The Greatest Threat to Both Koreas? Donald Trump’s Mouth.

In policy terms, the Trump administration has approached North Korea largely the same way the Obama administration has – with a heavy reliance on sanctions, appeals to China, and occasional threats.

As John Feffer explains in this short video, the primary difference is that Trump’s threats have been far more alarming, raising concerns in South Korea and beyond that war is a real possibility, despite the fact that experts universally regard it as the worst possible option. These threats are especially dangerous on a peninsula where U.S. wartime actions left an indelible impression on both sides of the DMZ.

There remains, however, a diplomatic alternative, which the Obama administration never seriously pursued. Can Trump change course?

Video by Victoria Borneman and Peter Certo.

John Feffer is director of Foreign Policy In Focusand the author of the dystopian novel Splinterlands..Reprinted with permission from Foreign Policy In Focus. Originally published in Inside Sources.

6 thoughts on “The Greatest Threat to Both Koreas? Donald Trump’s Mouth.”

  1. Great suggestions, but Trump has not only threatened annihilation to the DPRK, but has shown he (and the USA) cannot be trusted to keep to international agreements by his behavior with the deal with Iran and the Paris pact, so how could Kim, who is NOT stupid or mad, believe him?

  2. Dude wants to be so very macho without having to do anything himself. He’ll get a bunch of Americans and Koreans killed and since he’s included Iran and the ongoing wars into the deal, wanting to have a surge in WINTER a whole nother millions of soldiers including Americans even without WMDs. Just adding Iran and north Korea triples the number of ‘enemies’, people who were not engaged in warfare against the United States. And he cursed the Empire by once more using the rationale (but not rationality) that “we have the mightiest military the world has ever seen!”

      1. yeah, and the admittedly anecdotal accounts from family friends and other former or active fellow military dupes who and which, because the Pentagoons have a hiring preference for low income people to be the de facto enforcers. .. that news isn’t exactly free. We paid for the information with our ‘service’.
        Maybe you could find a post somebody who looks a lot like me and wore my fatigues wrote about his Sister The Sergeant and her Sergeant Husband sharing a not very funny ‘joke’ because the pilot whose plane they serviced blew away a flock of sheep and just by coincidence Kurdish shepherd (domestic sheep need constant human leadership because they’re stupid) in Kurdistan with the Northern No Fly Zone.

        Because the elitist pilot couldn’t tell the difference between sheep and people.
        They said he was feeling “sheepish” because he was having a Baaaa’d day..

        Those the sheep you wrote about? I’ve got history on my side. Can you say the same?

  3. What a load of PC BS! Today it isn’t the bad guys mouth, its the good guys mouth that is a threat. God help us all!

  4. Trump only says what the think tank script writers write for him to say. He (like all of the U.S. Presidents since and including Reagan) is an actor who was installed into the office of President not because of any virtue other than his acting ability. In order to find out who orders the scripts one would have to look down the skole hole… a long way down. My guess is that near the bottom is Kissinger, but the very bottom is even deeper, and is populated with some of the most evil people who have ever lived, many of whom hardly anyone has ever heard of.

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