The War Party may be temporarily discredited, but they're launching a counterattack – and they have the cash to do it.

The infamous "Committee on the Present Danger" is being revived, it was announced the other day, with full-page ads in all the major papers. And how much do you think that cost? A few hundred thousand dollars, more than a full year's budget for And what's the goal of expending all this cash?

The director of the Present Danger group is famous for wanting to fight what he calls "World War IV" – a "war of civilizations" pitting Islam against the West. It isn't just Iraq this lot has in their sights: they want to go after Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and beyond ...

And they have money to burn.

Look, we're just asking you to help us level the playing field, just a bit. We can't hope to match the resources of the War Party: after all, they have the entire U.S. Treasury to work with! We don't need multi-millions. Multi-thousands will do.

We've been providing what even our biggest critics realize is an invaluable service: all the war news, all the time, spiced up with selected commentary – including our regular columnists.

Look, we're going to be blunt about it: we're going to have to make immediate cutbacks if you don't start responding to our daily appeals. You'll notice them almost immediately: getting rid of half of our minuscule staff will have a real impact. Less frequent updates, and much less original commentary. You'll be seeing a lot less of some of our best columnists. (Sorry, Justin!)

Your 100% tax-deductible contribution has never been needed quite so badly. So now is the time to stand up for the cause of a peaceful, non-interventionist foreign policy. We've been carrying the banner of peace in cyberspace since 1998 – don't let us drop it now, at precisely the moment when it needs to fly high.

So far, 559 of you have given $30,305 – we are running way behind and need your help to make our goal.
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Updated August 6, 2004 – 9:50 pm EDT
Najaf: 1,200 Militia Surrender, 300 Killed
Allawi Prepares to Enact Martial Law
Fierce Clashes Rage Throughout Iraq
Sadr Calls for New Ceasefire
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Arrested NY Mosque Leader 'Tied to Iraq Rebels'
How Many al-Qaeda Operatives Are in the US?
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Soldiers Tried to Halt Prison Abuse
Did Pentagon Reveal Name of Edmonds' 'Semi-Legit' Group?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
by Ralph Raico
Lest We Forget  by Justin McCurry
Think Before You Bomb  by Daniel Wolf
Pentagon Learns About 6th Amendment  by Jacob Hornberger
Challenging Kerry on His Iraq Vote
by Scott Ritter
Don't Whitewash Abu Ghraib
Seattle Times
Corruption in the Corps?
by William S. Lind

