Updated August 7, 2022 - 6:24 PM EDT
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August 7th, 2022

Health Ministry Warns of 'Humanitarian Catastrophe' in Gaza Bodies of Eight Palestinians, Including Girl, Pulled Out of Rubble in Gaza
Amnesty Says It 'Fully Stands' Behind Ukraine Report Findings Amid Backlash The Gaza Strip Explained in Maps
The Logic Behind Israel's Gaza Attack, if Any, Is Anyone's Guess Israel Attacks Gaza to Divide and Conquer, With an Eye on a Gas Field
Negotiators Optimistic About Progress on Iran Nuclear Deal Iran Denies Reports Moscow Will Use Its New Surveillance Satellite for Ukraine War
Iran Says Success of Vienna Nuclear Talks Depends on Washington's Flexibility Chinese Military Winds Down Taiwan Exercises but Tensions Remain High in Wake of Nancy Pelosi's Visit
Sri Lanka Asks China to Defer Arrival of Ship After India Objects Israel Says Iron Dome Shoots Down 97% of Gaza Rockets
Pope Hails Departure of Ukrainian Grain Ships as 'Sign of Hope' Suspected Islamists Kill 20 in East DR Congo Village Attacks
Amnesty Regrets 'Distress' Caused by Report Rebuking Ukraine First Ship Since Russian Invasion Arrives in Ukraine, Ministry Says
Ukraine Probing Almost 26,000 Suspected War Crimes Cases: Prosecutor Taiwan Is Not a Part of US but Chinese Territory, Says Chinese Foreign Minister
Palestinians Sift Through Rubble at Gaza Camp Hit in Israeli Strike Afghan Officials: Curriculum for Girls' School Reason for Delayed Reopening
Haqqani: Kabul Will Not Submit to International Calls to Oppose Islamic Sharia Afghanistan: Accused Men, Women Publically Whipped in Zabul
Israelis Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque in Large Numbers Amid Gaza Bombing Israeli Attack: Gaza Health Sector Facing Imminent Disaster
Russia, Ukraine Trade Blame for New Nuclear Plant Strike Timeline: Israel's Attacks on Gaza Since 2005
Four More Grain Ships Leave Ukrainian Ports UN Special Rapporteur Says Israeli Strikes on Gaza Are 'Illegal'
US Secretary of State Blinken in South Africa on Africa Tour Israel, Palestinians 'Agree Egypt-Brokered Gaza Truce,' 31 Dead

August 6th, 2022

Another Blast in Kabul Targets Shiite Community Ex-Rebel Sworn in as Colombia's President in Historic Shift
UN Soldiers Have Come Under Attack in the DR Congo From Locals Who Want Them Out. Here's Why. Iraq Kurd Protesters Tear-Gassed, MPs Detained: AFP, Official
Cuba Accepted US Technical Assistance to Control Fire at Matanzas Oil Facility China and US Lead the World on Joint Research Output but That Is Changing, Warns Study
US, Philippines Agree to Continue Food Security Talks Kurdish Opposition Party Claims Over 40 Members Arrested for Anti-Government Protests
Israeli Airstrikes Kill Five Children in Jabaliya Refugee Camp Photos: A Palestinian House in Gaza Completely Destroyed in Israeli Strike
Gaza's Only Power Plant Shuts Down as Israeli Airstrikes Continue Scrapping US-China Military Talks Deepens Risk at Dangerous Time, Analysts and Officials Say
Head of Amnesty's Ukraine Office Quits After Group Accuses Kyiv Fresh Israeli Air Strikes Take Gaza Death Toll to 24, Including Five Children
US to Take Part in Military Exercise Near India's Disputed Border With China China Embassy: Australia Should Be 'Prudent' on Taiwan-Related Issues
Kosovo Police Patrol Attacked in Volatile North Ukraine Says It Will Receive Tanks, Planes From North Macedonia
Russian Forces Begin Assault on Two Eastern Ukraine Cities Gazans Said They Got 15 Minute Warning Before Israeli Strikes Destroyed Homes
Alarm Mounts in Western Capitals Over Turkey's Deepening Ties With Russia Ukraine Says It Caught Two Spies Who Helped Destroy Infrastructure in Mykolaiv
Ivory Coast President Pardons Predecessor Gbagbo to Boost 'Social Cohesion' Kosovo Detains Russian Journalist at the Border
Ukraine Police Patrol Dark Night Time Streets, Seeking Curfew Violators First Foreign-Flagged Ship Arrives in Ukraine Since February, Awaits Grain Load
Military Faces National Guard Refusals and Legal Blockade Over Disobeying Covid-19 Vaccine Order Libyan Armed Groups Clash in Tripoli: Reports
Israel Detains Over 20 Palestinians in West Bank Raids Gaza Plant Shuts Over Lack of Fuel Amid Israel Blockade
Iran FM Urges 'Realistic' US Response to Revive Nuclear Deal Lebanon Asks EU for Help to Plan Syrian Refugee Deportations
Arrest of 16 Media Workers in NE Syria 'Slap to Free Speech' Concern Grows for Iranian Woman Detained After Hijab Protest
Morocco Islamists Slam State's Israel Ties Amid Gaza Assault Turkey Frees Man Wanted by Haiti After Moise's Assassination
US Destroyer Bulkeley Departs Norfolk for New Homeport in Spain Georgia Residents Say US Air Force Flyover Damaged Their Homes
Here's What We Know About F-35 Ejection Seat Woes So Far US Navy Establishes Recruiting Reserve Command as Services Struggle With Quotas
Three People Die in Blast on Second Day of Attacks in Kabul Taliban Defense Minister: Recognition of Kabul in US's Own Interest
The 'Deep State' Conspiracy Theory Tainting Kenya's Elections UN Chief Warns Nuclear Weapons Are 'Loaded Gun' for Humanity
Why Is Israel Attacking Gaza? Israel-Gaza: How the World Reacted to the Onslaught
Detained Egyptian Army Officer Dies in Custody After 'Medical Negligence' Nicaragua Police Accuse Catholic Church of Attempting to Destabilize Govt

August 5th, 2022

Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed, Including a Child Report: White House at Odds With Lawmakers Over Taiwan Policy Act
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