Stop Congress From
Re-Arming the KLA
Bill would also designate Yugoslavia a "terrorist state"
Updated 7/30/99

The facts about the Kosovo "Liberation" Army have been well-documented by Antiwar.com. The KLA is gang of murderous neo-Maoist thugs, who are killing, raping, and looting their way through "liberated" Kosovo in brazen defiance of NATO – or, some say, with NATO's full complicity.

Three weeks ago the Senate passed a major foreign aid bill. This bill, titled the "Law on Foreign Aid," included an amendment by Senator McConnell (R-KY), Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Operations. The amendment would make this complicity official: if adopted, it would provide $20 million to arm "Kosovo security forces" that, supporters admit, would probably include the KLA.

The bill must now be approved by the House, our last chance to stop it. The House is expected to take up this matter in the next two weeks.

This pernicious amendment would also declare Serbia a "terrorist state," and impose new sanctions – in effect continuing NATO's relentless war on the Serbian people. It is a virtual guarantee that war will once again break out in the Balkans, and NATO will have an excuse to go back and "finish the job."

We must mobilize to stop our tax dollars from flowing into the coffers of an explicitly fascist and violent organization, which traces its heritage back to the "Muslim Militia" that fought under the auspices of the Nazi S.S. Now, they want to become the "government" of Kosovo, while "postponing" elections indefinitely.

Their main source of financing has been the lucrative European heroin trade, according to Western drug interdiction agencies, and they are rapidly replacing the Cosa Nostra as the leading purveyors of prostitution, protection rackets, and stolen goods. Incredibly, this is the organization the U.S. Senate wants to subsidize with your tax dollars.

This is an important issue – and our first attempt to mobilize our members to do something other than march up and down the street with a picket sign. Marches and demonstrations are fine, but now is the time for the real work to begin: we have to get down in the trenches and make sure to minimize the consequences of this terrible war.

For the seeds of the next war are right now being planted in the soil of Kosovo. Fertilized with the blood of patriots, Serb and Albanian alike, those seeds are sprouting even as I write these words.

You don't have to be an opponent of the Balkan war to realize that funding these folks is sheer insanity.

Let your representative know that you want him or her to vote AGAINST the $12.7 billion Foreign Aid bill – or at least REMOVE the McConnell "Security Force" amendment.

We must act quickly.

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A phone call, or, better yet, a letter, will get their attention in an election year. The above form Let them know what you think of this crack-brained scheme to send American tax dollars to drug dealers and nun-raping thugs – in no uncertain terms.

Justin Raimondo
Editorial Director

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