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April 28th, 2017

Abbas Trying to Please Trump With Moves Against Hamas US Deploys Troops in NE Syria as 'Buffer' Between Kurds, Turkey
Bomb Targets Baghdad Police Station; 221 Killed in Iraq Hekmatyar Appears at Hezb-I-Islami Meeting in Afghanistan
UN Council Backs New Effort to End Western Sahara Conflict Filipino Troops Kill Notorious Abu Sayyaf Kidnapper in Clash
Venezuela Formally Notifies OAS It Will Leave Amid Protests US Could Speed Up North Korea Sanctions in Response to Missile Test: Official
Israel Announces Plan for 15,000 More Settlement Homes in East Jerusalem Turkey Kills 11 Syrian Kurds as Cross-Border Clashes Continue
Syrian Islamist Rebels Fight One Another Near Damascus, 40 Killed US Drone Strike Killed Eight Al-Qaeda Suspects in Yemen
China Rejects Idea They Need to Resolve North Korea Alone Another North Korea Ballistic Missile Test Fails
US Signals Possible Airstrikes in Somalia by Asking Aid Groups for Their Locations South Korea Rejects Trump's Demand They Pay for Missile Defense
Pentagon: US Army Rangers May Have Been Killed by 'Friendly Fire' in Afghanistan NSA Concedes Violating Surveillance Limits and Pledges Curbs on US Email Collection
40 Dead in Rebel-Jihadist Clashes Near Damascus: Monitor A Look at Macedonia's Deepening Political Turmoil
Yangon Protesters Force Closure of Muslim Schools in Myanmar Russia Seeks Arrest of Former Ukraine Prime Minister
'Apartheid' Furor Comes Amid 50 Years of Israeli Occupation Pakistan: Thousands of Activists Rally Against PM Sharif
North Korea Official Calls US Efforts to Rid Nukes a 'Wild Dream' Eight al-Qaeda Operatives Killed in Drone Strike in Yemen, Including Key Leader
Google Activates Company's First Servers in Cuba Fifth Person Dies After Stockholm Truck Attack: Police
Iran Summons Pakistani Envoy, Demands Action Over Killing of Guards Philippines' Duterte to Look Into Illegal Detentions in 'Secret Cell'
Denmark Charges Six Men With Training, Fighting for ISIS Israel Planning 15,000 More Settlement Homes in Jerusalem
British Anti-Terrorism Police Say Plots Contained After Woman Shot, Arrests Trump Spurns Taiwan President's Suggestion of Another Phone Call
Worry About War? 'I Am Too Busy,' South Koreans Say Turkey's Erdogan Will Tell Trump Turkey Could Help Retake Raqqa
China Cautions Against Use of Force on North Korea Russia Says Use of Force on North Korea Would Be 'Completely Unacceptable'
Bloodied Macedonian Leftist Expects to Form Government Despite Protests US Forces to Monitor Situation Along Syria-Turkey Border: YPG Commander
Pope Francis Denounces Barbarity During Egypt Visit, Preaches Tolerance US Renews Belarus Sanctions Relief
Friendly Fire May Have Killed US Troops in Afghanistan: Pentagon Albanian Split Deepens as Socialists Force Through Election of President
Nigeria: There's No Boko Haram Resurgence, Nigerian Military Assures EU to Say United Ireland Would Be Automatic Full Member
Nigeria Releases Biafra Separatist Leader Kanu on Bail Venezuelan Opposition Activists March to Leopoldo Lopez' Jail
North Korea Ballistic Missile Test Fails Macedonia Parliament Violence Injures 100
ISIS Claims Car Bombing in Baghdad, Four Police Killed Amid Protests, Montenegro's Parliament Ratifies NATO Membership Treaty
Berlin Terror Cell Nabbed After Arrests in Italy and Germany Militia Clashes Kill 29 in Eastern DR Congo: Official
Germany Arrests Swiss Citizen Suspected of Espionage Germany Says Reviving G-8 With Russia 'Not Up for Debate'
Peace Now Protest Blocked by Police Near Kohav Yaakov Israel Believes Trump Will Not Seek to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem for Now, Officials Say
No Meetings, No Radios and No Salt: How Israel Is Pressuring Palestinian Hunger Strikers Abbas Sees 'Historic Opportunity' for Peace Under Trump, Says Palestinian Envoy
Abbas Is Trying to Curry Favor With Trump by Punishing Hamas, Palestinian Sources Say Trump: No Reason Whatsoever There's No Peace Between Israel and Palestinians
All 100 US Senators Demand UN Take Action Against 'Anti-Israel Agenda.' Edward Snowden Can Stay as Long as He Likes, Says Russia
Trump: Absolutely a Chance for Major, Major War With North Korea Machete-Wielding Man Attacks Non-Republicans in Kentucky Campus Rampage
Zoran Zaev, Macedonian Lawmaker, Is Bloodied in Attack on Parliament by Nationalists Formerly Imprisoned Journalist Barrett Brown Taken Back Into Custody Before PBS Interview
Seoul Rejects Trump Demand, Won't Pay for Missile System

April 27th, 2017

Army Announces New Deployments for 5,700 Soldiers Residents of Mosul: 'The Planes Have Destroyed Us'
Dayton Man Arrested at Cincinnati International Airport, Accused of Supporting ISIS

April 21st, 2017

Chapel Hill (NC) Army Crew Chief Dies in Helicopter Crash During Training

April 11th, 2017

Babies Starve as War Grinds on in Mosul
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