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October 16th, 2021

ISIS Bombing Kills at Least 65 People in Southern Afghanistan

October 15th, 2021

Iraq Daily Roundup: 17 Killed UN Extends Haiti Political Mission After US-China Dispute
UN Official: Taliban to Announce Secondary School for Girls Authorities Label Stabbing Death of British Lawmaker a 'Terrorist Incident'
US Vows to Pay Relatives of 10 Killed in Errant Kabul Drone Strike Saudi Coalition: Over 180 Houthis Killed Near Yemen's Maarib
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Syria's Idlib: SOHR Israel Used Civilian Airliners as Cover in Attack on Syria
South Korean Military Struggles to Root Out Sexual Assaults Third Day of Clashes in Bangladash Over Koran 'Desecration'
Hundreds of Inmates Riot in Russian Prison US Should Give Australia Access to Operations in Singapore, Guam, Philippines: Former Consul General's Report
Biden Links Policies Targeting Uygurs in Xinjiang to the Holocaust Several Injured in Clashes Between Palestinians, IDF Near Beita
At Least 62 Killed, Dozens Injured in 'Suicide Attack' at Kandahar Mosque Ex-Taliban Commander Pleads Not Guilty to Killing US Troops
Japanese Coalition Partner Raises Doubt About Higher Defense Spending South Africa Arrests 56 for Taking Cabinet Ministers Hostage
Putin: No Rush in Officially Recognizing Taliban's Rule Turkey Plans Military Action Against Syrian Kurdish YPG if Diplomacy Fails
Lebanon's Hezbollah Says Won't Be Dragged to Civil War UN Says Shelter Supplies Land at Uzbek Border for Northern Afghans
US-Mexico Land Border Reopening Set for Nov. 8, Says Mexican Foreign Minister Colombia ELN Guerrillas Claim Responsibility for Attacks on Oil Infrastructure
Lebanon Detained 19 People Over Recent Deadly Clashes US Gives Central America, Mexico Another $20 Million in Humanitarian Aid
Spanish Court Allows Extradition of Late Venezuela Leader Chavez's Aide to US China Launches Three Astronauts on 6-Month Space Station Mission
Central African Republic Declares Unilateral Ceasefire in Fight With Rebels Pentagon Orders Texas Contractors to Mandate Vaccines for Employees, Despite Governor's Ban
'You Are Hereby Reprimanded!' Airman Told to Begin Separation Due to Vaccine Refusal Lt. Col. Scheller Sentenced to Forfeit Pay and Gets Letter of Reprimand; Awaits Discharge Decision
Air Force Wants Hundreds More Advanced Jet Trainers Despite Already Buying the T-7 Red Hawk From Saab Russia Says Israel Used Two Civilian Airliners as Cover to Carry Out Syria Strike
Report: Palestinian Teen Kidnapped, Tortured by Jewish Settlers Near Jenin After Snub, Bennett Says Netanyahu 'Dangerously' Delegitimizing His Government
Wary of Biden, Israel Goes Quiet While Advancing Major East Jerusalem Projects Lebanon on Edge as Funerals Held for Seven Killed in Beirut Gunbattle
IDF Probing Reports New Conscripts Attacked at East Jerusalem Gas Station Palestinian Olive Pickers Attacked by Large Group of Settlers, PA Says
UNESCO Approves Two Pro-Palestinian Resolutions Sudanese PM Civil Society Rally for Civilian-Led Government
Lebanese Political Parties Escalate Rhetoric After Deadly Clashes in Beirut Over 180 Yemen Rebels Killed South of Marib: Coalition
Sudan Rejects Israeli Membership in African Union Despite Warming Relations Two Indian Soldiers Killed as Kashmir Tensions Escalate
Settlement Spurs Navy to Take Another Look at 'Bad Paper' Discharges of Traumatized Vets US Working to Make Charter Flights From Kabul Routine
Displaced Afghan Children Dying From Cold, No Healthcare Truckloads of Medicine Stopped at Afghanistan Customs Borders
EU, Fearful of Refugee Crisis, Delays Response on Afghan Asylum FIFA and Qatar Evacuate Female Soccer Players From Afghanistan
Norway Attacker Held in Medical Custody Amid Mental Health Doubts Russia Says Warship Prevented US Destroyer Entering Its Waters
Japan, South Korea Look to Deepen Bilateral Ties Despite Tensions France Pressured to Recognize the 1961 Paris Massacre of Algerians as a 'State Crime'
British Lawmaker Stabbed to Death in Possible Terrorist Attack 'The Smell of Death Is Still in the Air': Beirut Deals With Aftermath of Clashes
Iraq Elections 2021: Tishreen Movement Becomes a Political Force in South Fears Mount for Missing Qatari Activist Under Threat From Family
Facebook to Investigate Israel-Palestine Content Suppression Cambridge University Drops $550 Million Deal With UAE Over Pegasus Spyware Claims
Homeland Security Wants Wearables to Track Employee Health at Work and at Home Regional Troops to Stay in Mozambique Indefinitely
Philippine Air Force Receives US Scaneagle Drones, More Black Hawks Apple Took Down a Quran App and a Bible App in China on the Request of Chinese Officials

October 14th, 2021

The Turkish Army Announces the Killing of 16 PKK Militants in Northern Syria

October 13th, 2021

How Yemen's War-Wounded Suffered Unnecessary Amputations
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