Guaido Not Arrested in Venezuela – Rubio and Bolton Outraged!

US-named Venezuela president Juan Guaido defied the Venezuelan government and returned to the country yesterday. US neocons were hoping that his arrest would open the door to US military action. They were disappointed. The Venezuelan government stood down and allowed his return. What’s next for the regime changers? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

9 thoughts on “Guaido Not Arrested in Venezuela – Rubio and Bolton Outraged!”

  1. We have 260,000 Venezuelan refugees in the US (UN figures), Colombia has over a million. Maybe they can all stay with the people like Ron Paul who are whining about the “Regime Changers”.

    1. Here’s an alternative. The US government can stop its destructive economic war against Venezuela so that the people can go back to their own country as they are doing in Syria now that the US regime change project in that country has been defetaed .

      1. Here’s another alternative: Both.

        The US stops its destructive regime change operations AND people are free to travel to and from the US instead of being restricted from doing so. Everybody wins (except the people who want to Make America East Germany Again).

    2. When you think war crimes are acceptable, you deserve to get shot in the face.

      1. No. Being ignorant is an American right. Ignorance doesn’t mean we should murder the idiots. They need to be educated. The real war criminals however, need to be punished.

    3. I don’t listen to Ron Paul anymore. But your comment makes no sense. You have chosen to stay uninformed on the attempts of the United States to illegally overthrow Venezuela. Putting your head in the sand is why you post idiotic comments online.

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