The Empire Bombed Serbia To Seize Kosovo in 1999 (Video)

The American Empire faced downsizing in the 1990s after the Warsaw Pact disbanded and Soviets troops withdrew home. American politicians demanded a reduction in military spending and the closure of most military bases in Europe. The solution was to start a war in Europe. Serbia (which was called Yugoslavia before 2006) openly resisted demands to open its economy to western banks and corporations and refused to join the European Union. As a result, Serbia was demonized and targeted for destruction. An ongoing rebellion by some Albanian immigrants in Serbia’s province of Kosovo was chosen as a NATO cause. The American CIA began shipping arms to the Islamic Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and transported hundreds of al Qaeda mercenaries to Kosovo to attack Serbs. This was politically awkward since the KLA was on the U.S. State Department’s list of terrorist groups. Serbian soldiers were dispatched to their southernmost province to repel these Islamic invaders. This increased the level of violence and Serbia was blamed.


3 thoughts on “The Empire Bombed Serbia To Seize Kosovo in 1999 (Video)”

  1. Pretty much sums it up in a bombshell. Just like Panama and the First Gulf War, Kosovo was essentially an open air commercial for the New World Order. Thank Christ they hit the wall with the War on Terror. Now the indispensable nation is left crippled and limping to the barn with a pornographic parody of an administration that couldn’t shoot straight strapped to its back. Nothing left to see here folks, just the decline of another venal civilization into the toxic sludge of its own mess. Happy Fourth of July!

  2. Jul 4, 2020 78% of Russians VOTE to break away from western neoliberal dogma

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated on Thursday that the result was a clear sign of the Russian people’s trust in president Putin.

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