans seem to want foreign spending cut, taxes cut, and domestic spending increased. So, Trump should cut the empire first.

            Regarding trade, any libertarian with an ounce of sanity should see how Cruz’s BTT is better than current trade policy, which though called free trade is most certainly not free trade.

            Libertarians seem to struggle with the concept of moderation and compromise. It’s “give me an-cap, or give me death!” And socialists like Bernie seem to demand, “give me socialism, or give me death!” No one ever dies though :p

            Shrinking the government is positive. Trump just needs to see where he needs to shrink government first: Cut the empire!

  4. Good job. The NPR questioner seemed to be stunned that Justin could really believe that Assad probably didn’t order a Sarin gas attack on his own people. When “liberal” news organizations have become pro war, pro-military strikes, unconcerned with the question of whether such attacks are legal … you know the neocons have achieved their goal. It’s the Justin Rainmondos and contrarian posters against all of the establishment. I will add that it’s nice to see Ann Coulter coming around to “my” views. When it comes to verbal faceoffs, she carries a big and sharp knife.

  5. as predicted, he’s selling out every voter bloc, with no conscience. No surprises. The Chinese aren’t stupid, he’s crowing about an agreement with Beijing, but he knows and they know he’s a sneak attack past master. If you have an occasion to shake his hand, count your fingers when you pull your hand back. Make sure he didn’t steal any.

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