The FBI Claims Free Speech Prevented Warning of Capitol Violence

Since the incident at the US Capitol last week, Joe Biden, his fellow Democrats, and many Republicans have made it clear that they view those who stormed the building as “domestic terrorists.”

The label raises fears of new legislation that targets domestic terror or even a Patriot Act 2.0. And it seems that US intelligence agencies, along with their stenographers in the media, are priming us for just that.

A story published by NBC News on Tuesday cites anonymous FBI officials who say they were unable to share intelligence that violence was expected at the Capitol on January 6th due to one factor — that it would violate free speech.

The report reads: “FBI intelligence analysts gathered information about possible violence involving the US Capitol on Jan. 6., but the FBI never distributed a formal intelligence bulletin, in part because of concerns that doing so might have run afoul of free speech protections.”

The authors go on to explain: “Because Al Qaeda and ISIS are designated terrorist organizations under the law, the FBI feels more free to disseminate intelligence about Americans linked to them in any way. There are no designations for domestic terrorist groups.”

One nameless FBI official “confirmed” with NBC that they had indications violence would happen but “felt constrained from sharing some of the information because of First Amendment concerns.”

So the FBI wants us to believe that if it wasn’t for that pesky First Amendment, everything could have been avoided. Nothing a little legislation can’t fix.

The fearless adversarial journalists at NBC go on to say: “Some experts say the lack of a domestic terrorism statute constrains the FBI from treating far-right and far-left groups the same as Americans who are radicalized to violence by Al Qaeda or ISIS ideology.”

Notably, but not surprisingly, one of the co-authors of the NBC piece, Ken Dilanian, is a known CIA asset. FOIA documents published by The Intercept in 2014 show Dilanian communicating with one of his CIA handlers, making sure the agency is pleased with how he reports CIA drone strikes.

Domestic terrorism legislation has been introduced in Congress before. In 2019 and 2020 bills were introduced that would enable the creation of domestic terror offices within the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the FBI. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) sponsored and introduced one of the bills and says he’s ready to do it again in the wake of the Capitol incident.

Joe Biden’s team is reportedly working on domestic terror laws. A bill from Biden, the author of the infamous 1994 Crime Bill who has taken credit for drafting the Patriot Act, would likely go much further than creating new offices in a few government agencies.

Now, the intelligence agencies are warning of impending political violence on January 20th. Any Trump supporters considering political violence that day will only be playing into the hands of the deep state they have learned to despise over these past four years. And the left-wingers calling for the “insurrectionists” to be locked up should be cautious. Any new Patriot Act will be turned right around on them.

Cell Phone Video Captures Louisville PD and National Guard Opening Fire, Killing David McAtee

The National Guard and Louisville PD broke up a gathering for violating curfew around 12:15 AM on June 1st. They opened fire on the crowd and killed local business owner David McAtee.

McAtee was loved by his community, ran a BBQ restaurant, and even fed local police for free. His sister told reporters the gathering was not related to the protests that caused the city to enact a curfew.