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Shi'ite Uprising
Iraqi Cleric Urges Renewed Revolt
Clashes Threaten to Reignite Shi'ite Uprising
Violence and Killings Delay Basra Vote
Sadr's Forces Battle US, 16 Killed
US Soldier Killed in Attack Near Najaf
Rebels Down US Copter
UK Troops Face Jihad
Insurgents Kill Five at Police Station South of Baghdad
Iraq's Sistani Has Heart Problems
What's a Little Torture?
Firm Accused of Torture Gets $15 Million Iraq Contract Extension
Iraqi Prison Abuse Not a Strategy, Officer Says
Danish Army Investigators Confirm Abuse by Contingent in Iraq
Dane Denies Abusing Iraqi Prisoners
Iraqi Detainees Identify Lynndie England as Abuser
Defense to Cite 'US Torture' in German 9/11 Case
The New Iraq
Many Christians Flee Iraq, with Syria the Haven of Choice
Violence Surges but Coalition, Interim Govt Vow to Battle On
Iraqi Security Forces Developing, Slowly
Fear Behind the Wheel in Iraq
Limbless Victims of Iraq's Conflicts
Iraq Occupation
Vietnam Vets Face New Tour in Iraq
Copter-Borne Medics: Disciplined Ballet, Choreographed to Save GIs
Security Fears Are Slowing UN Return to Baghdad
US Funds Massive Garbage Collection Effort
Global Iraq Fallout
US Fears Iraqi Chaos Increases Iranian Influence
Pole Poll: Thumbs Down to Presence in Iraq
Coverage of Hostages Grabs India's Notice
Pakistan, India Discuss Glacier Demilitarization
Pakistan Pressures al-Qaeda
11 Killed in South Waziristan Fighting
Pakistani Army Helicopter Crashes into Mountains, 13 Killed
Police Beat Anti-Terror Law Demonstrators in India
Militant Storms Kashmir Paramilitary Camp, Kills Nine Indian Soldiers
Eurocorps to Take Over International Afghanistan Command Monday
UNHCR Suspends Operation in SE Afghanistan
With GIs in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Charged with Killing Foreign Journalists
Thai Report on Excessive Force Could Help Calm Tensions
Thai PM Warns Human Rights Commission to Stop Criticizing
Georgian President Vows Peaceful Solution with Russia
Indonesia Says Terrorist Group is Weaker But Still Planning Attacks
Maoists Threaten Kathmandu Businesses
China Urges Australia to 'Properly Handle' Dissident Who Seeks Asylum
N. Korea Returns Remains of US Soldiers Killed During Korean War
Reports: Massacres Continue in Darfur
Police Chief: Sudan to Start Disarming Darfur Militias Next Week
Sudanese Militias Hide in Plain Sight
Sudan Sanctions Have Little Chance of Working
Chad Seeks IMF Aid for Sudanese Refugees
Some Sudan Soldiers Trade Guns for Textbooks
Middle East
Report: Israel to Launch Massive Attack on Iran in Autumn
40 Killed as Yemeni Troops Battle Militants
Saudis Arrest Top Militant
Jordan Defends Plan to Buy US Missiles
Turkey Fires 12 Military Officers Over Suspected Militant Ties
In Other News
Drug Czar Sees Little Colombia Cocaine Ebb
Fiji Leaders Convicted Over Coup
Kremlin Denies Yukos Compromise
The First WMD
59 Years Later: the Legacy of Hiroshima
I Was Screaming 'Let Me Die'
First On-the-Scene Report from Hiroshima
Distortions Surrounded Press Response to Hiroshima Attack
How the US Govt 'Managed' Hiroshima Coverage
Survivor Speaks Out Against Nuclear Bomb
Nuclear Horror Still Haunts Hiroshima
Iraqi Doctor Learns From Hiroshima's Past
Filmmakers Show Life After the Bomb
Finding Peace in Hiroshima
80% of A-bomb Plaintiffs had Acute Radiation Symptoms
US Secretly Agreed to Buy Belgium Uranium for Hiroshima Bomb
Alert or Alarm?
Doubts Raised Over Reported UK Airport Terror Plot Foiling
Confusion Mounts Over Threat
Intelligence Agencies Not in Consensus on Terror Plot
Bush Accused of Using Terror Warnings as Political Tool
Europe Takes New Alerts With Grain of Salt
MPs: Blair 'Sexing Up' Terror Threat
Looking at al-Qaeda
Al-Qaeda's Hallmark: Patience
Arrested al-Qaeda Operative: Life of Degrees and Aliases
FBI Studies US–al-Qaeda Contacts
Terror Link to South Africa After Gun Battle
South Africa Casts Doubt on al-Qaeda Attack Reports
Aussie Fugitive Linked to al-Qaeda
UK 'Homeland Security'
Man with Photos of Heathrow May Have Sparked US Terror Alert
UK Official: al-Qaeda May Target Merchant Ships
Brits Tell Travelers to Look Miserable to Help War on Terror
US 'Homeland Security'
FBI Searches Doctor's Homes in Anthrax Probe
Senator Is Named as Likely Source of Intelligence Leak
Chicago Man Arrested in Alleged Bomb Plot
An Air Marshal's View of Flight 327
Terror Crackdown Won't Stop Muslim Charitable Donations
Nuclear Security Problems to Be Kept a Secret From Now On
US Intensifies Port Security
Al-Qaeda 'Cyber Terrorist' Panics US
'Onion' Data Routing Slips Past Snooping Govts
Los Alamos Research Suspended for Two Months
9/11 Commission
9/11 Panel Leader Urges Cautious Reform
9/11 Commission Gets Outside PR Help
US Opens Up Guantanamo Tribunals for First Time
US Defends Guantanamo Tribunals
The War at Home
Signing Record War Bill, Bush Promises to 'Harm America, Its People'
Vets Accuse Kerry of Abusing Vietnamese Civilians
Kerry Treads Lightly on War in Iraq
Baptist Group Calls for Immediate US Withdrawal From Iraq
Halliburton Bribery Probe Expanded
Army Dramatically Increases Cash Bonuses for Enlistees
Antiwar Journalist, Covering Vietnam, Palestine, Dies at 75
Israel Obliterates Gaza's Bread Basket, Then Withdraws
Uprooted Trees, Razed Houses... Israel Leaves Its Calling Card in Gaza
Israeli Pullback in Gaza Met With Palestinian Rockets
Checkpoints Choke Off Nablus Business District
US May Rebuke Sharon Over Failure to Evacuate Settlements
Sharon Denies Plan to Expand West Bank Settlement
Israel Likely to Reopen Rafah Border
Israel May Allow Some Palestinian Police to Carry Arms
Rabbi in Israeli Town Incites Hatred for Arabs
Israeli Troops Rally in Support of Abusive Sergeant
Hamas in Cairo for Gaza Talks

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