The March of Obama’s Dark Cynicism

Obama spent several minutes this afternoon droning on and stuttering about the economy, injecting words like “folks” and “busted” into his typically boring speech as recommended by his handlers to get the plebes to relate more to His Harvardness. Among the many things he mentioned as a solution to the United States’ unprecedentedly massive deficit and debt are raising taxes on corporate jet owners, oil companies, other rich boogeymen, and salami-slicing entitlements, and more. Otherwise, he said, we won’t be able to subsidize the waste of young life that is grades 13-17, aka “college”; we won’t have medical research despite the fact that, well, we will; and gasp! a possible threat somehow to the efficacy of food inspection — you don’t want to die of e. coli do you? DO YOU?

But you know what jet owners he didn’t mention? Boeing and other military contractors. And rightly so — why bring attention to the biggest crony capitalists on the face of the earth, those who are most responsible for our deficits and destroyed economy. Those to whom we are forced to donate trillions of dollars and from whom we get NOTHING of use. That would just make Americans pay more attention to the real damage to our economy and liberties done by his glorious little “humanitarian” bombing projects across the earth.

Later, Obama repeated the Benghazi Myth of Libya intervention, as usual.

“This operation is limited in time and scope,” something he said in the beginning — “days, not weeks” — but since then we have no update on the exact “limit.” More rhetoric included Gadhafi’s alleged sponsoring of terror against the United States — 25 years ago, way before we had reengaged with his regime. This is all yawn-inducing stuff, rehashed from other cynical speeches, typical of the tortured justifications of the Bush and Obama administrations.

The president then said something so breathtaking on the question of the War Powers Act that I had to rewind to make sure I heard him right:

“I don’t even have to get to the constitutional question.”

The President of the United States, a so-called Constitutional scholar, and whose job it is to uphold the Constitution, thinks there are times, let alone of WAR, when he can take action without even thinking about the document that is the framework of the very entity that he himself heads?

Okay. Does anyone see this getting better?