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It's up to you.

I'm sure the War Party doesn't have to go through all this haranguing and harassing their contributors. If they need a coupla million to cook up a new campaign, all they have to do is call up one of the big neocon foundations, and say:

"Hey, it looks like the number of combat deaths in Iraq is about to hit the one-thousand mark, and we need a new war scare based on a fresh set of lies. Can you front us a few million?"

"Oh, no problem, dude. Say, where're you guys thinking of 'liberating' next?"

"Well, we haven't really decided, yet: Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia. So many Arab countries – so little time!"

"Yeah, I know what'cha mean. Ok, well, you know you can count on me."

"We owe you, bigtime."

"Oh yes, I know, and don't worry: I intend to collect."


The War Party can count on the power elite, the big corporate mega-giants that feed on government contracts, and the foreign lobbyists to stoke the engines of the war propaganda machine. They spare no expense in funding a 24-hour lie factory that just keeps on churning.

Fighting these guys is a full-time job. It doesn't pay all that well – Antiwar.com is a very lean operation, with far fewer employees than the mail room at the American Enterprise Institute, and, believe me, it's no picnic. We work every day, and we're always on call.

So, help put us over the top so we can stop interrupting your view of the news with these increasingly lengthy harangues. Yeah, I know, this one's a real hair-puller, but if we raise ten four thousand bucks in less than 24 hours it'll be over – and we can get back to our real work.

It's now or never – c'mon, help put us over the top!

So far, 843 of you have given $46,215 – getting close, we can make it, with your help.
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Updated August 8, 2004 – 10:30 pm EDT
GIs See Abuse, Ordered to Walk Away
'Time': Target, America?
'Newsweek': Al-Qaeda's Pre-Election Plot
Iraq Seeks Arrest of Chalabi and Nephew
Fiercest Fighting in Months Continues in Najaf
Sadr Seeks Talks, Gains Shi'ite Support
Iraqi Govt Offers Amnesty for Minor Crimes
9/11 Panel Members: US Intervention Undermines Good Will
UK Home Secretary Issues Rebuke to Bush on Terror Alerts
Sudan to Accept African Forces for Limited, Non-Peacekeeping Role
Remembering Hiroshima, Nagasaki & the Dark Cloud Over Civilization
by Douglas Mattern
Non-Lethal Nukes?  by Gordon Prather
Targeting Civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki  by Anthony Gregory
Iraq on the Verge of Implosion
by Charley Reese
Iraq's Regional Echoes  by Ximena Ortiz
Me Too! Groupthink and War
by Vicki Kemper

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Tales of Torture & Murder
Photos of Abused Iraqis
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Lynndie England Hearing Halted to Consider 50 Defense Witnesses
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Minn. Guard Members Accused of 'Misconduct' in Kosovo
Iraqi Insurgents
Outlaw Militia Plays Role Of Ad Hoc Police Force
Top Fallujah Cleric: 'We Pray the Insurgents Will Achieve Victory'
Militants Shun Allawi's Amnesty
Muqtada Stirs New Storms
GIs: Germany Training Didn't Replicate Techniques Use by Iraqi Insurgents
Iraq Bans al-Jazeera
Iraqi PM Bans al-Jazeera For 'Inciting Hatred'
Aljazeera Vows to Cover Iraq Despite Closure
Al-Jazeera 'No More Biased Than Other TV Channels'
UN in Iraq
Annan: UN Still Big Target in Iraq
UN Offers to Help Broker Cease-Fire in Iraq
Nuclear Inspectors Return To Iraq For First Time Since War
UN Panel to Discuss Oil-for-Food Inquiry
Global Iraq Fallout
Aussie Who's Who to Condemn PM Foreign Policy
Poland's Premier to Discuss Iraq With Bush
NATO Sends Officers to Train Iraqi Forces
Many Pakistanis 'Doubt War on Terror'
Banned Outfit Chief Arrested For Attack on Musharraf Released
Blast Outside Bangladeshi Hotel
Reports: Sudan Forces Darfur Refugees From Safety of Camps to be Killed by Arab Militiamen
Sen. Frist Calls Sudan Killing 'Genocide'
Official: UN Says Sudan to Blame for 'Genocide' in Darfur
Middle East
Iran Says Developing New Missile as Defense Against Israel
Suspect Says al-Qaeda Not Connected in Turkish Masonic Lodge Attack
The War at Home
US Military Bracing for Recruitment Headaches
FBI Probes Hoax Video of Iraq Beheading
Army Nurse, Home from Iraq, Doesn't Want to Go Back
Pentagon Focuses on Troop Vote
Peace Pastor Faces Penalties for Iraq Trip
Iraq is the New Vietnam as Pop Protest Returns to the Airwaves
'Homeland Security'
New Alert Shows That Intelligence Weaknesses Remain
Bush Warns Americans They Are 'Still Not Safe'
Doctor Denies Guilt in Anthrax Probe
Car at Airport Searched in Anthrax Case
Gitmo 'Justice'
US Eyes Speeding up Guantanamo Tribunals
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Terror 'Mastermind' Lived in Flat Under Heathrow Approach
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