Antiwar Events Go Viral

On Saturday, August 31st, rallies are scheduled across the United States against the War on Syria. I have compiled a partial list. The demonstration event has clearly gone viral. Events were being added to Facebook and other places faster than I could type.

Some of the people organizing these have happily said they have never done anything like this before, and have posted Facebook event pages omitting minor details like the city or state for their rally location. Also, for Facebook announcements there are some anomalies involving which time zone is being posted with the announcement, so check what time these are. Finally, *some of these events are not tomorrow*. I have done what I could, but the list is very long and some announcements were a tad bit obscure. The following list is not complete, but I got tired of typing.

The driving force is an internet message.

Here’s the plan of action to Oppose the illegal and unconstitutional war with Syria:

We are launching a global rally on Saturday August 31st in every city and town in the world.

Here’s how you get involved:

Go to the FB search bar and search for ‘No War With Syria Rally (your city)’ example: No War With Syria Rally San Diego

Join the event, invite ALL of your friends to join it as well, then get involved with the locals that are already in the event page to help them any way you can.
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Network for Peace

Is your student group featuring an antiwar speaker? Does your place of worship host a weekly peace vigil? Does your anti-empire group have a mailing list or a schedule of upcoming events?

We want to let others know about your work for peace. Please email Angela Keaton at with the latest on your local activism.