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June 23rd, 2017

Many Casualties in Mosul Attacks; 151 Killed in Iraq Judge Orders Release of Uzbek Suspect on Terror Charges
US Marine Corps to Resume F-35 Operations a Day After Suspension at Arizona Base CIA Set Up Secret Back Channel With Syria to Try to Free US Hostage
Maritime Mystery: Why a US Destroyer Failed to Dodge a Cargo Ship Kurds Warn Turkey's Buildup in North Syria Threatens Raqqa Invasion
Senators Seek Clarification on US Role in Yemen Torture Al-Jazeera Slams Saudi Demand to Shut Them Down
Thunderbird F-16 Military Jet Flips Over at Dayton, Ohio, Air Show Practice Saudis Issue Broad List of Demands to Qatar
US Government Narrows Focus of Counter-Extremism Program Nigeria Sends in Troops, Police After Ethnic Clashes
President: Colombia on Verge of Completing Rebel Disarmament Venezuelans Rally in Anger at Death of Young Protestor
US Ends Role of Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Suicide Bomber Targeting Mecca Hurts Six: Saudi Police
Senators Ask Military to Clarify US Role in Yemen Torture Ahead of Modi Visit, US Sees No Threat to Pakistan From Arms Deal With India
Ecuador Foreign Minister Says UK Wants a Solution to Assange Standoff Damascus Won't Let 'Enemies' Benefit From De-Escalation Zones: Minister
Three Killed in Gun Attack on Bank in Kenyan Northeast: Police Grenade-Thrower Gets 28 Years Jail in French Jihadist Cell Trial
Flint Airport Stabbing Suspect Was Not on Radar of Canada or US Authorities Policeman Beaten to Death by Enraged Crowd in Indian Kashmir
UN Begins Investigation of Congo Killings Qatar's Al Jazeera Hits Back at Arab States' Attempt to Close It Down
Armed South Sudanese Abduct 13 Refugees, Steal 180 Cows in Moyo Iranians Chant 'Death to Israel', Burn ISIS's Flag at Rallies: TV
Damascus-Allied Militia Advances Into Deir Al-Zor Province: Syrian Observatory CIA Contractors Fired for Stealing $3,000-Worth of Snacks
US-Led Coalition Unsure if ISIS's Baghdadi Dead or Alive UAE Says Will Not Back Down in Dispute if Qatar Declines to Cooperate
Afghan War Will End Only if NATO Leaves: Taliban Chief Russia Warships and Sub Fire Cruise Missiles at Syria: Moscow
US Approves Sale of Drones to India: General Atomics Pakistan Is Leading in Fight Against Terrorism, Says China
Egypt's Sisi Pardons 502 Prisoners Including Well-Known Tycoon US Would Like Nuclear Deal With India to Go Forward: Official
If Baghdadi Is Dead, Next ISIS Leader Likely to Be Saddam-Era Officer US Military Says Crisis Communications Link With Russia 'in Use'
Iraqi Forces Battle Toward Heart of Mosul's Old City Venezuela: Death of a Protester
US List to Drop Iraq, Myanmar as Worst Offenders on Child Soldiers Saudis Say They Foiled 'Terrorist Action' Planned for Mecca's Grand Mosque
UN Denies Israeli Claims Hezbollah Posing as Green NGO Turkey Says Israel Paid Compensation to Families of Mavi Marmara Activists
Israel's Slow Creep Into the Syrian Civil War Multiple Bombings Kill 40 Across Pakistan
Obama Ordered Cyberweapons Implanted Into Russia's Infrastructure Senator Calls Strikes on Syrian Forces 'Unlawful'
Turkish Military Buildup in Northern Syria Threatens Raqqa Operation Al Jazeera: Call for Closure Is Siege Against Journalism
After Abbas and Kushner Meet, Palestinians Disappointed With Trump Over Settlements The Picturesque Palestinian Village That Doubles as an Israeli Army Firing Zone
Dennis Rodman Suggests He Helped Win Otto Warmbier's Release From North Korea Saudi Demands From Qatar Seen as Breach of Sovereignty
Saudi-Led Arab States Submit Demands to Qatar, Including Shuttering of Al Jazeera Mexican President Says Government Acquired Spyware but He Denies Misuse
Australia to Send Spy Planes to Help Philippines Recapture Marawi Poll: Voters Grow Weary of Russia Probes
Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Deny Reports They Are in Talks With Russia to Send Troops to Syria Gaza Residents Abandoned by Hamas, Abbas, and Israel
Gaza City: Life in a Septic Tank Media Watchdog Slams Demand to Shut Al Jazeera

June 22nd, 2017

Venezuelan Soldier Shoots Protester Dead in Airbase Attack, Minister Says Teenagers Blown-Up by Old Landmine; 46 Killed in Iraq
Pakistan: We Won't Tolerate Drone Strikes on Our Soil Turkey: US Promised to Take Back Kurds' Arms After ISIS Is Defeated
House Armed Services Committee Advances $640 Billion Military Spending Bill

June 19th, 2017

Stories of Seven Fitzgerald Sailors Killed in Destroyer-Container Ship Crash
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