Conflicts of Interest: Biden Silent as Israel Commits War Crimes, Massacres Children

On Conflicts of Interest #110, Will Porter and Kyle Anzalone update the ongoing violence in the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces targeted a number of civilian structures in recent days, including the crowded al-Shati refugee camp – one of the most densely populated places on Earth – killing 10 people, eight of them children. Al-Jalaa Tower, a high-rise building containing offices for the Associated Press and a number of other major media outlets, was also brought down by IDF strikes, making it even harder for the international press to report from the ground in the blockaded Palestinian territory.

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        1. Yes, I’ve “looked into” Hunter. His existence supports my theory that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the same person wearing different wigs.

          1. Wrong on all accounts. I think Joe is more like W.. He was VP to a President that admired Reagan.

        2. What about Hunter? Where are the indictments? Trials? I suppose you are going to use as evidence the laptop that landed in the lap of Rudy Giuliani. The one that was in a shop operated by a half blind technician for one year.

          1. The law doesn’t apply to him in the US. Hunter is above the law. The law only applies to the weak in the US, like in China.

    1. The S.O.W. Trump was too busy tweeting and watching Fox News to “expose” anything. Here is a remark about that individual at the MOA site today:

      Trump was not assertive enough to use the power of his office to get things done. He also was not smart enough to beat the deep state in its own game.

      Unless I’ve been misinformed, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has taken full ownership of the mess on the Eastern end of the Mediterranean. Not only has he embraced Trump’s stupid and destructive policies, but he is working hard to make things even worse. Zionists occupying the top three State Department positions is entirely Biden’s doing.

      What really pains me is to watch the righteous “Left” bloggers mostly go silent on this issue. Hillary’s apprentice at the Hullabaloo site hasn’t even touched the issue for over a month. A person she once allowed to write posts there may have left a lasting impression. Here are some high points of a post Chris Floyd (commenting about that Hullabaloo author) wrote back in 2012 when the sh*thole state was bombing the hell out of Gaza.

      1) We are scared. People might call us bad names, and that would be unpleasant. And it would also, somehow, interfere with our ability to support other causes. Do you want us to be like that fool Martin Luther King Jr., who didn’t stick to his niche issue of civil rights but also took on murderous American militarism and economic injustice? That’s not savvy, that’s not how to get things done. Anyway, look what happened to him when he stuck his neck out too far.

      2) We are childish. There are no “good guys” we can root for in a comic-book version of good vs. evil. [How about rooting for the innocent people being slaughtered? Are they not “good” enough?] Also, we are too uninterested to read of any context or history beyond the day’s headlines, so we have no idea about the many efforts made by Hamas and others, including Israelis, to “prevent rockets from being fired at Israeli civilians.” …

      3) We are helpless. You should only blog about things you can “theoretically” do something about. So apparently there is nothing anyone can ever do — even “theoretically” — to prevent the United States government from giving its full and unstinting support to the ongoing operation in Gaza.

      Gag Rule on Gaza: A ‘Grand Bargain’ With Brutal Power

      1. This site is anti-war and so am I and nothing else matters to me here. He could be a cross dresser and I still would not care.

        Oct 29, 2020 Robert O’Brien – Trump’s Foreign Policy

        Donald Trump is the first American president since Ronald Reagan not to initiate a foreign war. Moreover, peace is breaking out in the Middle East. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien explains the Trump approach.

        1. Everyone has their heroes, and for reasons I don’t understand DJT is still adored by millions.
          Reagan may not have started a “foreign war”, but his invasion of Grenada (5,000 + medals awarded) greased the skids for the later presidents. Saint Ronnie made foreign violence respectable again.

          Trump continued all the wars he inherited, and came within a hair of starting one with Iran. He actually campaigned in favor of torture, and pardoned the unspeakable war criminal Edward R. Gallagher.

          Portraying ‘stable genius’ Trump as a clever peacemonger doesn’t cut it with me. But as I said, to each his own.

          1. Trump loosened the rules of engagement (bombing) that has killed quite a few Afghan children.

            There is AFRICON that was still in business (big time) in that continent.
            Giving Israel carte blanche, I would argue, is an act of promoting one side in a war.

            Our 800+ military bases around the world flourished during his four years.

            He was no pleacenik.

