Torture Probes Not Going Away: Paul Sperry
Wrong on Iraq, Right on Iran?: Martin Sieff
Kerry Fails Iraq Test: Toronto Star
Mehdi Uprising Widens: Chris Shumway
The War Through al-Qaeda's Eyes: William Lind
Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.
– Theodore Roosevelt
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Updated August 12, 2004 – 10:00 pm EDT
GIs in Iraq Asking: Why Are We Here?
US Launches Major Offensive in Najaf
US Assaults Leave 165 Iraqis Dead, 600 Wounded
Sadr Tells Fighters: Carry On If I'm Martyred
Iraqi Officials Won't Arrest Chalabi
Pentagon Questions All Interrogators Under Oath
How Portland Paper Got Abuse Story (and Shocking Photos)
NJ Gov. Quits: Picked Boyfriend to Head Homeland Security
US Plans to Expand in Okinawa Spark Furious Resistance
Top Iraqi Nuclear Scientist Says WMD Programs Never Restarted After 1991
'Protest Against War a Terrorist Act' as NYC Prepares for Anti-RNC Legions
The War Through al-Qaeda's Eyes
by William S. Lind
Made in the USA: Saddam, Chalabi and Allawi  by Jacob Hornberger
First, They Came for al-Jazeera
by Maher Abdallah
Wrong on Iraq, Right on Iran?
by Martin Sieff
Kerry Fails Iraq Test  Toronto Star
An American Hiroshima
by Nicholas Kristof

