Iraqi Crisis Actions

Please let us know immediately of any actions by emailing us.

Scheduled Events

National Day of Protest

National Campus Actions Against US Sanctions and Bombing of Iraq

Periodic Updates

Fellowship of Reconciliation Action Updates

Listing of Protests & Organizations Protesting the War

American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee Listing of Antiwar Actions

Peace Action Listing of Antiwar Actions

International Action Committee Listing of Antiwar Actions

Lebanese Students on Hunger Strike — Updates

Ongoing Activities

Impeach Clinton for Murdering Iraqis Petition

Petition to Stop the Sanctions and Bombing Against Iraq

Send Letter to Ambassador of Brazil, Current President of the Security Council

Email Letter to U.S. Leaders

Fellowship of Reconciliation Holiday Gift of Life Campaign

Vote on MSNBC Online Poll
So far 65% say bombings are politically motivated

American War Tax Resistance

Japanese Gulf War Tax Resistance

Ammunition for Activists

What Should
Conservatives Do?

Talking Points for Talk Shows and Letters to the Editor

Should Conservatives Participate in Leftist Demonstrations?

Documentaries on the Effects of the Blockade on Iraq

Addresses and Fax Numbers for Advocacy Letters

Speakers Available to Speak on Iraq Issue from Institute for Public Accuracy

Suggestions for Activists from the Iraq Action Coalition

Suggestions for Activists from the Fellowship of Reconciliation

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