Resources on Islamic Terrorism in the Balkans



“Under the Albright-Clark-Holbrooke watch, thousands of mujahedin flocked to the Balkans in support of Alija Izetbegovic's dream of a "fundamentalist Islamic Republic."

Article on when bin Laden got a Bosnian passport in 1993

A piece on OBL’s activities in Bosnia

Article reprinted from LA Times, on the hundreds of mujahedin who remained in Bosnia after the wars

BBC (10/8/01): Bosnian man connected with bin Laden arrested

Bosnia: “a new playground for Islamic militants

Iran: using Bosnia as “springboard” for jihad in Europe links to several pieces on Bosnia-bin Laden developments

Involvement of foreign mujahedin in massacre of Croats, 1993


A detailed article on relations between the KLA, Albania and Iran, among others.

An excellent scholarly history of Albania in the 1990’s is M. Vickers and J. Pettifer, Albania: from Anarchy to a Balkan IdentityThis book details the efforts of Arab nations to influence Albanian economics, politics and religious life.

This article continues on the same theme, disclosing how “Saudi and Egyptian "Islamic clergymen" appeared in Albania in 1993 at the invitation of then President Sali Berisha.”

Time Magazine (6/7/99): US knew about KLA training camps in Albania

This is a standard for providing resources on Albania and bin Laden in 1999- citing the Washington Post and Jane’s Defense Review.

Here is presented the famous excerpt from the Times of London, where Albania admits the loss of 100,000 blank passports in 1997 led to some terrorists acquiring Albanian identities.  Also has information on bin Laden’s activities in Albania as far back as 1994.

A report of November 17, 1999, on bin Laden’s attempt to seek refuge in Albania.

July 1999: US Defense Secretary cancels trip to “friendly” Albania: Mr. Cohen feared assassination at the hands of OBL’s henchmen.


BBC: A website partially produced in Britain, Azzam, declares Kosovo is a “jihad land.”

The Independent (10/21/01): bin Laden linked with KLA and Albanian drug gangs

A massive collection of articles on all facets of the KLA in Kosovo

Michel Chossudovsky, master of exposing “blowback”, on efforts of Pakistan, Iran and others in the Balkans

Article on Iranian influence in Kosovo

On Kosovo, and KLA links to mujahedin

The Foreign Military Studies Office, on Chechen recruits in Kosovo

WSJ reprint from 11/1/01: Albanian separatism and global jihad


The “Albanian Islamic world” website is an enlightening and very educated must-read.

10/6/01: Reality Macedonia’s detailed account of mujahedin in the NLA

Article from October 5, 2001, on list of mujahedin names found in Skopje

Article from 9/18/01: mujahedin connection in Macedonia leads to Imam of Slupjane

Washington Post: terror suspects en route to Guantanamo

The Scotsman(3/4/02): “Fears that Islamic militants may be using Albanian rebel groups in Macedonia as cover for possible terrorist activities have increased…”

BBC (3/3/02): dead terrorists put on display

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