Airline Security Less Than Perfect?

Americans Shocked to learn from the The New York Times,

“WASHINGTON Despite an immense investment in security, the U.S. aviation system remains vulnerable to attack by Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups, with noncommercial planes and helicopters offering terrorists a particularly tempting target, a confidential U.S. government report concludes.

“Intelligence indicates that Al Qaeda may have already discussed plans to hijack charter planes, helicopters and other general aviation aircraft for attacks because they are less guarded than commercial airliners, according to a previously undisclosed “special assessment” on aviation security by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security…

“A separate report issued last month by the Department of Homeland Security concluded that developing a clear framework for setting possible targets in order is critical because “it is impossible to protect all of the infrastructure sectors equally across the entire United States.” Many Democrats say the administration has lagged in this area”

Amazing to think that people can think of ways to commit crimes where cops aren’t around.
Leaving the world alone and allowing Americans to defend themselves are apparently not being considered as options.

Congress Members Vow Support for Sibel Edmonds

From an ACLU press release: Members From Both Sides of the Aisle Promise to Investigate Problems at FBI After Hearing Wednesday

“WASHINGTON – Two Members of Congress promised to investigate whistleblower Sibel Edmonds’ allegations against the FBI and raised concerns over the government’s response to her case after she testified Wednesday for the first time before Congress.

Edmonds, who was fired after exposing national security concerns at the FBI, received support from Representatives Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) and Christopher Shays, (R-Conn.) after testifying at a subcommittee hearing of the House Committee on Government Reform.”…

This is a step in the right direction, maybe. If we have any power at all, it’s in the House of Representatives. Does your congressman support Mrs. Edmonds?
Click here for her March 2nd testimony to the House Committee on Government Reform (and more).
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Sibel Edmonds’ website:
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My interview of her here(mp3)
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A New Cold War with China?

The China Post perceives a new cold war with the United States:

“A new Cold War is taking shape after last week’s U.S.-Japan joint statement that China is their biggest security threat and that Taiwan is key to keep Beijing’s growing military might in check… It was the first time that the U.S. and Japan openly placed Taiwan under their defense umbrella. The joint statement represented the most significant change since 1996 to the 1960 U.S.-Japan Security Alliance. Just two days before that, U.S. Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Douglas Feith, told the Council on Foreign Relations that China was one of the ‘four key concerns’ of the U.S., the others being weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and failing states. While the U.S. would respect China’s aspiration to achieve national greatness, Feith said, this in turn would require Beijing to ‘forgo the threat or use of force to pursue unification.’
In other words, China’s rise has to be in line with America’s ‘rules of the road.’ If not, he warned, ‘respect for sovereignty’ does not require the U.S. ‘to ignore the depredations of tyrannical regimes.'”

We (especially Feith) are in a position to say so because our government has respect for the rule of law.