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How the Dead Come Home
US Marines Accused of Afghan Abuse
Pentagon Plan for Global Anti-terror Army
CIA Dismay at Goss Appointment
Washington Post Shelved WMD Skepticism
Protesters Set Fire to Allawi's Party Offices
Top Iraqi Official Asks US to Leave Najaf
A Guardsman's Inside Look at the Occupation
Groups Ask Court for Prisoner Abuse Info
Huge Iraq Muslim Cemetery Becomes Battlefield
Mehdi Uprising
Mehdi Uprising Widens Amid Rumors of US War Crimes
US Won't Negotiate With Sadr
Iraqis Protest as US Plans Assault on Najaf
Militia Threaten Iraq Oil Lines if Najaf Attacked
Sadr Plays to Power of Martyrdom
Najaf Fighting Persists for 7th Day
Security Experts Analyze Najaf Situation
Who Are Iraq's Mehdi Army?
Iraqi Prime Minister Speaks About Security Problems, Najaf Revolt
Violence Continues
Shi'ite Party Official Assassinated
US Bombs Kut, 75 Killed, 148 Wounded
Helicopter Down West of Baghdad, Two US Marines Killed
UK Troops Raid Amara, Kill 20 Iraqis
Civilians Killed in Ongoing Iraq Fighting
Six Iraqis Killed in Marketplace Bombing
Four Killed in Airstrike on Fallujah
Stryker Brigade Slammed by Insurgents
Video Purportedly Shows Killing of Iraq 'CIA Agent'
Beheaded Man 'Not CIA Agent'
Death by Sword
Chalabi Trouble
Chalabi Returns to Iraq to Face Charges
Chalabi Lawyers File Suit Against Jordan
Iraq Occupation
Official Number of GIs Wounded in Iraq Numbers More Than 6,000
Heat of Battle Takes Toll on US Forces
Deaf Ex-Major in UK Army Gets Iraq Call-up
Black Hawks Scramble to Save US Troops in Iraq
Baghdad, a Tale of Two Cities
Iraq in Crisis
Iraq's Philippine Parallels
Iraq's Slide Toward Separation
Shi'ite Uprising Spreads as Iraq Oil Exports Halved
Global Iraq Fallout
Oil Prices Rise Despite Saudi Offer to Boost Production
UK MP: British Muslims Intercepted on Way to Join Mehdi Army
UK Muslims in Iraq Could Face Treason Charges
Iranian Journalists Detained in Iraq
Ayatollah Khamenei Slams US Over Najaf Atrocities
Iran Invites Allawi for Official Visit
Manila Protest at Iraq Work Ban
Rumsfeld in Afghanistan for Talks Before Election
US Joins Fight Against Afghan Drug Farmers, Businesses
Tables Turn on American Waging His Own Weird War on Terror
Pentagon Favors Training Pakistani Officers in US Academies
Pakistan: Osama Calling for al-Qaeda Attacks
Families Seek Release of Pakistan Army Officers Held for al-Qaeda Links
Cracking Open Pakistan's Jihadi Core
Raided Camps in Pakistan Reveal Huge Quantity of Explosives
Pakistani Minister: Would-be Assassins Identified
Officials: Turk Arrested in Pakistan Had Links to al-Qaeda
Pakistan-India Relations
Pakistan, India Agree to Boost Trade
Pakistan, India Exchange Wanted Lists, Resolve to Fight Terrorism
Pakistan to Release 41 Indian Prisoners
India to Scrap Anti-terror Law
Police Break Up Protest in India, Many Injured
East Asia
US Border Guard Indicted for Beating Chinese Businesswoman
Taiwan Stages War Games as Report Shows China Would Win in Six Days
Japan Quizzes North Korea on Missing Citizens
Muslim Immigrants to Japan Find It Hard to Rebuild Lives After Wrongful Arrests
Rebel Leader Calls for US, UK Military Intervention in Darfur
Millions of Locusts Headed for Darfur
Sudanese Govt Arresting Darfur Refugees Who Talk to Foreigners
Sudan Disputes UN Reports on Darfur, Says Situation 'Improving'
US Says Conditions in Darfur Remain 'Wholly Inadequate'
Rights Group: Sudan Militias Still Attacking Civilians
In Darfur, a Village Halved
Darfur Returns to Page One
New CIA Chief
Goss Said He Wasn't Qualified to be CIA Chief
Goss' Assets May Also be Openings for Critics
9/11 Panel Insists on Strong Spy Director
Goss Both a Defender and Critic of Intelligence Community
The War at Home
War? What War?
Bush: I Know What I'm Doing to Win This War
1000th US Death in Iraq Looms for Bush
Pentagon: Halliburton Failed to Account for $1.8 Billion
New US Strategy: 'Lily Pad' Bases
Wounded Soldiers Are Adapting to Altered Lives
Parents Mourn Son's Suicide After Returning From Iraq Duty
Ralph Nader vs. the Anti-Defamation League
Iraq War Veterans Found Antiwar Organization
Antiwar Group Renews Fight for Permit to Protest in Central Park
Nukes Still Take Toll on Workers
'Homeland Security'
The Surveillance-Industrial Complex
Cities' Reactions to Terror Tapes Diverge
Ridge: Nothing to Link Pakistani Videotaper to Terrorists
NY Man Admits Aiding al-Qaeda
Judge In USA Orders Kurdish Immigrant Detained For Alleged Links With the PKK
New Drugs Approved To Treat Radiation From Dirty Bombs
'War on Terror'
US Close to Freeing Hamdi
White House Has Some Terror Experts Worried
Did White House Sabotage War on Terror by Leaking the Name of an al-Qaeda Double Agent?
Bin Laden Assassination Story: Old or New?
Hamburg al-Qaeda Cell 'Smaller Than Thought'
Lawyers Predict Acquittal for 9/11 Suspect
Al Qaeda Captives Deny 9/11 Suspect Knew of Plot
Athens Has Highest Olympic Security Costs Ever
UK Court: Arrests Based on Info From Gitmo Torture Legal
UK Court Backs Detention Without Trial
Spanish Beaches Cleared in Bomb Threat
Bin Laden Calls for Attacks on UK
Poll: Israelis Believe Bush Better for Them Than Kerry
Powell: Arafat Must Go
Sharon Moves to Stymie Defeat at Likud Convention
EU Criticizes Israel, Announces Aid to Palestinians Whose Homes Were Demolished
Decimated Hamas Remains Popular, Will Likely Regenerate
US Commends Israel for Roadblock Removal
Israeli Army Demolishes 600 Year Old Buildings in Hebron
Palestinian Bomber Kills Two Palestinians Near Jerusalem
Palestinian Bomber Kills One at West Bank Checkpoint
Israeli Missile Attack Wounds 20 Palestinians
Israeli Helicopters Fire Into Camp
Israeli Troops Pull Out of Southern Gaza Refugee Camp
Israeli Arab Convicted of Assisting in 2002 Terror Attack
Israeli's Ongoing Foreign Energy Dependence
Iran Tests Missile Capable of Hitting Israel
Iran: No Grounds for UN Nuclear Case
Iran 'Willing to Pay the Price' for Peaceful Nuclear Program
Disillusioned Iranian Youth Seek Alternatives to Politics
Man Claiming to Be US Citizen Arrested in Iran
Middle East
Turkish Police Detain Kurdish Bombing Suspects
Kurd Groups Probed in Two Hotel Bombings
Syria a Haven for Iraqi Christians
Syrian MP: No More Islamists in Syrian Prisons
US and France Begin a Great Game in Africa
Congo: UN Must Disarm Rwandan Rebels
Libya to Reap Economic Benefits From Berlin Bombing Deal
Russia and Georgia
Russia Tests ICBM
Georgia Risks War Over Separatists
Shooting Intensifies in S. Ossetia
In Other News
US Set to 'Grin and Bear' Chavez Victory
Constitutional Crisis Looms in Cambodia

Dog Days

Bringing Back Saddam (Almost)

Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

Alert to Implications

Nebojsa Malic
Summer of Discontent

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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