How do YOU justify things like this?

“Another east Mosul resident, Jasim Mohammed Ali, said his son and six grandsons were killed … Ali said that during the [coalition bomb] attack in the modest Aden neighborhood [in Mosul, Iraq], his grandsons were crushed by rubble in their bedroom as he cowered next door with his 17-year-old son, who was also killed. His pregnant daughter-in-law lost her baby, a girl who had yet to be named. His wife suffered scarring burns to her head and back. His daughter’s legs were crushed as she tried to hold her 6-year-old son, buried beneath the concrete. Although surgeons inserted metal pins in her legs, she still can’t walk. Unable to reach the cemetery…  the family buried the bodies in a nearby schoolyard, marking the graves with cinder blocks.”  –Civilian casualties from airstrikes grow in Iraq and Syria. But few are ever investigated – Los Angeles Times

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  1. Kudos to the L.A. Times for reporting what no one else in the MSM is reporting. One would think that Americans, and people in the world, would want to know how many innocent children and civilians are being killed and maimed, as well as losing their homes or places of work to bomb attacks.

  2. “you” ? I don’t justify it. The antiquated notion that Americans are responsible for what their government does is no longer applicable.

      1. I think what he’s saying is what’s been observable for decades. The American people don’t have much input as to what our “leaders” do after they’re elected, especially in matters of foreign policy. I read years ago that a majority of Americans were sick of endless war and an enemy as tenuous and ubiquitous as “terrorists”. Trump even campaigned on this and stated outright the US had no business in the ME. He gets elected and what does he do with less than 3 months in office? Drops bombs on an airfield in Syria and ups the US presence in the ME. Again. Most of us are real disappointed. You should read some of Ann Coulter’s comments. She was one of his most fervid backers until this happened.

        1. On the democratic side it’s called “representative democracy” which is poorly constructed english for patting us on the head, saying “thank you for electing us, good boy, not shut the freak up and don’t interfere with our business”. That we the peasants only have a say in the elections and with some voters have, by gerrymandering and electoral college, a vote that’s worth multiples of a persons vote in another district. It goes right along with the bit in the Constitution about a person in perpetual bondage by reason of ancestry, being only 60% of a person who is free, white and over 18.

          The representation of that 60% person and women and children is basically a direct lie. The district in which they are living gets more power without giving an ounce more representation. If any of us uses his first amendment right to petition the government in peaceable assembly, that’s the extent of his power. If we petition the government and the government says no, then we get to shut the freak up and that’s the end of the matter.

          About the only way that differs significantly from being a prisoner is the prisoner who petitions the immediate government (the guards) is ordered to STFU or the guards will put him in isolation, and restraints, with no oversight by the civilian population, and just beat the crap out of him. If he gets to a lawyer and complains, the government makes the civil suit a Jury affair, and juries are sworn in advance to always vote for the Government officials. It’s the basis of the street executions the Pigs commit and which Black Lives Matter protest.

          And Gor-Suck imbalancing te Supremes further to the Fascist-in-the-name-of-Liberty faction, combined with the general tone of Sessions and Trump and Pence about protesters, leads to a probability that people who talk back to the Mighty Empire can be murdered in the streets. One federal “Justice” has said he supports the use of the guillotine.

          Basically, they have declared war against the American people. Ann Coulter and the other Extreme Right base have been sold out almost as certainly as Hitler purged the SA Brownshirts. I’ll not lie, the only part of that which bothers me is the fact that people who Never Supported Trump, which was a whopping majority of the voters, are already cast out and these actions are going to be set in stone as “legal”.

          They forget that Solomon’s philosophy wasn’t Might Makes Right but the exact opposite, it’s Right Makes Might. That being in the right gives you the power to take down armies.

          In the mid-to-late 60s it was expressed as Power to the People, Right On!

          1. I agree with some of what you say but I question the statement “people who Never Supported Trump, which was a whopping majority of the voters”. It was hardly a “whopping majority”. I read somewhere that Killery won the popular vote by only 4 million or so. I suspect much of that can be attributed to illegal aliens voting too.

          2. 4 million, plus 5 more percentage points who voted for Other Candidates. Neither of the Top Two would have a majority, or a mandate or a landslide. The state AGs who claim illegal voters haven’t proven any of their claims beyond saying that it was less than 1% in any district. Makes for inflammatory rhetoric, though, of which we get much. More than our usual ration.

            Throw up err … ummm… ahem..”in” an active state of war that’s rapidly expanding, the conversation is going to get really abusive. You ever read Mark Twain’s anti-war essay “the loud little handful” ?

            There’s a different name for that, “selling a hog” or “selling wolf tickets”, goes like this: ‘some Other Gang is going to come after you, we can’t tell you which one, because it would be snitching, so you better let us protect you, for pay”

            Prison gangs do that a lot and, you know, so do the jailers and their chain of command right up to the top.

  3. The reason we don’t see Hillary political showmanship in favor if the bombings (she is) is because she makes a great straw-woman and wouldn’t be taken as seriously as Trump. The Enquirer declares her and Obama as war criminals, which would be applicable to every president in my lifetime, and I was born 2 months before Eisenhower left office. If Trump wanted to get in the good graces of the antiwar community, Left and Right, there’ a sheetload of Sarin and other nerve gas repositories right here in America he could sign an executive order to have that gas destroyed. It would be a lot simpler than trying to prove the existence of it in Iraq (never found it, supposedly a million pounds and not a drop) or other countries. And it does have the potential to destroy some really strategic cities in America. There’s 18 military bases in a two hour drive from either Denver or Colorado Springs, and there’s a hillbilly way to measure distances, two standards, expressed like 20 miles as the crow flies, but 50 miles as the dog trots. It’s the second measurement that matters. The wind this time of the year is predominately from the south. We’ve had a couple of days with sustained winds at 90 miles an hour. Destruction like you’d see from an F3 tornado.

    The wind doesn’t follow the roads. And that’s just one. And even though the crap is decaying into a MORE toxic state, so it’s really going to be hazardous to destroy it, and there are more such repositories in America, by necessity near Army and Air bases, which are surrounded by a huge number of civilians, in Syria or Iraq or Iran that’s “human shields”…

  4. Americans can no longer ( SAY THEY DON”T KNOW?) the Military has been in charge since 1963 when Kennedy wanted to end Vietnam!!! CIA/NSA/MOB took care of that!!! Bush dynasty started with that killing!!!!! BUSH/CARLYLE GANG went on to run REAGAN and takeover the white house for 12 years!!!!Puppets followed in line including CHUMP TRUMP!!!! Ultimate FALSE FLAG!!!!

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