Global Peace Index: Where Do We Rank… And Why?

The new world ranking of peaceful and non-peaceful countries is out, and the results present the best case imaginable against US interventionism overseas. Of the ten least peaceful countries, nine of them have been on the receiving end of US destabilization, “regime change,” or “liberation” efforts over the past decade or so. While US interventions are sold to the public as in our national security interest or to promote humanitarianism, the interventions all have one thing in common: they make things worse for the recipient country. So why do we keep doing it? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “Global Peace Index: Where Do We Rank… And Why?”

  1. If nine of the ten are puppet dictatorships propped up for and by the Bankers here stateside, does it mean the US is a)at the top of the list or b) wasn’t listed. Which would be a farce.

    1. GPI is a “farce”. Check out the websites, and the Board of Directors. This is a neoliberal think tank that exists to demonstrate the correctness of US foreign policy.

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