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April 20th, 2018

New Zealand Sends Fresh Troops; Five Killed in Iraq Yemen Red Cross: More Dying From Indirect Effects of War
Palestinians Want Independent Probe of Israeli Gaza Killings CIA Declassifies Memo Clearing Haspel of Responsibility for Destroying Evidence
North Korea to Close Nuclear Testing Site Israel Pulls Back Fighter Jets From Alaska Joint Exercise
Israel Kills Child and Crushes Bones in Gaza Saudi Ministry: Gunmen Attack, Kill Four Policemen in the South
Twenty Killed in Air Strike in Southwest Yemen: Residents An Iranian Air Base Inside Syria? No, Israeli Media Use Wrong Photo
The Symbol of Political Prisoners Resonates Beyond Borders While Marchers Can't Breathe, People Like You Are Making Sure Their Stories Spread Around the World
US Fails to Acknowledge Gaza Has Civilians Afghan Authorities: Three Protecting Voter Registration Killed
40,000 Gather in Armenia to Demand Leader's Resignation Six South American Nations Suspend Membership of Anti-US Bloc
Former Mexico Governor Extradited to US to Face Drug Charges Chile Offers to Host Talks Between Colombia, ELN Rebels
Peru's Ex-President Fujimori in Court Over 1992 Massacre Israeli Soldiers Kill Four Palestinians, Wound 700 at Gaza Rally
How the CIA Is Waging an Influence Campaign to Get a New Director Confirmed Afghan Official: Roadside Bomb Kills Five in Eastern Province
Al-Qaeda Claims Deadly Attack on French, UN Forces in Mali North Korea Dials Down the Anti-US Rhetoric
Genesis Prize Ceremony Canceled as Natalie Portman Declines Attendence Israeli Politician Calls for Natalie Portman to Be Stripped of Her Israeli Citizenship
Evacuation in Slovakia After Unexploded WWII Bombs Found Russia: US Did Not Violate Red Lines During Syria Strikes
WWII Bomb Defused in Berlin After Large Central Evacuation Russia: US Strikes Remove Moral Hurdles for S-300 Missiles for Assad: RIA
Teary-Eyed, Hundreds Search Through Rubble in Devastated Philippines City Turkey Says Enemies See Greece as 'Safe Haven'
Russia Says Hard to Know if Syria's Borders Will Remain as They Are Iraq Resumes Payments of Gulf War Reparations to Kuwait
Lithuania Wants More NATO Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Deter Russia Two-Thirds of US Senate Pushes Turkey to Release Pastor
Insurgents South of Syrian Capital Surrender, Says State TV Pentagon Corrects Statements About Air-To-Surface Missile, F-22 Roles in Syria Strike
Pyongyang Calling: North and South Korean Leaders Get Hotline as Stage Set for Summit 'We Are Truly Sorry': ETA Apologizes for Four Decades of Deadly Violence
Congressional Reps Pen Letter Requesting US Army Acquire Iron Dome Romanian President Slams Plan to Move Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
Air Force Awards Nearly $1 Billion Contract for a Hypersonic Cruise Missile Liberia Warlord 'Jungle Jabbah' Jailed for 30 Years in the US
Tortured, Mentally Ill Guantanamo Prisoner Asks Court to Be Repatriated to Saudi Arabia France Expels Radical Imam to Algeria

April 19th, 2018

Missing Nazi Submarine Found Near Denmark; Spoiler: Hitler Is Probably Not Onboard Baghdad Drops Bombs on ISIS in Syria; Five Killed in Iraq
Pentagon Doubts US Attack Destroyed Syria's Chemical Weapons Capacity Iraq Launches 'Deadly Strikes' Against ISIS Forces Inside Syria

April 13th, 2018

Arizona Soldier Dies During Training Incident at the National Training Center
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