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Updated August 7, 2004 – 9:00 pm EDT
Slowdown in 'Chatter' Worries Officials
Pakistan: US Blew Undercover al-Qaeda Sting
Man in British Custody Is Linked to 9/11 Attacks
Zarqawi CD-ROM Urges Fight Against 'Crusaders'
American Fakes Own Beheading in 'Iraq Video'
US Claims 300 Killed in Clashes With Shi'ites
Iraqis Say Only 36 Killed, Not US Tally of 300
Najaf Governor Says 1,000 Militia Captured
WMD: You Show Yours, I'll Hide Mine
Remembering Hiroshima, Nagasaki & the Dark Cloud Over Civilization
by Douglas Mattern
Non-Lethal Nukes?  by Gordon Prather
Targeting Civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki  by Anthony Gregory
Iraq on the Verge of Implosion
by Charley Reese
Iraq's Regional Echoes  by Ximena Ortiz
Me Too! Groupthink and War
by Vicki Kemper

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Won't Get Fooled Again?
130 Jurists Condemn White House Torture Memos
Al-Qaeda Suspect May Have Created Surveillance Files
Iraqi VP Raps US for 'Uncivilized' Najaf Deaths
Muslim Nations Resist Saudi Plan for Iraq
Testimony Implicates Abu Ghraib Interrogators
Sistani in UK for Heart Ailment
Anti-US Rage Deepens in Iraq
Probing Torture & Murder
US Soldier Recalls Abu Ghraib 'Hell'
Whistleblower Recounts Dilemma in Turning Over Abu Ghraib Photos
Lynndie England Says She Was Commended for 'Good Job'
At Abuse Hearing, No Testimony That GIs Acted on Orders
US Soldier Gets Off with Three-Year Wrist Slap for Killing Iraqi in Cold Blood
Guantánamo Inmate Complains of Threats and Long Isolation
Bahrain Wants Iraq Torture Claim Probed by US
Sadr's Uprising
UK Troops Still Locked in Battle
Sadr Blames US for Violence
Death Toll Rises as US Planes Pound Najaf
Sadr Comes Out of the Graveyard
Three US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Clashes
Iraq's Interim Government at War with Militias
The New Iraq
Out of Gas in Iraq
Experienced Iraqis Not Wanted
Are WMD in Iraq's Future?
Iraqis Face Kidnapping Epidemic
Four Lebanese Drivers Taken Hostage in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
US War Allies Face Opposition at Home
Iran: US Paying the Price for Bad Mideast Policies
US Wants Iraq-Israel Pipeline
Bulgarian Soldiers in Iraq 'Live Target'
Philippines Doesn't Care if Out of US Coalition
US, Philippines 'Remain Allies'
Pakistan Chasing Fresh Leads on al-Qaeda Hideouts
Pakistan to Intensify Attacks on al-Qaeda
Pakistan Rejects US Media Reports on Terror Camps
Pakistan: the Ambivalent Ally Makes Good?
Pakistan Backs Off Balochistan
House Committee Discusses Pakistan Nuke Sanctions Bill
Six Tribesmen Killed in South Waziristan Clash
Former Mujahideen Leader Calls for Boycott of Afghan Elections
Afghan Insurgents Injure Eight US Troops
NATO: Afghanistan Faces Major Problems
Afghan Child Soldiers Try to Overcome Horrors of War
21 Killed in Philippines Clashes
Philippines on Trial Over Hostage Tale
North Korean Defectors Adjust to Life in the South
Rising Concerns Over Nepal Rebel Threat
Indonesian Court Overturns East Timor War Crimes Convictions
US Senator: Few Troops Available for Darfur
Disarming Sudan Militias Easier Said Than Done
Sudan Reserves Right to Reject African Union Troops
Sudan Agrees to Darfur Aid Plan
UN Blames Sudan for Civilian Atrocities
Cholera Rates Rise in Sudan Camp
US Training Chad Forces to Battle al-Qaeda
Burundi Peace Talks Fall Apart
Russia & His Neighbors
