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Updated August 21, 2019 - 6:04 PM EDT
Trump: US Role in Afghanistan 'Ridiculous'
  Trump Promises Continued US Presence in Afghanistan
US Blames Iran for Downing Drone Over Yemen
  US Threatens Sanctions to Anyone Who ‘Touches’ Iran Tanker
  Pompeo Warns of 'New Turmoil' if UN Arms Embargo on Iran Expires
Syria Retaking Town After al-Qaeda Withdraws
  Pentagon Eager to Present a Recovering ISIS, Facts Don't Support It
South Yemen Separatists Seize Military Camps
  British-Made Bomb Parts Discovered in Yemen: UN Experts
US Says Don't Need Iraqi Permission for Certain Flights
  New German Defense Chief in Iraq To Promote Extending Mission
10 Coming RussiaGate Revelations That Could Rock DC
India Attacks Have Killed 35 in Pakistani Kashmir
Russia, China Say US Stoking Tensions With Missile Test
Trump Cancels Denmark Trip if He Can't Buy Greenland
item America's Interventionist Middle East Policy Started 66 Years Ago  by Andrew Corbley
item End Foreign Aid to Israel and Everyone Else  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item NPR Mocks Cancer Survivor in Drumbeat of Syria Propaganda  by Rick Sterling
item The Deeper Meaning in a Lost War  by Alastair Crooke
item How Western Media Demonizes Iran  by Serge Halimi & Pierre Rimbert
item Post-INF Treaty US Test of Ground-Launched Tomahawk Missile  by Tyler Rogoway

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Mexican Court Allows Recreational Cocaine Use
Trump Says Let Russia Join Group of Seven
ISIS Could Re-Emerge in Syria, Chinese Envoy Warns
Israeli Businessman Behind Mega-Deal to Supply Spy Planes to UAE
The War at Home
US Jews: Trump Spreading Anti-Semitic Trope by Accusing Jews of 'Disloyalty'
Federal Agencies Faced Fewer Cyberattacks in 2018: Report
Sheldon Adelson and Wife Give $213,000 to Senate GOP Fundraising Group
Mike Pompeo Tells Business Leaders That Trade War Could End by 2020
Area 51 Events in Nevada Prompt Emergency Crowd Planning
Space Command Will Launch Aug. 29, Vice President Mike Pence Says
American Arms Dealer Who Tried To Sell Russian-Made Missiles to Libya Sentenced to 30 Years
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Trump Moves Forward With $8 Billion F-16 Sale to Taiwan
Pompeo: Hong Kong Violence Would Make China Trade Deal 'More Difficult'
Imports of Chinese Steel Racks Injure US Industry: US International Trade Commission
North Korea
Pompeo Expresses Concern Over North Korea Missile Tests
Pompeo Says North Korea Talks Have Not Resumed as Quickly as Hoped
China Boosts Food Aid to North Korea
US Seeks to Reduce War Cost, Casualties in Afghanistan: Pompeo
Trump Asserts He Could Win Afghanistan War 'in a Week' Without 'Using Nuclear'
Girls School Torched in Kabul
US Announces $125m in Aid to Afghanistan
Afghan Election Takes Precedence Over Peace: Chief Executive Abdullah
2,300 Held in Kashmir, Says International News Agency, Citing Officers, Records
Kashmir Remains Tense Despite Partial Easing of Restrictions
Pakistan to Take Kashmir Dispute With India to World Court
Trump Offers to Mediate 'Explosive' Kashmir Standoff
Sri Lanka
US Warns Sri Lanka on Investment, Military Ties After Army Chief Promotion
Sri Lanka Says Criticism Over New Army Chief 'Unwarranted'
India's Moon Probe Enters Lunar Orbit
Philippines' Duterte Warns of 'Unfriendly' Greeting for Uninvited Warships
Indonesia Deploys Troops to West Papua Region as Protests Spread
Russia to Nuclear Test Ban Monitor: Test Accident Not Your Business
Big Questions Linger as Russia Shares Radiation Data
Some Russian Radiation Sensors Back Online: Global Network Operator
Northern Ireland: Sixth Blast This Year Targets Police Near Border
Palestinians Boycott German Nightclub That Recruits for Israeli Army
Israel Is Manipulating Gaza's Demographics by Facilitating Palestinian Emigration
Israel Won't Allow Palestine Cup Soccer Game, Cites 'Security Reasons'
Likud Joins Far-Right Appeal to Bar Arab Parties From Running in Election
To Please Trump, Netanyahu Turned Omar, Tlaib, and BDS Into Prime Time News
Israeli, US Militaries Simulate Ship Hijacking Amid Tensions
Hamas Dismisses Netanyahu's Threats Against Gaza as 'Empty Electioneering'
Yemen Vows to Confront UAE-Backed 'Coup' as Infighting Rages
Yemen's Houthis Down US Drone in Dhamar Governorate
US Will Act if Tanker Carrying Iranian Oil Delivers Oil: Pompeo
US Warns Greece Not to Harbor Iranian Tanker
Greece Says Has Had No Request From Iranian Oil Tanker to Dock
Iraq Daily Roundup: Another Ammo Dump Explosion; Eight Killed in Iraq
Blasts Hit Militia Group Position at Iraq's Balad Air Base: Security Sources
Too Flashy for Fallujah: Women's Fashion Show in Former ISIS Stronghold Causes Outrage
Deadline Elapses for Unregistered Syrians to Leave Istanbul
Turkey Says It Will Not Move Military Observation Post in Syria
Middle East
Lebanon's Labor Minister Vows to Continue Crackdown Despite Wave of Protests
Turkish Police Use Water Cannon, Batons on Kurdish Protesters
Saudi Arabia Implements End to Travel Restrictions for Women
Four Super Hornets Damaged in US Carrier Landing Gone Wrong in Arabian Sea
UN Agency: Rival Tribes Clash in Southern Libya; 90 Killed This Month
Haftar Boosts Military Security at Libya's Largest Oil Field
Libya Sends Mobile Petrol Stations to Conflict-Hit West
Sudan Appoints Top Economist as PM
Sudan Forms 11-Member Sovereign Council, Headed by Military Leader
US Says Airstrike in Somalia Kills Al-Shabaab Militant
Southern Somali State Shutters Main City, Airport Ahead of Election: Senior Local Official
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Leader Laments Dark Stain After Attack Kills 24 Troops
Islamist Militants Are Targeting Christians in Burkina Faso
UN Postpones Anti-Torture Conference in Cairo After Outcry
Algeria Deports HRW Official, Journalist for Observing Protests
Cameroon Separatist Leaders Condemned to Life in Prison
Zimbabwe Opposition to Review Strategy in Face of 'Political Asphyxiation'
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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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