          2. “He actually campaigned in favor of torture”

            And killing family members of terrorists Filling up GITMO. Bragging about being the most militaristic candidate running and rebuilding that same military that Obama depleted. Promising undying loyalty to Israel while saying Obama treated them shabbily. And of course his wailing against the JCPOA and promising belligerence to Iran. In between all that he claimed to be anti-war and claimed to be against the Iraq war of 2003 even though he told Howard Stone “I geuss so” when asked if we should have invaded while wishing we should have “done it right the first time”(the invasion of 1991). And never mind lifting the rules of engagement in all theaters, continuing our killer drone program everywhere, while bombing Afghanistan more than it had been bombed at any time since the initial invasion.

        2. “Donald Trump is the first American president since Ronald Reagan not to initiate a foreign war.”

          That’s debatable — his order to assassinate Soleimani was an act of foreign war, and was responded to by the Iranians.

          But even if it is, strictly speaking, true, he escalated every war he inherited, and re-started a dormant one in Somalia.

          1. Technically true but there was no invasion with troops I believe is the measuring stick here. This is why I shared this. He did not invade a country and even sat down with North Korea. Nobody else even had stones like this.

          2. I agree. No “invasions”. But isn’t that measuring stick ignoring all the other measuring sticks when it comes to being anti-war and making it rather meaningless considering everything else he did?

          3. A list you of your policy dislikes? Prison release reform one? Biden wrote and passed while in Congress the 1994 Crime bill that has lead to mass incarceration!

          4. My dislikes(some, I have many more)are listed in this comment section. And I have absolutely no use for Biden. If Trump had been a principled man of peace and liberty I would have overlooked his being a complete jerk. But when you advocate torture and you want to lock up people in an offshore gulag without any kind of due process then I think there is no hope. And he told that to everybody before he got elected. He turned out to be exactly what I thought he would be. So will Biden.

          5. He got Republicans to cheer the concept of exiting a war, and of condemning the Iraq War. That’s something.

        3. Donald Trump is the first American President since Reagan not to initiate a foreign war

          Venezuela would disagree.

          Trump imposed sanctions which essentially ended their oil trade – 99% drop in total sales compared to 2014 – crippling their economy. He sponsored two coup attempts (that we know about) and send an armada to prevent any ships from getting in or out. The admin didn’t ease sanctions as two major hurricanes and a pandemic hit. As a result, the government could not care for its people and they suffered immensely.

          Trump didn’t use missiles but undoubtably killed innocents and collectively punished an entire citizenry. A conventional attack would have been less destructive.

          Add too aggressively pursuing every war he inherited, increases to military spending, arms deals masquerading as peace agreements, hypersonic missiles, tactical nukes and belligerence toward Iran. No, Trump gets no pass from this anti-war advocate.

          1. Also an embargo, which, is an act of war.

            It was an embargo that riled Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, thus starting off the war in the Pacific Theater.

          2. Still no boots entered any country and this is a fact! The Pentagon or MIC is the government today.

            Just review any police department anywhere and they weapons of war from the Obama era and Pentagon.

            Bankster’s are going to do what Bankster’s do and always have since there were central banking.

          3. “Still no boots entered any country and this is a fact!”

            Well, except for the boots that entered Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, and probably other countries.

            But except for those boots there, true, no boots entered any country.

          4. That was Obama and Bush Jr!

            Dec 20, 2016 General Wesley Clark Wars Were Planned Seven Countries In Five Years re-uploaded from an Uploaded on Sep 11, 2011 Originally published in March 2007


          5. Knapp means additional troops entered those places. Trump clearly had good intentions at times. If Trump had hired Pat Buchanan or Duncan Hunter (retired father of the more recent Congressman Duncan Hunter), his presidency would have been a success.

            I dunno that it matters to debate Trump. It’s history now. He had positives and negatives.

      2. Biden and Trump, the halves of the “plate of sh-t” that Nina Turner described.

        Nailed it!

      3. Some positives resulted. Corruption in Ukraine wouldn’t ahve been exposed without him. Corruption in the FBI and elections, such strong distrust in the mass media and in large corporations, etc. All that is the result of Trump. Many of the positions of the Trump movement are better than the Bush movement, which they’ve semi-replaced.

        One question might be whether it matters to what degree positive change did or did not result. Change is change, isn’t so important where it comes from.

      1. I operate on this fundamental premise and everyone else understands this concept, “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” Socrates

        1. If you read enough here, you’ll find that every writer and commenter here is fallible. The ones who might appear better just don’t post often. Humility and open-mindedness are virtues.

  1. “Biden Silent as Israel Commits War Crimes”

    When you are complicit in those crimes by providing the funds to commit them, it should surprise no one that he is ‘silent’ regarding them.

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