Tension Over Secessionism Seethes on Georgia's Coast
Georgia Seeks to Calm Rising Tensions With Russia
Russia Expels Lithuanian Military Attache
Chechen Separatist Granted Asylum in US
Poles Enraged as Russia Refuses to Charge Soviet War Criminal
In Other News
Wordplay and War in Macedonia
Sinn Fein May Disband IRA
Fearing Terror Attacks, Czechs Protest Plan to Build Mosque
Bobby Fischer to Renounce US Citizenship
Muslim Garrote Around Paris
The First WMD
Before the Bomb: A Young Girl's Diary
In the Shadow of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Whitewashing Hiroshima: The Uncritical Glorification of American Militarism
Hiroshima Mayor Criticizes US Nukes
Isolation Strands North Korean A-Bomb Victims
UK-Pakistan Terror Link
The Imperial College Student Accused of Waging Jihad in South Kensington
US: Suspect Used Web to Raise Terror Funds
Terrorism Suspect Had US Ship Data
Five al-Qaeda Men Slip Net After Heathrow Plot
Brit Accused of Helping Taliban Recruit Faces Extradition to US
UK Home Secretary Defends Keeping Public in the Dark About Terror Threat
Disbelief in London Suburb as Police Claim Terror Arrest
Pakistan Aids British Police in Terror Probe
Pakistan al-Qaeda Suspect Described as Moderate
US 'War on Terror'
US: Terror Arrests Part of Global Effort to Foil Attacks
Officials Say Arrests Damage al-Qaeda Network
Bush Defends Terror Alert
Arrested NY Mosque Leader 'Tied to Iraq Terrorists'
Terror Alert Resounds in Muslim Communities
Anthrax Probe
FBI Searches Doctor's Homes in Anthrax Probe
FBI Declines to Explain Anthrax Raids
FBI Questioned Ex-Neighbors of Anthrax Probe Figure
Doctor Was Sounding Alarms Well Before Anthrax Attacks
9/11 Commission
Cheney Opposed Intelligence Director in 1992
Kerry Criticizes Bush Reaction to 9/11
'Homeland Security'
Ashcroft Is Asked to Explain Department Role in Berger Case
Tightened Security in DC Raises Questions About Effectiveness
DC Government May Sue Feds to Keep Streets Open
Did Pentagon Reveal Name of Edmonds' 'Semi-Legit' Group?
Targeting American Muslims Defeats Purpose
New Jersey Objects to Anti-Terror Funding Cuts
The War at Home
Ex-Halliburton Workers Claim Accounting Fraud
Franks Predicts Long Haul in Iraq
US Drug Czar: Drug War Has Failed; Long Live the Drug War!
Star Wars
Canada Opens Door for Missile Shield
Denmark to Sign US Airbase Deal
Greenland Base to Be Upgraded as Part of Missile Shield Plan
Art Students?
Israelis Held in Canada, Posing as Art Students
Israeli Suspects Face Immigration Hearing in Canada
New Zealand FM Welcomes Canada's Investigation Into Passport Fraud
A Handshake May Not Be Enough
2,000 Return Home After Israel Opens Border Crossing
Israel Flouts Road Map with New Settlement
Israel Kills Three Palestinians in Separate Incidents
Egyptian Generals in Israel to Discuss Gaza Pullout
Palestinian Fighter Blames US for Unrest
Middle East
Yemeni Rebellion Continues
US May Tighten Syria Sanctions
Al-Qaeda Link Denied in Turkey Attack
Grapes? Virgins? Does That Explain Suicide Bombers?
Filmmakers Show Life After the Bomb
Parting Ways with Bush's Gang
Orwell Rolls in His Grave
The Return of Anti-Semitism

Passport to Terror

Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

Alert to Implications

Summer of Discontent

Ivan Eland
What Color Is the Wolf Today?

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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